Are you in the market for California shutters?

Are you looking for the best California Shutters price in Toronto/Canada?

With California Shutter price(s) on the rise, it is essential that you are informed about how to get the best shutter for the best price. The team at Shutter Boys has put together 11 Buying Tips To Get The Best California Shutters Price. (Hope we can help make your decision process a little bit easier.)

What you will learn in this article:

  1. Get the best California shutters price with multiple quotes
  2. Find if the companies ratings match what they offer in person.
  3. Cheap california shutters may not get you the best california shutter price.
  4. California Shutter Design & Style Matters. More detailed design = higher California shutter price.
  5. Go with the best quality shutter, even if their price may be a bit higher than the rest.

Here are the 11 buying tips to get the best California shutters price in 2023

1. Choose A Wide Variety Of Options

The price of a California shutter depends on various features, such as size, color and material. With this, you may wonder which option is the most beneficial. Let’s take an example below and compare them by using ‘California shutters price calculator’.


The biggest factor that determines the price of the California shutters is its size. For instance, a 2×3 California shutter costs 3x more than its 1×1 counterpart. Why did they make it so expensive even though it has less wood content when compared to the bigger California shutter?

The answer comes from its width and length. The wider one is, the longer distance it takes to manufacture per square inch of wood used in producing it. Therefore, these shutters are usually made with thicker wood. This process increases their production cost and makes them more expensive. However, it might not be practical for you because you need a large space to cover or it is too expensive for your budget.


When considering about color, you can opt for darker ones like black, blue or white if you want a clean look. They are cheaper but have a monochromatic hue. Alternatively, if you prefer modernized design, opt for lighter ones like gray or gold. These California shutters prices tend to be low with affordable prices.


Wooden shutters do have a higher price to the overall California shutters price. This is due to the amount of time required to produce these types of shutters as well as the quality of the wood used. For this reason, you must choose quality wooden materials rather than cheap materials. It means to purchase premium quality wooden California shutters instead of lower quality wooden California shutters.

2. Consider Other Factors to Lower Cost

Now let us talk about features we consider to reduce the price of California shutters.


There are two types of a wooden shutter, rigid and soft. Soft California shutters can be replaced easily as there is no latch system. You only pull down the panels. For that reason, these type of shutters are called easy to install and remove. On the other hand, rigid shutters use latching mechanism, which prevents you from removing them from the house.


This is another factor that influences the price of the California shutters. If the weight of the shutters is within reasonable limits, it doesn’t really matter how heavy they are. But you should know that heavier shutters may require stronger hardware thus making them more costly.

3. Shop Around to Get The Most Affordable Option

Once you got your hands on the different options, then it is time to choose which one suits you more. Do you want to buy a larger, bigger or smaller one? Well, it all depends on your preference as well as budget.

4. Compare Prices & Know All Inclusions

After getting that information, it is now the right time to check out other California shutter retailers nearby and know your options as well as California shutters specifications ahead of the transaction.

5. Make Sure to Check for Warranties

If you’re concerned about the warranty of the finished products purchased, it is important to read the manufacturer’s guarantee carefully before making any decisions. This may also give you peace of mind while planning for future replacements.

6. Ask About Special Offers

Once you finalized your plan, it is advisable to ask about California shutters discounts or special offers before purchasing. Some California shutter dealers give them during certain seasons or events. This could provide you with great savings, especially if you have purchased several California shutters at once.

7. Take Time to Look Into Contractor Discounts

Sometimes, contractors offer discounts for the business they are dealing with. So, it is better to contact them first when you start shopping for the California shutters. You may also receive free upgrades for the California shutters if it’s already installed in your home. You can always find the contractor’s website and check whether he/she offers similar services.

8. Don’t Neglect Customer Reviews

Check out the California shutter reviews written by previous customers as well. If you like their review and opinion, try to go for that specific California shutter brand. It is important to see what other people think about the product you are interested in as consumer reviews are very useful when choosing any product. It means reading the customer reviews before you purchase the California shutters.

9. Get Professional Advice When Needed

You don’t have to worry about anything if you don’t get professional advice regarding the California shutters price. Once you visit, you can view all of their California shutters reviews on it. The reviews include many benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of California shutter. You can choose the one that has been suggested by experts or go for expert suggestions as well to pick the ideal California shutters for your home.

10. Find a Reputable Company That Provides Excellent Service

You will never regret finding someone who provides excellent service if you decide to shop at Whether you are installing the California shutters yourself or you hire a qualified professional, it is crucial to find someone trustworthy and honest with high-quality workmanship.

11. Be Prepared Before Purchasing California Shutters

Make sure to gather some information before you pay the California shutters price. Read all the details regarding its material, installation and warranties. Also check whether the California shutters dealer provides free shipping. In addition, it is essential to take note of the California shutters specs including the thickness, height, width, length and other measurements.


Here Are 5 More California Shutters Tips To Get The Best Pricing:

California Shutters Price Tip #1: Get Multiple Quotes

This is a common California shutter pricing tip that few people take. If you are in the market for a good California shutters price, make sure that you do your due diligence and get quoted from multiple companies. Home advisor recently released an excelent 2017 plantations shutters cost guide which you can use to help you make your decision easier. Just check out their graph below for more info on what to expect to pay.

Many California shutter companies cut corners while manufacturing their shutters. Therefore, not all California shutter samples that you will see will be of the same quality. Be sure to recognize this when a salesman comes to show you his product. Also, make sure you take pictures. Compare the feel and texture of the product to the ones which you’ve seen in the past. Make sure the price given meets the quality of the product and the service that is promised. If this is your first step on your journey, don’t hesitate to contact us or call (647) 9792954 and allow one of our seasoned shutter experts to answer any questions you may have.

California Shutters Price Tip #2: Check Out the Company’s Ratings and Reviews

Happy Customers of many California shutters companies review them. An informed buyer sees the ratings and reviews and compares how different companies stand up to their competition. Smart shoppers have informed shoppers.Note: Shutter Boys Is Being Formally Re-branded (from Factory Direct Shutters). And that’s why there may be so few testimonials available for you to view on the web at this current moment. That said, Homestars or Houzz are good resources for finding reviews on the best california shutter companies in your city. For example, A Divine Design is one of the best California shutter providers in Toronto. Just Check out their ratings below…

A Divine Design Best California Shutters Price Rating Homestars

California Shutters Price Tip #3: Cheaper is not always better.

If you have received a low quote, make sure you think about the quality of the product being provided. All quotes should reflect the quality of the product that is being provided. If a price seems excitingly low, know that the quality of the product is compromised. Consequently, you are getting what you pay for. On top of this, Cheap california shutters usually come with a limited warranty. So if the California shutters deteriorate three years later, you will have to buy new ones. At Shutter Boys, our prices are not the lowest, but they are fair. We will always match the price of the products and services we give you with the quality with which they were made and received. This pricing guide for ranges of california shutters prices in Ontario by California Shutters Toronto will help make your decision easier, or use our calculator and find the best shutter type for your home and budget.

California Shutters Toronto Pricing Guide

California Shutters Price Tip #4: Choose a Design that Matches your Style

Choosing the shutter design that is most popular may suit well with you and your designer. Consequently, the most popular California shutter style may not fit your home or your style. Remember, you know what will make your home look best. You should choose a style that matches or complements the trim style of your home. You should pick a style the reduces the ‘boxy look’ that some shutters can have. In addition to this, We are one of the only shutter companies in Canada to offer the world’s first line of beveled California and plantation wood shutters. Our style shutter options allow you to pick the California shutter style that will melt into your trim, thus reducing the infamous’shutter box look’.

California Shutters Price Tip #5: Go With Quality

BE WARNED. Many California shutter companies just exist to make a quick buck. Their California shutter products are made with low-quality composite materials. These cheap shutters are minimally covered with the cheapest select grade paint available. Their ‘lifetime’ warranties are restricted and limited, and they may even break their promises upon installation (or lack thereof). That said, the Shutter Boy’s team cares about you. Because of that, we have Broken Down the Cost of California Shutters so you can shop for your new california shutters in peace.

Our Mission: Give You The Best California Shutters Price & The Best Shutter in Toronto.

We want to deliver you quality California shutters that will last as long as your windows will. That’s why we use the best in class, premium grade wood shutter components, which are made in Canada from the highest quality Canadian woods available on the market today. Adding our shutter products to your windows is like adding a high-quality oak dining room set to your kitchen. Quality speaks. Next time you add vinyl or makeshift shutters to your home windows, think about this. Wouldn’t adding a vinyl dining room set to your kitchen to replace a high-quality oak dining set be a bad decision?


Now that we discussed everything about California shutters, it’s time to go shopping. Remember to browse through our website’s selection of Wood or Vinyl California shutters. You can start by checking each product’s description including sizes, colors, materials and warranties. California shutter prices depend on the above factors as well as the location where they are being sold at. We hope we answered all your questions about purchasing California shutters

In the end, purchasing California shutters may just come down to what you need and what you don’t have in your home. Keep all of this stuff above in mind while purchasing the best California shutter for your house. Don’t forget to find additional help with our California shutters price guide here. We hope these California shutter buying tips and hints will help you save some money and maximize your budget. So, don’t waste any more time and go for the great California shutters boys prices that won’t be beat.