Window coverings are materials identified to cover windows. Window coverings serve a lot of purposes. Some of which are; for privacy, controlling light ventilation, protection against harsh weather/weather regulation or purely for decoration. Leaving the windows bare makes one feel less confined and too public. Window coverings are made to fulfil, any/or all of the purposes listed above. However, there are a lot of factors to put into consideration before choosing the right custom window covering for your home. Some of these factors include – the type of window (small windows, arched windows, bay windows, French doors or skylights), cost of the covering, etc.

Most window coverings manufactured and available for sale in Canada can be combined and classified under these types that include curtains and drapes, window blinds, window shutters, window shades, automatic solar tints and there are also temporary coverings.

Here Are 11 best Modern window covering ideas in Canada for 2018!

  1. MaxxMar Zebra blinds & Dual Shades:

    Window Covering Idea - MaxxMar Zebra blinds & Dual Shades Toronto

    Zebra blinds are one of the most popular window coverings sold in Canada. It has been known to be better than the regular roller shades and is mainly classified as a premium level dual shade. It is also quite affordable despite its very good quality. MaxXmar makes their  Zebra blinds – dual shades or dual blinds as they are sometimes called – from a combination of opaque or semi-opaque fabrics. The fabrics are sown in a vertical manner and are arranged from translucent to opaque from right to left and translucent to opaque left to right in a repeating pattern that gives the blind a ‘zebra-like’ look. This arrangement allows you to control the light that enters a room better than regular roller blinds. If you’re looking for a fabric blind that is both affordable, Canadian made zebra blinds are right for you!

  2. Gabber Somfy Mororized Roller Blinds:

    Window Covering Idea - Grabber Somfy Mororized Roller Blinds Toronto

    Blackout roller blinds are very common in North America. These are the simplest looking and most affordable fabric styled window covering. A single piece of blackout or semi-opaque fabric is built into a rounded track that allows for singular maneuverability. Roller blackout blinds are made to give the room a simple yet elegant look. They can be bought from many window coverings manufacturer or retailer. White and off-white are the two most common color of roller blackout blinds. Color of royal blackout blinds is chosen to match the interior design of the room. Interestingly, automatic roller blind motors can be added to the roller blackout blinds.  Motorized roller blinds add added customization to the window coverings installed into your home and would be the perfect upgrade for covering the windows in large condos or high up (hard to reach) locations! Grabber Custom Roller Shades can be purchased in various different colours and fabric styles. For more information how you can get quoted for these roller blinds or other window coverings, please contact Toronto’s favorite motorized roller blinds supplier here! (Tell them the team at shutter boys sent you for an extra discount!)

  3. Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Vinyl Shutters:

    Window Covering Idea - Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Vinyl Shutters

    This window covering idea will add a touch of elegance to your space. This Hunter Douglas Vinyl Shutter is one of the best made (yet most expensive) vinyl shutters in Canada. These Top of the line Hunter Douglas shutters have the ability to withstand high heat and do not change color when exposed to humid and heat. It is made of polystain. Polystain is a water and heat resistant composite vinyl material. It doesn’t change color, doesn’t crack or peel. It is available in different colors and stains. You should purchase Vinyl shutters, because they are very attractive and also durable! However, there are other factors that might make Hunter Douglas Wood Shutters a better option for your house and home!

  4. Maxxmar Talento Summer View Composite Vinyl shutters:

    Window Covering Ideas - Maxxmar Talento Composite Vinyl shutters

    Made by MaxXmar a Canadian Window Covering Company based in North York, who manufactures custom window coverings which include custom shutters, premium shades and blinds. Their premium Summerview polysilk-vinyl shutters make the list of window covering ideas you should look into. A Polysilk shutter is composed of Polysilk vinyl. They are also water resistant, it is not prone to fade, crack or peel. It can be recycled, and colors are mixed with polysilk vinyl at manufacturing. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty of 25 years.

  5. Cheap Vinyl-tech PVC shutters:

    Window Covering Idea -Cheap Vinyltech Vinyl PVC Shutters Toronto

    Vinyl tech Shutters manufactures window coverings (vinyl shutters and blinds) at very cheap and affordable prices in Canada. They are made for people with very tight budgets. However, this shutter has a limited lifetime warranty which doesn’t cover discoloration, warp, fade, high heat and moisture due to it’s not so good quality. It is not advisable to put this type of window covering in a room with very high heat or temperature.

  6. Shutter Boys Premium California Wood shutters:

    Window Covering Idea - Best California & Plantation Wood Shutters in Canada - Toronto - Oakville

    California shutters, or plantation shutters as they are sometimes called, are wood or vinyl interior window coverings that allows entry of light through vertical louvers. California shutters can have two top and bottom regions that are movable, there’s a dividing rail between this top and bottom region. California shutters are commonly referred to as plantation shutters or window shutters. However, a California shutter’s louver size is smaller than a plantation louver size (2 ½” vs 3 ½”). California shutters are made into different colors and sizes. Shutter boys is Ontario’s #1 custom Canadian California wood shutter manufacture. See why our California Shutters are the best in the GTA!

  7. Blackout Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Cellular Shades:

    Window Covering Idea - Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Shades Toronto

    Hunter Douglas’ Duette Honeycomb style blackout shades and blinds bring elegance to the room. One can get them from an interior honeycomb padding that serves as cushion and provide improved insulation. Unlike the dual shades, this type of shadings doesn’t make use of opaque and semi-opaque fabrics but gives the room more elegance than honeycomb style blackout shades. Honeycomb Cellular shades are made of paper-like and cloth-like fabrics and gives style, insulation to the room, also filtering light. They can be made as single cell, or double cell or triple cell shades. Cellular shades can also provide blackout for sleeping. Wooden slats can be used to filter sunlight.

  8. DELORE’s Canadian Made Curtains & Vertical Draperies:

    Delore Custom Draperies Toronto

    Curtains are sometimes known as drapes. Curtains are clothes made to stop lift from entering the room, they filter light and also serve as shades for privacy. There are different types of curtains, some are used in the bathroom, theatres, living rooms. Curtains also serve as decoration. Curtains are lined by liners to aid maximum absorption and heat insulation. Delore Curtains and draperies are made in Canada. They are moveable and can be tied down by clips that helps to move the curtains to one side for a elegant yet classic look.

  9. Custom Composite Wood Blinds:

    Delore Venetian Composite Wood Blinds Canadian Window covering idea 8

    Wood blinds are made from timber. They speak sophistication and bring warmth and comfort to the room. They are made to complement the furniture in the room. They also help keep privacy. Wood blinds make the windows look neat and very clean. Wooden Venetian blinds are arranged in a horizontal fashion. The slats are either 25mm wide or 50mm wide. Sometimes, Faux wood blinds are used in place of real wood blinds. Faux wood is also known as plasswood in some countries that is a composite material made of recycled plastics and wood. Faux wood blinds (if made correctly) are not regularly prone to warpage, fading, or discolouration and can be used in places with high temperature.

  10. Wonderful Woven Wood Blinds:

    Modern Bamboo Woven Woods Canaidan window covering idea 9

    If you want to add a more rustic ‘roman’ blind look but want to keep the roughness presented by wooden blinds, then woven wood blinds are the right choice for you. Woven Wood Blinds are nature loving shades are made from organic materials, the most common being bamboo and Birchwood. They bring freshness at its peak to the room and also add traditional flavour to the room.

  11. Hunter Douglas Silhouette and Pirouette Sheer Shadings:

    Hunter Douglas Silhouette Toronto Canadaian Window Coveirng Idea 11

    Sheer shades are also known as horizontal sheer shades. They are beautiful and suitable for room darkening and light filtering. Sheer shades perform multiple function which makes it one of the most popular window coverings. They are made of delicate fabrics and they are luxurious.

  12. Affordable Metal Aluminum blinds:

    Hunter Douglas Horizontal Aluminum Blinds

    Metal blinds are made from metals and are suitable for light filtering and room darkening. The most common and cheapest of all metal blinds is made out of Aluminum. Aluminum mini blinds are easy to use blinds and they add privacy to the room. They are affordable, and they give the room a sleek look. They look beautiful and flawless and are light in weight. They are durable and can withstand high heat and humid. They are made of aluminum

Conclusion to Canada’s Top Window Covering Ideas

Canadian Window coverings vary from types to types, colors to colors, arrangements, patterns, materials, composition, etc. You might want to purchase one or more of the window covering ideas described above directly from a manufacture or retailer for these reasons:

  • darkening of the room
  • reducing heat
  • For decoration & design
  • And MOST importantly privacy!

Before you go with any of the window covering ideas mentioned above, make sure you do your research! For the most affordable window covering on a tight budget I would recommend going with beautiful Grabber roller blinds. However, the best bang for your dollar will come with purchasing one of our three in house manufactured Canadian Made California Shutters! Because we are the manufacturer we can offer them at an extremely discounted rate. For our complete custom window covering product catalog, or for more information about the window covering ideas listed above, please feel free to call our window covering experts anytime at (416) 230-1043!