Here we analyze the newest Mattamy homes in Milton’s Sixteen Mile Creek that are perfect for the family or simply the right home as a purchase for an investment property. Mattamy is a builder who has a passion to build high quality homes with exceptional designs. Just like our premium California Shutters, you can customize all new Mattamy Homes in Milton to make a home that is right for you and your loved ones…

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Keep your eyes open and snatched these detached models quickly…Here are the 6 BEST new detached Mattamy Homes in Milton’s Hawthorne South Village Sixteen Mile Creek.

  1. Mattamy Dethatched Homes Milton: NAPANEE


At first Glance Mammy’s NAPANEE Model home in their new Sixteen Mile Creek seemed like one of the more rustically modern home designs for a detached home offered for this new release. It boasts a balanced variability in the masonry of the exterior of this model with 2575 sq. ft of renovated finished space. This home comes furnished with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, a 2 Car garage.

So, what would it feel like walking into a Napanee Mattamy model home?

When you enter through the front portico you are met by a small foyer. Straight ahead on the left lies the door to the basement. Moving forward swiftly at 45 degrees to the stairs upstairs, your eyes catch the décor columns that prepare you to the fullness that your dining room has to offer. Now you can see the doors to the entrance of the den which can be used as an office if requested. Moving ahead we enter into the Great Room which is a wondrously large space for a family or living room. To the left of this room lies an open concept kitchen with a flush breakfast bar made to sear three. This breakfast bar lies in front of the fridge and stove and is the perfect height to hold the array of foods at large family gatherings…Our favourite thing about this kitchen is the large three panel window that lies parallel to the flush breakfast bar. Installing premium California Shutters into these windows will complete the look you want in any kitchen with rustic and modern qualities.

  1. Mattamy Detatched Homes Milton: Astoria Corner



This 2400 sq. ft , 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom Mattamy home Milton boasts an English Manor Mattamy design. The reason this made our top three list because it has LOTS of windows. (As a California Shutter Manufacturer, we know that all windows need coverings…More windows the better for us!!) Back to why we absolutely adore this home…

So, what would it feel like walking into a Astoria Corner Mattamy model home?

This home boasts over 20 windows – so if you like light us this will be the perfect Mattamy home milton for you. Unlike the Napanee Mattamy Homes Milton Described above, when you walk into this corner home in Hawthorne Village’s Sixteen Mile Creek you enter from the left side of the home. As you enter the foyer, to your right lies a 90 sq.ft den, perfect as a small library or office. When you put your jacket into the closet protected by mirrored sliders, you turn left and enter the dining room – which is connected in an open fashion to the great room. (As you walk in your exasperated by the amount of light coming into the windows) – You stare at the openness outside of the three paneled window on the left face of the great room, turning around you see the breakfast nook which is conjoined as one with the kitchen to give a similar experience as you the home buyer, would have if you purchased the Napanee model above.


  1. Mattamy detached Homes Milton: Cottonwood



This 1,556 sq ft detached home is the smallest of the new Mattamy Homes Milton in Hawthorne Village Sixteen Mile Creek. I see it as the perfect new home for a new couple who are in the beginnings of the family building phase of their relationship. This 3-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom detached home is stylistically appealing on the outside and spacious on the inside. I like how the architect maximized the usability of the available space in this home, because of that there is little to no wastage.

So, what would it feel like walking into a Cottonwood Mattamy model home?

This Mattamy home Milton has a larger porch facing the front of the home than the new Mattamy homes Milton described above. As you enter the foyer, you are presented with numerous options, a foot or two ahead the stairs lie to your left. Past that is a dining room, that can comfortably fit a table that seats 5 people. The kitchen is much smaller than the ones listed above due to space constraints, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t cook up a ‘hell of a storm’ – there is plenty of room to still do that. This is another good investment or rental property: ideal for renting out to young professionals!! Even though there may be less overall square footage – this should be definitely on your radar as a potential candidate if the room isn’t a concern!


We’ve found, that Mattamy is the most ‘custom’ of the MASS builders in Ontario because they care to deliver the best home to every customer who purchase one from them. If you’re looking for a larger selection of model homes in Hawthorne Village’s Sixteen Mile Creek development, visit their floor plan directory page for Mattamy Homes in Milton’s Hawthorne Village for more information. Where do California Shutters come into all of this? Well California Shutters can be considered premium new Mattamy Homes Upgrades that will BOOST the value of your home on resale! Have you considered moving into a new townhome in Oakville, Burlington or Georgetown? Here’s a list of 5 Mattamy Town Homes in Oakville that were made for you

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What is your favourite model home in Mattamy’s newest releases in Milton?  Oakville? Georgetown? Whitby? Thornhill? Would love to hear from you!!