So, you’re in the market for Hunter Douglas Shutters or Blinds? If you’re like most people, Hunter Douglas is a brand name you’ve come across searching for window coverings for your home. Many people know that Hunter Douglas professes’ they carry the best window coverings in the world, however few give the reason why that is the case.  The team at Shutter boys has put together a list of reasons why Hunter Douglas Shutters , Blinds and Shades are indeed the best window treatments for your home. If you were to put anything in your windows and have the budget to blow on top of the line window coverings, Hunter Douglas Canada (or similar quality products like Shade-O-Matic or Eclipse should be at the top of your list.

History of Hunter Douglas Shutters

Hunter Douglas indeed holds the industry standard for craftsmanship and quality in Canada, the United States and the rest of the world.  But where did they start?  It all started in 1919 when Father of Blinds Baron & Billionaire Ralph Sonnenberg founded Hunter Douglas as a machine-tool manufacturer that were specialized to create window coverings & other architectural products. They received their big break with the development of the technology to produce the flexible aluminum slats for Venetian blinds in the early 80’s.

Since then the company with its other major holdings (Luxaflex) has grown to complete USD 3.226 billion in sales in 2017! Hunter Douglas’  investor site shows on the summary of last year’s financial results that this was a 14.4% increase of the USD 2.821 billion made in 2016.

Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds are Everywhere…Literally

They pride themselves on owning a large monopoly of the window covering space worldwide and look to acquire smaller window covering and california shutter manufactures to strengthen their position. Most recently was the recent agreement for the acquisition of 80% ownership of the leading Danish consumer supplier of window coverings, Debel on January 24, 2018.

Two of the most recent completed acquisitions in 2017 were:

  1. Completed acquisition by Hunter Douglas of Faber and Benthin Companies (2009 UK Turnover of 8.1 Million Euro)
  2. Completed Merger UK Window covering Giant Hilary’s (Uk Turnover of 70+ Million Euro)

(See other Hunter Douglas’ Press Releases.)

Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds in Canada

Hunter Douglas Shutters in Canada aren’t the only products with a piece of Hunter Douglas’ innovative standards attatched to it. Other major brands like Shade-O-matic & Ecclipse were some of the best well know quality competitors that could affect their market share in Canada. So, what did Hunter Douglas do? They purchased them!! (Now, if you’re considering purchasing Hunter Douglas shutters or blinds from the brands above you are still purchasing a ‘second-tier’ Hunter Douglas product.)

Do you have a better picture of the type of company you’re dealing with? If you don’t buy from them, you probably WILL buy from one of the smaller ‘competitors’ (THAT THEY OWN).

Kind of a genius scenario eh?

So realistically, no matter what window covering company you will buy blinds, shutters or shades from – if it meets their standard, we can assume that it will eventually be acquired. That is to say this, the products that you are purchasing from Hunter Douglas or one of its subsidiaries are the BEST.

Why Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds worth buying?

Well there are three main reasons you should consider purchasing window treatments from Hunter Douglas Canada or one of its subsidiaries.

  1. Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds are made with the best quality Canadian materials and fabrics.

    Hunter Douglas doesn’t deal with cheap. Cheap doesn’t grow to own a near to completed worldwide market share of one of the most ‘unlikely yet profitable industries’ in the world. Cheap doesn’t will not last past the eyes of consumer scrutiny. And cheap is problematic when you offer a near lifetime limited warranty on all or most of your products. Want to learn more information on the breakdown on other roller blinds or wood & vinyl shutters in Canada? Our team has broken down the cost of Roller Blinds and cost of California Shutters in Canada so you wouldn’t have to…

  2. Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds are the  ‘Ferrari’s’ of Window Coverings

    Now of course, when purchasing Hunter Douglas shutters or blinds you are paying for more than just a well-constructed & long-lasting product. You are also paying big bucks for the brand name. Hunter Douglas is the go-to name for high quality window coverings in the United States (aka Luxflex or Sunway in the UK). The brand name creates social currency that indicates an elite standard of luxuriousness, that separates itself from the less-well-known blinds-to-go window covering manufactures of the world.

  3. Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds are Innovative.

    The one thing I love about Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds is that it looks to continually grow and innovate in this space. They release and hold rights to the first major patents in the window covering space. Additionally, they look to expand that position by the consistent acquiring up and coming innovative brands that could disrupt them if given a chance. Once these ‘up and coming’ brands are acquired, in many cases the best qualities of their products are incorporated in future Hunter Douglas ‘main-brand’ lines. And for popularity sake, they start the window covering trends of society. This is how the vertical blinds in the 80s and the silhouettes of the 90s came into mainstream.


Hunter Douglas is a Dutch based window covering giant that owns a large percentage of the market space for Blinds, Shutters and shades in every country they’re established in. They increase their position in each nation through merging and acquiring up and coming window covering innovators in these nations. That said, we’ve learned that Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds are the best for three main reasons.

    1. Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds are the Ferrari’s of Window Shutters & blinds.

    2. Hunter Douglas Blinds, Shutters & Shades are Made with premium Materials & Components.

    3. Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds are Innovative.

If you know of a competitor that has a more innovative product you are very lucky or you’re just purchasing from Hunter Douglas in disguise through a brand which they’ve acquired.

Whatever your reason is for searching for Hunter Douglas Shutters & Blinds the team of window treatment specialists at Shutter Boys is ready to help you choose the best product for your windows.

Please contact us today or comment with your question below. We’ll be happy to assist you with need or question you may have about anything to do with custom window shutters & blinds for your home.

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