Vinyl shutters sales have recently taken a negative slump for market sales in Canada. It’s not so much that they are poorly constructed or event that they look poor when installed in a window. But there are some larger and better players that have recently punctured the vinyl-pvc-polystain market space. These include composite shutters and quality Canadian soft-wood shutters. Now this article is about the best vinyl or polystain shutters available on the Market in Canada, but it is also good idea to note the other options that are available. Experts say that these ‘premium window covering options’ may be better for your health and home in the long run. There are more tricks to purchasing the best window coverings in Toronto. Divine Window coverings has an excellent commentary on this.

Before I give you our choice for Canada’s 3 best Vinyl Shutters. Let me ask you a few thought provoking questions.

Why go with a plastic shutter?

Answer: Plastic shutters or polystain shutters, especially the well made vinyl shutter products tend not to warp or discolour in high heat or humid environments. (But, of course, this is not rue for poorly made vinyl shutters)

You may be thinking, I like Vinyl or Polystain Shutters because:

  1. My friend has them and they recommended Vinyl shutters over their Wood shutter counterparts.
  2. Won’t wood warp and yellow in high moisture and high temperature environments.
  3. Quality plastic/pvc shutters look best don’t they. (Not really – but for the sake of this article – Sure!!)

That being the case – we’ve outlined some of the Best Vinyl Shutters for purchase in Toronto that we wouldn’t hesitate to sell you (At least the first two anyways). These Vinyl Shutters can be purchased Canada wide and are not limited to Ontario.


1.    Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polystain Vinyl Shutters


Compound: Polystain Warp, Crack, Peel, Discolour, & Water Resistant
Finish Duralux
Avaliable Colours: Various
Louver Size Various 3 ½” Plantation Style, 2 ½” California Style
Frames NR (Not Required)
Reinforcement(s) & Pins


Aluminum Bracings & Sub Components
Warranty Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee
Extras Bifold Track, By-Pass Track, Hinged Panels
Grade: A+ Price: $$$ Customer Satisfaction: 98%


Hunterdouglas Palm Beack Polystain shutters hold the industry standard as the highest quality vinyl shutters available on the Market in Canada. Not only do they look good when installed but these premium polystain shutters will last longer than your windows will. The only thing negative about these vinyl shutters is that there is little stylistic variation. That being said – they are flat faced.

Other product considerations – for the same price consider going with a premium made California and plantation wood shutters from Hunter Douglas or one of their premium shutter manufacturing competitors like A Divine Design Inc, California Shutters Toronto and ourselves of course.To learn more about the

Vinyl Shutters Pricing Guide - Buy Informed

Free Hunter Douglas Shutters Quote Here!

2.    MaxXmar Talento Summerview Polysilk Vinyl Shutters

Compound: Polysilk Vinyl Fade, Chip, Crack, Peel & Water Resistant
Finish Undefined
Avaliable Colours: Various Note: Mixed with polysilk vinyl during manufacturing.
Louver Size Various 3 ½” Plantation Style, 2 ½” California Style
Frames NR (Not Required)
Reinforcement(s) & Pins


EnduraLink TM Connectors (Vinyl)
Green Product? ‘Yes’ – These are 100% recyclable
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty (25 Years)
Extras Bifold Track, By-Pass Track, Hinged Panels
Grade: B+ Price: $$ ($25 per.sq ft) Customer Satisfaction: 86%


MaxXmar (previously Shade-O-Matic) is a Canadian owned and operated custom window covering manufacturer and retailer that is excelling at the front line of window covering innovation in Canada. That being said the MaxXmar Talento Polysilk Vinyl Shutters can compete with Hunter Douglas in quality, but unfortunately not in service. From our experience – we’ve received numerous negative complaints from customers who didn’t have their vinyl shutters installed on the booked date because their shutters were made incorrectly. Sometimes it took weeks to resolve this. But all in all – for the price – averaging $25 per sq.ft – you are receiving and excellent vinyl shutter even though the service might be averaging at best – just good.

Free MaxXmar Vinyl Shutters Quote Here!

3.    Vinyl-Tech PVC Shutters

Compound: UV Stabilized Vinyl Flame, Chip, Crack, Peel, Moisture Resistant
Finish Undefined
Available Colours: Various White or Ivory Only
Louver Size Various 3 ½” Plantation Style, 2 ½” California Style
Frames Required (L, Z, T, or Casing)
Tilt Bar Location Front-Side or Front-Center
Reinforcement(s) & Pins


China Grade Plastic Components
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Extras Bifold Track, By-Pass Track, Hinged Panels, Catchless Receiver
Grade: D- Price: $ ($14 per sq.ft.) Satisfaction: 63%


Vinyl Tech is a Canadian owned and operated window covering manufacturing that specializes in manufacturing some of the cheapest window coverings available on the Canadian market. These cheap Vinyl Tech Uv Stabilized PVC Shutters are made to be affordable for new and old home buyers that have a tight window covering budget. The truth is – you get what you pay for. Be warned, their ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’ doesn’t cover discoloration or warping– which these cheaply made shutters are prone to. If you plan on purchasing these shutters – don’t put them in room where there’s high heat and moisture! Read this article for more information about California or plantation shutter costs in Canada.


If you’re in the market for top-quality Vinyl or Polystain Shutters – Hunter Douglas or MaxXmar are your best options. Hunter Douglas Palm Beach shutters are by far the best vinyl shutters on the market. If you don’t have time constraints and have a little less to spend on quality vinyl shutters – MaxXmar Talento Polysilk Vinyl Shutters. If you have a tight budget that you really, really, really want to purchase on Vinyl shutters – VinylTech shutters are not the option for you. Why? Cheap Shutters = Bad News. In that case, break your window covering project up into phases and purchase MaxXmar shutters. It will save you lot’s of time, headaches and money in the long run. Still Can’t decide?  These 4 Tips will help you choose the best custom window shutter available.

P.S. Because we love to help our customers, we put together a list of 5 major differences of wood vs vinyl shutters so you can make the best decision for your home and health!!

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