California shutters have seen a large increase in popularity among new home buyers and millennials, who are now shopping smarter than ever before. In Toronto and surrounding areas, the cost of living and home ownership has been rising since the early 2000s. Because of this home owners are not looking to purchase products that fail to last them Latham a lifetime. Consequently, custom window covering manufacturers who have cheated their clients by giving them products that never live up to the quality standards they profess will quickly learn about the millennial dark side. As we see from our list of the best window covering ideas for 2018, buyers are moving away from cheap Dollarama grade products and saving up to buy better window treatments that last. See the thing about millennial buyers is that they can use technology and the power of social media to make or ruin a company’s brand. Large companies and organizations like Facebook, United airlines and others have seen dramatic decreaseS in their stock prices because of poor customer experiences. These cases were not handled in a manner that lived up to the organizations customer care policy, and therefore people began taking to social media and other online avenues to Share their story.

Best Custom Window Coverings Available for purchase in the GTA

Unfortunately, window covering companies in the GTA don’t operate to the same standards of quality and care (not everyone window covering manufacturer makes california shutters & blinds like Hunter Douglas)  . This can give a broad range of prices for nearly similar products.

Usually when purchasing window coverings, you can have two main mentalities A total cheapskate mentality seems to find the cheapest products at the cheapest prices.

These folks usually look to contractors into making them sign cash deals -which because they’re off the books will avoid and warranty (and any other accountability) that will ensure these contractors live up to the product they delivered and installation services e they provided.

Another mentality – the do it right first mentality, care about finding good deals but don’t let price determine what or when they buy. These customers and home owners buy quality and as a result look at big purchases from an investment perspective.

Ask yourself these questions to see where you stand on the total cheapskate and do it right first number-line. Most millennials lie somewhere on the right of this number line. They grew up learning to save their money for the next iPhone or trip to Europe, as a result, millennial home buyers will take this same mentality when purchasing upgrades for their new condos, homes and townhouses – and they will use this mentality when purchasing window coverings.

This is why 79% of millennials say that they’d save up before renovating or upgrading their home and 68% of millennials agree that quality and usability were the two biggest buying factors among that demographic in 2017.

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So how does this have anything to do with California Shutters being the best window coverings to buy in North America? Because compared to other window coverings they add more value than any other window coverings on the market in North America. (As a custom California Shutters manufacturer based out of Toronto, Canada we need to make sure that we provide customers with a product that does just that). To prove that statement…

Here are 9 reasons why PREMIUM California Shutters Are the best window coverings you can purchase in 2018.

  1. California Shutters Are investments.

    You can think of Custom Canadian made California Shutters like you can think of Italian Marble or German Cars. We have successfully taken the original American design and have transformed it into a superior interior window covering marked by its originality and richness. That being said, premium California Wood shutters are considered a premium home upgrade that can be resold with your home to up to four times the cost of what you paid for them – now that’s an investment worth making.
  1. California Shutters Are durable

    Durability meets design. Our custom Canadian made California Shutters Are made with premium, solid, Canadian polar. Each piece of solid wood is treated and protected against moisture, and each unit is individually hand picked to ensure the resulting shutter is perfectly square. Our Wood shutter units are heavier than their vinyl shutter counterparts. This is because most vinyl California Shutters are made with hollow pvc components that are made to expand and contract with heat and moisture levels in your home. Now this only effect durability when the integrity of the vinyl used by the vinyl shutter manufactuer is compromised. Our surggestion, go with a premium made wood shutter product for maximum durability.
  1. California Shutters are Transformative

    Our California Shutters are finished with a premium UV resistant Chemcraft coating, which boasts a 30% sheen. The reflective nature of this finish ensures maximum reflection during the day time, when the shutter louvers are fully opened. As seen from the image above, our shutters allow maximum light to penetrate a closed space and brighten it up. These Canada Custom Shutters will transform any space – especially small ones into a room with a rich ambiance that will set the mood from sunrise to sunset!
  1. California Shutters Are Customizable

    We are the first California Shutter Company in Ontario to offer a fully customizable, build your own shutter option. We’ve improved on the original plantation shutter design – making the shutter components using different decorated molds and various premium finishes. Currently there are three interchangeable trim designs and finishes to choose from. Our custom Canadian California shutters are made in Toronto with current california shutter sale prices that range from $25 to $35 per sq.ft.

  1. California Shutters Are Unique

    No two shutters are alike. At California Shutters Toronto, all shutters delivered to your home are made to your dimensions. Unlike many fabric window treatments, shutters are unique in that they’re the only window treatment that actually adds value to the home. There is a twofold reason for this. Firstly, wood shutters (like doors) are fastened to the window. Consequently (and unlike regular roller blinds or shades), California shutters are considered a premium home upgrade – kind of like a high-end granite countertop is considered to be a premium kitchen upgrade.

  1. California Shutters Are Modern

    California Shutters can be customized to match any classic and modern trim type. Our top of the line gold shutter package – combines one of our premium finishes with a flat modern molding that is perfect for homes and condos with flat trim. Additionally, our Toronto California Shutters can be painted to match any modern colour and stain in the Benjamin Moore collection. As a specialty service, we give modern designers and home owners, the opportunity to custom match any colour that might not be present in Benjamin Moore’s collection.

  1. California Shutters Can Be Automated

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  1. California Shutters Make You Happy

  1. Our Premium California Shutters Are Affordable.