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11 Roller Zebra Blind Features That Will Affect The Cost

1. Quality Of Materials & Workmanship

When buying your roller blind, you must be sure that both the materials and the workmanship are good. Do not just settle with the cheapest ones because the quality may turn out to be low. There is no point in spending more money without getting the best deal.

2. Ease of Operation

While the design of a roller blind is important, its ease of operation is probably even more crucial. We all agree that roller blinds need to be easy to operate and control. So, check whether the roller blind has got the features that suit your needs.

3. Easy Cleaning

Make sure that your roller blind gives an easy clean without being time consuming. You should know how to clean your blind so as to keep them fresh and clear of stains. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a professional cleaner if you find that cleaning the roller blind is a big hassle for you. Also, a great cleaner will tell you about some tips and tricks on maintaining the roller blinds.

4. Eliminate Drafts & Heat Buildup

Do you really want the heat to be trapped inside your room while wearing a summer sweater? This is not only uncomfortable but can cause unnecessary heat buildups. So, make sure that your roller blind can eliminate drafts and prevent unwanted heat buildup by using the right insulation. A tight fit between the window pane and the roller blind will be able to eliminate air leakage.

5. Safeguard From Sunlight

The sun emits harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage your skin. So always ensure that the roller blind prevents sunlight exposure to your living area by fitting tightly around the window panes and blocking the entrance of light.

6. Protective Layer With UV-ray Protection

Another thing to consider is the protective layer used by the roller blind. Some modern roller blinds have a UV-ray protection feature. This allows the user to enjoy the sun while having a cover over the windows to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays. Also, such a covering can increase the life span of your blind.

7. Energy Efficient

Some roller blinds are also energy efficient. For example, there is this green technology used by some manufacturers that helps you save energy while reducing your carbon footprint. So, choose wisely the type of roller blind that fits your needs and budget.

8. Privacy

The privacy of your living room could only be possible if you have a perfect control over the roller blinds. The roller blind should allow you enough freedom to open or close the blind without touching the cords, ropes, chains or rollers.

9. Installation

You will definitely want to have someone install the roller blind if you choose to use it. It is very tedious job, so save yourself from making a mistake by calling a professional installer before putting up the blinds. Check out our recommended installation services in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding cities!

10. Noise Reduction & Soundproofing

You might want to avoid hearing noises from outside while using a soundproof roller blind. But, some premium models come equipped with noise reduction features to block annoying sounds outside while allowing you to hear what’s happening inside. If you are planning to buy a new roller blind, make sure that it meets these requirements to get the high-end look and feel.

11. Size Of Rollers

It goes without saying that if your roller blind is bigger than 3 meters, then it will require large rollers which makes it harder to lift and more expensive. However, the larger the roller, the better sound proofing it provides. On the other hand, if the width of the roller blind is smaller, it won’t provide sufficient coverage. So, be careful when choosing the size of the roller blind for your purpose. Always take into consideration your space and the available lighting to determine how much you should spend on each.

Roller Blind Option Chart

The ultimate guide for picking a roller blind includes this chart in which you can easily compare various options of every brand available in the market. By simply selecting the style of roller blind that suits your needs from the list above, you can quickly choose the most affordable option.

Best Quality:

These are the higher end products with extra features like anti-glare film, roller cover, and blackout shades – all wrapped with strong metal rails. They usually come preinstalled with hardware, meaning that installation work becomes much easier. These types of roller blinds cost more than regular ones.

Regular Quality:

These roller blinds are typically found in stores and online retailers. There are some variations in their designs and materials. They don’t include any of the additional features mentioned above. A regular roller blind can cost less than half the price of quality roller blinds. Therefore, these are some of the best products you can purchase.

Affordable Choice:

This option falls somewhere in between the lower and middle category. These are budget-friendly products with basic features like soft mesh fabrics, pull cord controls and easy care. They cost much less when compared to others of their kind.

Choosing The Right Type Of Roller Blinds

As explained earlier, there are two basic types of roller blinds in the Canadian market today: the top quality ones and the cheaper ones. Both offer different advantages depending on how they’re operated. So, let’s learn a bit more about each of them:

Soft Mesh Fabric Blinds:

For those who love a soft luxurious touch in their rooms, this is the ideal choice. Soft mesh fabric roller blinds are one of the easiest types to set up and move around. This is especially true for homeowners who are not too familiar with fixing things themselves. You will be required to attach brackets, springs, hardware, etc. if you want to install a soft cloth roller blind. When closed, the fabric material hangs at a downward angle to create a smooth, flowing look. There are many colors to match your theme and style. It comes in four sizes including small, medium, large and extra wide. Most brands manufacture their own collection and only a few select vendors produce soft mesh blinds. Thus, there isn’t a direct competition among makers. It is essential to read instructions carefully regarding sizing, placement, and assembly. Make sure to measure correctly for correct sizing and avoid rushing the process.

Vertical Blinds:

If you prefer vertical blinds over the horizontal ones, you will love this solution. Vertical blinds are more modern looking and sleek which give extra sophistication to your room. This may be the case for people who are looking for a unique décor that complements your surroundings. However, vertical blinds are generally thicker than the horizontal ones. As a result, they are heavier, meaning that installation will take longer than expected. Also, vertical blinds do not come standard with hardware in the package. You are left to assemble everything by yourself. The most popular brand for vertical blinds are Hunter Douglas and Somfy. They have plenty of accessories that you can add to customize the appearance of your blinds. They range from extra wide and tall to mini and super mini to name a couple.

Roman Shades:

If you desire a light filtering shade similar to Roman shades, this is your answer. Roman shades are commonly made from a mix of polyester and cotton. They are available in several color combinations starting with white and moving through darker tones. Usually, a special polyester coating is applied to the top surface so that it looks opaque. This prevents light penetration and creates an opaqueness that reflects natural light coming through the windows. Additionally, Roman shade blinds are designed to move across the window. This means that unlike vertical blinds, they will not remain stationary once opened. The advantage of moving shades is that they make the room appear bigger. Another benefit is that these shades will be more resistant to dust, dirt, and moisture. They are made with sturdy construction and easy maintenance. They are highly versatile and can be used year round regardless of season and climate.

Faux Wood Roller Blinds:

Also known as wood-blinds, faux wood roller blinds combine the traditional look and feel of wood with modern designs to bring you a unique décor. These popular choices use wooden trim to give a real wood texture to the blinds. If you want a classy, sophisticated and contemporary space where you can relax, this is your pick. Faux wood blinds are available in wide variety of colors including black, brown, tan, oak, etc. Additionally, most of these brands make faux wood roller blinds with both slats that retract into the wall or wall mount kits that can be hung from a bracket near the window. Most brands come with some sort of instruction booklet which should help you in operating the system properly. If you are unsure of anything, contact a local retailer or manufacturer for assistance.

Honeycomb Blinds:

These unique honeycombs are another modern trend in blinds. They can blend seamlessly with almost any design, giving you a trendy new look. Honeycombs consist of a series of square cells connected together with interlocking bars. This gives it its distinctive, honeycomb shape. Since it resembles a honeycomb, it is sometimes referred to as “honeycomb” or “honeycomb roller blinds”. Depending on the brand and the model, these blinds come in three, five or seven layers. If you’re looking for a way to change the look of your room without spending too much time doing it, honeycombed roller blinds are your best bet.

Roller Zebra Blinds:

Zebra blinds or Dual shades are some one of the two most popular window coverings available for purchase in Canada. So, What’s the big deal? For years, home owners and decorators have been searching for a fabric window shading that is both affordable and stylistically superior to regular roller shades which you can purchase at your local Home Depot or Costco. Don’t get me wrong – I believe you can still get high-quality dual zebra blinds at these Big-Box stores. But in most cases, especially for the high-end brands, smaller retailers and manufacturers can get you these same high-quality roller zebra blinds at deals and prices that won’t be beat anywhere else…

Before we talk about how much furnishing your home with quality zebra blinds will cost you, let us look at what zebra blinds are.

What are Zebra Blinds?

Zebra Blinds, also known as dual Shades or Dual sheers, are fabric window treatments made of combined opaque and semi-opaque fabrics. Each Zebra roller blind is divided up into 2 ½” to 3 ½” fabric segments. These fabrics are ordered in a vertical fashion and are repeated sequentially from Opaque to translucent and back again.

Why are Zebra blinds called Dual Shades?

They are dual shades because of the ‘looping’ feature built into every rolling zebra sheer or blind. Why is that? As you can see below, the back loop or repeated opaque-to-semi-opaque fabric can be moved up and down to filter the amount of light that is let in through the semi-opaque fabric. This fabric transition and filtering differences of the vertical pattern in the sheer looks like the transitioning of the stripe pattern on the body of a zebra. Therefore, designers and home owners alike have reached a consensus and have coined the term zebra blind as a result.

Custom Roller Zebra Blinds in Canada
Custom Roller Zebra Blinds in Canada

From our study we understand that the market price of any given dual zebra blind is determined by three measurable factors. These factors are similar to those that determine the cost of custom california shutters.

  1. The Name & Brand Value of the Roller Blind Manufacturer.

    For example, a dual zebra shade manufactured by a well-known brand like Hunter Douglas could be up to five or six times more expensive than a similar quality window treatment manufactured by a local Canadian company who is only known in and serves just customers in Ontario.
  2. What materials the dual roller shade is made of.

    Basically, you get what you pay for. Cheap zebra blinds and dual shades will be relatively cheaper than those roller zebra shades produced from quality materials.
  3. What retailer or wholesaler you purchase the roller dual Zebra blind from.

    Some manufactures sell Factory-Direct to the consumer. Finding a ‘Factory Direct’ Blinds company that manufactures the products which they sell directly to their customers is cheaper than buying those same products from a retailer or wholesaler.

Let’s expand on point two above just a bit more.

To make a more direct statement…

The fabric composition will affect the cost of Zebra Blinds for your home.

Like many other window coverings, there are cheap zebra blinds and there are quality zebra blinds. The main difference between the cost of dual shades that are available for purchase in Canada (including those in Southern Ontario) is the composition of the products that you are considered purchasing.

There are two main differences between cheap and quality dual shades.

The differences are manifested in the craftsmanship of the dual zebra shade’s fabric and roller track. There is no surprise that dual zebra blinds made from cheap china-grade fabrics are largely less expensive than those fabrics hand crafted from Egyptian silk or other high-quality blackout fabrics. Why?

Simple, you pay for what they pay for.

If it will cost the manufacture an extra $5 to make a unit, then expect the price you pay to increase in a similar fashion. The composition of the roller track used is equally important. Rollers made from cheap quality plastics and other low-grade materials will not only give a less than perfect zebra blind but will also in a similar fashion decrease the cost of that zebra blind. (NOTE: If you’re in the market for other window coverings like california shutters, cheapness is also not recommended…)

Let Us Now Break Down the Cost of Zebra Blinds.

For a full home with an average 200 sq. ft. of window space look to pay around $3500 to $5000 for low to medium quality roller zebra blinds. Higher end dual roller shadings like Hunter Douglas’ Dual Shade line of window treatments, may cost you anywhere between $5000 to $8000 depending on the roller blind you plan on purchasing.

There are additional costs that many companies throw under the carpet until after the initial purchase was made.

  1. You’ll Pay Extra for Zebra Blind Motorization:

    Were you looking for motorized roller dual zebra blinds? If so, expect to spend another $50 to $150 per unit if you plan on purchasing and installing motorized dual shades. If you are looking into these – ensure that you choose blinds that incorporate a high end automatic window covering motor like those made by Somfy…
  2. Blackout Fabrics Increase the cost of a Zebra Blinds Order:

    Did you want a blackout zebra blind? If so, you should note, that blackout fabrics are usually more expensive than regular semi-opaque or semi-translucent fabrics. (The good thing is, many roller zebra shadings can be made with or without blackout fabrics to meet a variety of design standards and preferences.).
  3. Beware of Unannounced Dual Roller Blind Installation charges:

    Are you looking to install these zebra blinds yourself? If not, look to add on average $5 – $10 per installed unit. If you get lucky, then the retailer or manufactured will install your product free of charge (But that’s to say that not every window covering company is like us) Why? Because we both make the window treatments and offer free installation services to all our clients.

The trick is to find high quality zebra blinds and dual shades at a cost that won’t break the bank.


Our team of Roller Blinds, Zebra blinds and Dual Window Shades experts have successfully broken down the average range of prices and some additional costs you could pay when purchasing roller zebra blinds and other window covering products. We’ve also discussed the motivation to why there are differences in the prices of zebra blinds and dual shades across manufactures.

  1. Zebra Blinds or Dual Shades are stylistically superior to most other fabric blinds available for purchase
  2. Zebra Blinds are affordable and durable.
  3. Dual Shades or Zebra shades can be combined with various other window fashions of your choice to create a holistic look that complements each rooms design.

Want to know what else is a certain fact? We will be the GTA’s number one roller zebra blinds manufacture and dual roller shade supplier to homes in Markham, Newmarket, Oakville, Barrie, Burlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and all other surrounding areas.

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