Are you buying a new home from an Ontario builder, perhaps from Mattamy or Remington homes? If so the thought a new Mattamy homes upgrade has probably crossed your mind. What should you upgrade? What should you leave to do after the home has closed? The team at shutter boys has pulled together the 15 most common builder upgrades you can do that will ensure added home value.

You’ve heard of “value-add features” before right? These are things like in-home washers, dryers, dishwashers and such added to a home that make it worth more than the base price of the home. Well, these same ideas can apply to custom homes as well. We’ve rounded up some of the most common custom upgrade packages available for Mattamy homes. We’ve included these as examples of premium Mattamy home upgrades, but of course they can be added to other custom home packages from other builders as well.

1: Water System and Pressure System Upgrades

Water is very important for our needs. We consume so much of it, but it’s also something we rely on and need to live and function. So if your dream home is a large, modern, luxury home, chances are, you want it to have its own water system.

These types of upgrades can be a little pricey, but they are also very important. They not only make your luxury home feel like a true home, but provide us with a much better quality of water that’s more beneficial to both our health and our pets. A water system upgrade can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 or more depending on your requirements.

But you may not be buying a luxury home in order to have that high of a quality water system. If you are, it’s really worth looking into these kinds of upgrades.

2: Fire Rated Wallboard

So, what’s fire rated wallboard? If you have a fireplace, chances are, you’ve heard of it before. But what many people don’t realize is that just because you have a fireplace doesn’t mean that your home is actually “fire rated.”

You see, mattamy homes does not build homes that are “fire rated.” We do not use fire rated studs, fire rated drywall, or fire rated wiring. This is because of the fact that we don’t think that a fireplace is enough to make a home fire-safe. In fact, we think that putting a fire down a chimney would be a bad choice.
With that said, if you really want a fire rated product for a fireplace, you could always look into a fire rated wallboard.

It can get a little expensive, but it gives you the ability to have a fire rated area in your home. This is actually pretty good, as it’s common for fires to start in a fireplace.

3: Walk-In California Closets

So you’ve got your luxury home. You have your dream fireplace, designer tile and beautiful hardwood flooring. You’ve got the home of your dreams.

But perhaps, you really need more space for your things. Well, why not just open up your closets and make it look like you have more space? You can add walk-in california closets to your luxury Mattamy home and make it look like your home has more space. And if you really want, you can make all of your closets walk-in closets.

It’s a very attractive feature, and one that many luxury homes have.

4: Energy Star Appliances

So you’ve got your luxury Mattamy home. You’ve got your dream fireplace, designer tile and beautiful hardwood flooring.

And while your home is more than perfect, there are still a few things you’d like to improve on. Like energy efficiency.
So how can you make your luxury home more energy efficient?
Well, you could install energy star appliances, which are appliances that have lower energy consumption.

5: Solar Panels

So you’ve got your dream home. You’ve got your dream fireplace, designer tile and beautiful hardwood flooring. You’ve got the home of your dreams.
And you’re not done yet. You still have an empty basement, or you want to add more living space to your home with a possible expansion.
But maybe you’re not quite sure how you can do this.
So maybe a solar panel would be a good option.
A solar panel is used to produce electricity. It’s pretty common in homes that are in the middle of nowhere, or maybe they just don’t have a home electrical connection. Solar panels are a pretty efficient way to generate electricity. They are a bit pricy but definitely pay(s) for itself over time.

6. Home Theater

There’s something about watching a movie and getting lost in the world of the movie that can be extremely rewarding.

But as amazing as watching movies in your home can be, there’s something even better.
Home theaters. If you’re thinking of buying a custom home, chances are, you’re thinking about a home theater. You know, the type of home theater that can fit just about any space.
These are the best home theaters you can find. They’re designed to bring the movie theater experience right into your living room, living room, and den.

It’s not only the best home theater on the market, but it’s the most affordable as well. If you’re buying a custom home, this may be one of the best upgrades you can make.

7: Walk-In Closets

You may not realize it, but you probably didn’t even think of a walk-in closet when you were buying your home. But now that you’re in the process of buying the home, you may be thinking about how you’re going to store your stuff.

There’s no shame in this, we all have stuff that we need to store. If you’re buying a custom home, chances are, your walk-in closet is going to be something that’s very important to you.

But if you have no intention of buying a luxury home, you’ll have to be more creative with your walk-in closet. If you want to know more about walk-in closets, you can check out our post on the best walk-in closets.

8: A/C System Upgrade

If you’re looking to purchase a luxury home, your next thought may be to add a/c to it. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a home that provides them with cool, comfortable temperatures?

You’re probably thinking about adding this to your custom home too. However, you can get this upgrade in a couple of different ways.

First, you can ask your builder to add this to the home you’re buying. This would be great for you, as you get the best quality a/c system, but it’s also a bit cheaper.

Second, there are companies that can install an a/c system while you’re still in the home buying process. These companies can install an a/c system in the basement of your custom home, for example. Or they can install it in the attic.

But, you can also get an a/c system installed into the basement or the attic of your custom home. The choice is up to you.

9. Home Automation

So, what is home automation? If you have never heard of home automation, you may not realize what this can do for you. Home automation can help you manage your home.

If you’ve ever had a home before, chances are, you’ll have a remote that works in the home. This can be really handy as you’re away from home.

But home automation has evolved from a simple remote to a lot more. These days, you can have lights that automatically turn on and off based on the times of day or the weather.

You can have the same lights turn on and off based on you moving around the home. This can turn into a really great feature if you have a home with a lot of open spaces, for example. You can have the lights turn on and off based on you entering and leaving the house.

It doesn’t just have to be lights, you can have home automation handle all types of appliances you have. It can turn on the a/c and heat for you. It can also be set up to turn on the washing machine as soon as it senses your laundry basket is full, for instance.

What all of this can do for you is really great. But what it can do is very different than the basic remote. It can completely change how you manage your home, and it can do so in a very effective way.

10: Hardwood Flooring

So, if you’re buying a custom home, you may want to consider hardwood flooring. Why again? Well, you may not have the budget for the best hardwood flooring out there. But you may also know that you’ll be moving in to your new home and want to look at the hardwood flooring that you see.

This is a great way to get to see the hardwood flooring and it can be a pretty good idea. If you want to get some hardwood flooring installed, and you don’t have the budget for it, you may want to consider getting your contractor to order it for you.

11: Custom Cabinets

So, you’ve probably been to someone’s house that has custom cabinets, and you’ve probably noticed all the fancy details. Well, if you’re looking to buy a custom home, it means that you may be looking to have your own custom cabinets as well.

Why would you want to have your own cabinets? Because it gives you more custom options. You can choose to have a particular style and shape that you want. You can also have the materials that you want.

But if you don’t want to go to the trouble of adding custom cabinets, you may want to consider getting a custom kitchen. So, if you’re looking for a custom home, you may want to consider looking for a custom kitchen as well.

12: Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Now, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of luxury homes have their own custom kitchen and bathroom faucets. Why would people do that? Well, when you’re having your home built, you may have the budget to pay for this as well.

If you know that you’re looking to buy a custom home, having your own custom kitchen and bathroom faucet could be a pretty good idea. After all, you’ll be able to have them installed before you move in, and that will save you a boatload of money in the long run. Plus, that faucet will be a nice touch for your house and will make it feel a lot more luxurious.
A custom faucet is not just installed in your bathroom or kitchen, but it is installed in the middle of your countertop. If you don’t have that, it can be pretty hard to clean, and you’ll end up with a pretty dirty kitchen or bathroom. Having your own faucet will save you the extra cleaning.

You can find some pretty nice selections of custom kitchen and bathroom faucets at places like Lowes, and Home Depot.

13: Custom Exterior Wall Color

Alright, so you’ve probably heard this one before, right? However, there are a lot of reasons why it makes sense to get your walls painted.

One reason is that it can be very expensive to do. Even if the job is done well, you can end up spending more than $1000 on just the paint. After all, you’ll have to buy gallons (or liter if you’re in Europe) of paint.
However, you’ll also save a ton of money in other ways. For example, you’ll cut down on the amount of paint that you use, you won’t have to worry about it, and you’ll save money on maintenance costs too.
So, if you’re looking to add some value to your house, a good custom exterior wall color is a pretty good idea. It will give you a lot more life for your home, and it will keep it looking nice for a lot longer too.
Of course, if you’re going to be doing this, you’ll need to know a thing or two first. In fact, you may find that the cheapest contractor might not be the best one to hire.

If you have an idea of what color you want, you can look at the list of colors available here, and look for the one that is closest.

14: Custom Flooring

Alright, now we’re getting into the real value add features. In fact, it’s probably the most common custom feature people add to their houses.

When you’re buying a custom home, you want it to be as nice as possible. However, you don’t want to spend too much money on it either.
One way that you can add value to your home, and avoid having too much money out of pocket is by having custom hardwood flooring installed during the custom build.
You will obviously be able to save a lot of money installing a custom flooring, but it’s a lot easier and cheaper to install it during the build. After all, you can get it installed in the same room as all of your other amenities.

Just make sure that the contractor that you choose has experience with custom flooring installs.

15: Custom Carpeting

When you’re buying a custom home, you may end up having a lot of different contractors coming to your home. That’s why it can be good to know what kind of experience they have.

For example, the carpet installers may not necessarily be the best at installing a custom carpet. After all, they’ll have no idea what kind of carpet you want, and whether or not it will look good in your house.
The problem with that, is that they may end up using the wrong material, or make your carpet look like crap.

So, if you want your carpet to look nice, but do not want to pay too much for it, it might be a good idea to just get it installed in the same room as all of your other custom upgrades.

5 More Essential Mattamy Home Upgrades You Should Look Into

  • Mattamy Homes En-suite and Master Bath Upgrades
  • Mattamy Homes Kitchen Upgrades
  • Mattamy Homes Main-Level Flooring Upgrades
  • Mattamy Homes Interlocking and Landscaping Upgrades
  • Mattamy Homes Custom California Shutter Upgrades

Remember these if and when you so choose to sell your new home in the future. (Note: these can be done by yourself after the fact at a reduced rate, but if your looking to sell or rent after you close these upgrades could be for you)

Mattamy Homes Upgrade #1: En-suites and Master Bath

If you are looking to resell your home a year or two after purchasing it, this would be a Mattamy upgrade to think about doing. Think for a minute, a large amount of personal time is spent in this space (for those couples and single folks alike), and as Scott McGillivray points out, an en-suite remodel has potential return 100-200% if done correctly. So make it look right the first time, even if you have to pay the builder a little extra to do it for you.

Mattamy Homes Upgrade #2: Kitchen

Kitchens make or break the best of people and their relationships. Doing a remodel after closure can get quite expensive, costing anywhere between $40K-$50K for a full kitchen remodel if you were to do it on your own. HGTV estimates this cost will be upwards of $80K if you want it to be done correctly. If you can afford to upgrade this part of your new Mattamy home, make sure you do it right and do it right the first time if you plan on selling your home within the next 5 years. That said you don’t have to go all out with the kitchen builder upgrade. We at Shutter Boys suggest that you get all the structural upgrades including flooring and cabinetry done in the building phase, all the unnecessary ad-dons like light fixtures and other smaller upgrades can be done by you later. The builder grade cabinetry can be upgraded at a later date also if you don’t want to absorb this additional cost at front.

Mattamy Homes Upgrade #3: Main-Level Flooring

This is something you can do yourself after you can get the keys to your new mattamy home if you so choose. Replacing main floor carpeting with hardwood or engineered wood is an essential upgrade that will add to the resale value of your home above what you originally put into it. This Reno gives any new space (or old one) new life.

Mattamy Homes Upgrade #4: Interlocking and Landscaping

This can’t be done until A year or two after the final closing date of your new home to give your foundation time to settle. If you can complete it before you sell, do it. A landscaping job done correctly can give a good impression that has possibilities of adding up to 20 percent to your new home’s value.

Mattamy Homes Upgrade #5: Custom California Shutters

This is a common upgrade that is usually done by and through the builder. Because window fashions like california shutters and blinds are products added to your windows interior, they are not entirely structurally dependent. That said, this is one of the only upgrades you can do yourself before your home closure date if you so choose. This is the first DIY builder upgrade that will allow you to furnish your windows before you acquire your home. Shutter Boys Inc. can help you with this decision. Putting the right window coverings in your window will save you up to 30% in heating and cooling costs in the winter and summer seasons. Choosing the correct type of window covering or California shutter is also important, as it affects whether or not you will receive a return on your initial investment. It’s simple. All window coverings, blinds, and shutters that can be removed manually will not add any value to your home. Secondly, the materials in the making of the covering determine the degree to which you get a good return back on that investment. Top-quality hardwood California shuttersor plantation shutters are the window coverings that will increase your homes future value to the greatest extent if installed. (Note: If you’re not in the market for California Shutters, consider these popular blackout blinds as possible options when furnishing your windows!)

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Do you know of any other common Mattamy Homes upgrades? We’d love to here of more DIY mattamy homes upgrades if there are any! Please leave your answer in the comments below! Note: We are not officiated with Mattamy homes in any way. Although we do endorse their homes as being structurally and architecturally well made.