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We are experienced California Shutters and interior window shutter professionals in Manatee County with a mission to deliver happiness to you- our cherished client- one window at a time. Other California Shutters companies in Manatee County, Florida may cut corners on product quality, craftsmanship and service, but not us.

Our company was founded to bring you the highest quality interior California Shutters products and installation services available in Manatee County and surrounding areas. Because of that, we NEVER cut corners in the process. Our California Shutters will give your windows a spa day that they’ll never forget.

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3. Once you agree to the service we’ll take a deposit, and process your order.

4. We’ll book your installation day 2 weeks in advance and arrive with the necessary installers, equipment, and shutters to complete your job in the day. [Note: Numerous factors affect installation times, and they very depending on the complexity and the size of the job at hand, but all jobs will be completed in one day.]

5. We have implemented NO LIMIT REPAIR POLICY in our Lifetime Warranty for every product sold. That’s just one was how Shutter Boys promises to continue delivering you happiness even after we leave your house.

Manatee County’s Best California Shutters

Don’t waste time going to overpriced retailers and purchase sub par California Shutters. Call one of our California Shutters experts at Shutter Boys Inc. today! One of our California Shutters connoisseurs will visit your home to show you our product lines and prices. Once you proceed with the order, our highly experienced and professional installers will fit your California Shutters to your windows with a spotless finish that will exceed all of your expectations. Best of all, we charge you no hidden fees. Any trip to your house including consultations, write-ups, installations and repairs is on us. That’s one of the many ways we deliver happiness to you for the lifetime of our relationship. Your California Shutters are protected from any kind of damage, breakage, wear-or-tear, discolouring, and peeling for a lifetime, no matter what the reason at no extra charge to you!!!.

Best California Shutters Contractors in Ontario

We are interior California shutter experts, delivering happiness one window at a time. From living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms, and everything in between, let your windows rise and shine to their potential. When you’re looking for interior window shutters for your home, look no further than Shutter Boys. We have etched a mark into the window covering industry with our etched line of california wood shutter products, revolutionizing shutter style in the process. And it is our job to leave your home etched with that same mark of distinction and quality that we live by.

Why Shutter Boys?

  • Licensed and insured window covering professionals. Don’t take a chance with uninsured window shutter contractors .They may cause property damage, provide poor workmanship or worse, disappear with your deposit never to be seen again. Shutter Boys Inc. is licensed and insured as we provide accurate and upfront interior window shutter quotes.
  • Detailed California Shutters estimates in writing: We do not provide verbal quotes or over the phone consultations. We create a personalized, detailed proposal that clearly outlines our services and the total cost. Our trained sales representatives have years of experience to give you an accurate price upfront, and our expert installers will work from the proposal to ensure your project is done right, delivering happiness one window at a time.
  • After installation follow-through: Once all your windows are shuttered up, our installing foreman will complete a walk-through with you, to check for any minor touch-ups that are required. The next day, you will receive a follow-up to ensure the work and California Shutters met all of your expectations. In addition, we will call you a week later to ensure you are happy and satisfied.
  • Shutter Boys Inc brings you a fast, affordable and high quality solution for all their interior residential and commercial California Shutters excursions. We live to deliver happiness in our customer’s lives at every opportunity we get. For more information on the SHUTTER BOYS difference, contact us online or give us a call at 4162301043 today!

100% Canadian Made 

HIGHEST QUALITY California Shutters IN Manatee County, Florida

California Shutters We care about you, and want to ensure that we deliver you quality California Shutters that will last as long as your windows will. That’s why we use the best in class, premium grade California Shutters components, which are made in Canada from the highest quality Canadian woods and fabrics available on the market today.

Adding our  products to your windows is like adding a custom made oak dining room set to your kitchen. Quality speaks. So next time you think about adding a vinyl or makeshift California Shutters to your home windows, think about whether or not you’d add a vinyl dining room set to your kitchen( and then re-decide after you give it some thought.)

Our Shutter Boy’s Creed

Our promise to you is simple: We will do everything in our power to make you happier than when we left you. We have implemented A NO LIMIT REPAIR POLICY in our Lifetime Warranty for every product sold. That’s just one of the many ways Shutter Boys promises to continue delivering you happiness even after we leave your house.

Professional California Shutters Installation In Manatee County
This blog details professional shuttering installations made specifically in Manatee County Florida. We will provide tips and tricks that anyone working with a contractor should understand for successful job completion.
Manatee county has some beautiful homes and condos built during every style imaginable.
There is no shortage of ideas for homeowners building these gorgeous modern, contemporary craftsman type homes in today’s market place. All of them come with unique benefits. These home owners are always trying to find ways to enhance the overall curb appeal while improving energy efficiency. Some common improvements include adding architectural windows and doors, replacing outdated window technology, installing solar panels and of course, upgrading lighting systems with LED bulbs, which offers far superior light quality than traditional incandescent bulbs. Many times they simply want something different; an eye catching feature outside the norm. Whatever the reason they choose, there are endless options available as well as many reputable manufacturers who provide products designed specifically for Florida weather conditions such as the state of manatee county florida.
Here in north west Florida where its generally warmer than other parts of country, I am constantly seeing windows covered up or closed entirely due to excessive heat buildup inside the house. The cost savings it brings along makes me happy to see clients making this upgrade whether it be single glazed, double glazed, insulated glass units or triple glazing. We get plenty of calls looking to install those energy efficient windows.
We work primarily in the greater Tampa Bay area but travel extensively throughout southeast USA installing premium quality exterior glass and door brands including Andersen sliding / rolling screens, Marvin Hunter’s, Stilgherrian and Sedgefield windows just to mention a few. Our customers enjoy getting the latest news and information on home decorating trends, styles and materials and this blog keeps you informed!

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What makes this guide different than other guides? We actually visit each project location to take photos and video, including videos with the owner and installer showing the install process and explaining why they chose certain products. And because we’re a small company without salespeople who go door-to-door offering shingles, we’ve learned which companies do great work, which ones aren’t worth your investment, and which ones will treat you like crap after the job’s finished even though they gave you some of most high quality material for every dollar spent. We’ll tell you everything you should ask during the home consultation. Don’t just settle for something substandard.
We are also going to show you the difference between custom made shutter systems versus ready-made window shutters. Ready made units come with pre-cut frames, but many lack customization options. Customized solutions allow us to integrate windows with your existing structure so that no part of them needs replacement. Additionally, customized solutions include integrated hardware allowing homeowners to save hundreds per unit installed while saving thousands on labor costs. Many ready made systems only use the front glass panels, meaning you lose half of those panes’ protection value. These also often feature a cheap frame around the edge making them vulnerable to damage. If you live in Florida or near water then hurricane strength winds will be common and these types of units won’t last long. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get good value for your dollars. Some companies offer discounts if you buy several sets together, even when the first set isn’t delivered yet. A lot of people end up having multiple homes due to selling their house/condominium so buying two packages to combine shipping can yield large reductions.
How does it stack up against other guides? We try to cover everything and answer every question related to installing both commercial grade window covers and standard shutters, whether single hung, double hung, casement and bay. So if you see anything listed above and haven’t seen it covered elsewhere already, chances are, we wrote it specifically for you. Our research helps us provide unbiased information backed up by facts, figures, and customer feedback rather than relying solely upon recommendations provided by a marketing team member or affiliate program associate.
1) “We will always deliver the highest level of customer service possible and strive to exceed every client request. We understand that each project needs specific attention; therefore, we offer custom options to address those requirements. Our team members are highly trained professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional workmanship while ensuring complete satisfaction on both sides of the job.”
2) “Our company believes in giving back because we believe that helping people makes us better”
3) “When customers call upon us they should receive quality products/services and outstanding follow through. If something goes awry on the installation side we take full responsibility and provide the necessary assistance to rectify the problem.”
4) When working together, we expect clients and employees alike to be honest, ethical & respectful towards each other. We respect all of life’s lessons, regardless which path they lead us down.
5) The most rewarding moments are the ones shared with family and friends. As we progress further within this industry it becomes increasingly evident that we truly love what we do.
6) Finally, as stated earlier, we live and breathe shuttering, which provides great motivation to help the community thrive!”
7) “At Shutter Boys, we are driven to serve our clients better than anyone else does today. We hope our efforts pay dividends for years into the foreseeable future…”
8) Our commitment and passion comes first and foremost. Everything else follows suit. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!
9) For anyone seeking professional guidance on any topic related to their home improvement projects or business endeavors please feel confident contacting us. We provide unparalleled customer service and support. Call anytime to speak face-to-face with a friendly representative from our knowledgeable staff.
10)”In this crazy world of ours…there still remains that little voice inside saying ‘you need to do this’ and then ‘why aren’t you doing this?’ Well I’m tired of listening to that little voice, and I think you should be too. So why wait until tomorrow? Do it NOW!!!”. — Chris Gardner
11) “I am a firm believer in taking action, no matter how small or insignificant, and that action often creates momentum.
Best California Shutters Manatee County
With such vast changes coming to home construction and building design this 2020 will be unlike ones ever seen before. We believe these years ahead will be some exciting times in residential design due to technological advances, increased consumer demands for high quality products, improved business practices and reduced costs across most sectors of society. As well as changing designs and materials California shutters will remain one those most sought after options for homeowners seeking privacy, security and beauty. When choosing the ideal window coverings and accessories many people consider factors like; aesthetic appeal, ease of use, energy efficiency, affordability among other things. Here at Shutter Brothers Inc. we feel we offer the most complete selection of available materials, colors, styles and shapes to meet nearly every decorating need imaginable while offering unparalleled value.
We always say “it takes 2 weeks to install the right blind /shutters..and 2 months to remove them! So do yourself a favor..go big or go home …we got you covered.
So with all that being said why stop there, now that everything is going great lets get started talking about our 2023 edition….California Shutters & Blind Manufacturers List Update
Best Blind/Shutters Manufactuers Update…
This section was added to highlight a few companies in different industries who made our top 40. Our main focus was on which manufacturers produced California shutters to keep up with demand but we did take notice of other manufactures outside our niche market also such as windows, doors, garage door…you name it,they produce it!
So sit back relax and enjoy reading through them all and see whats around the corner for us! If they dont have California shutters listed below and the company produces something else besides shutters then I would advise asking the question ” Does company X produce anything related to ‘blinds”?? They need to answer yes if they sell shades, roman shades, roller shades ect because they’re selling these items under the same category. Let me know!
1. Shutter Boys Inc.
WHAT ARE California Shutters?
What Is A Shutter?
California shutters protect windows against rain, extreme heat, UV rays, wind, dust storms, snow, ice, humidity, pollen, insects and other harmful contaminants that could enter through glass window sills. They keep the conditioned air inside buildings healthy and well ventilated during warm summer days and cool nights. Because they help reduce heating and cooling costs, increase energy efficiency, improve indoor quality of life and reduce wear & tear on building materials, installing solar panels, adding insulation, improving ventilation system and enhancing home design, they are increasingly popular among homeowners as part of green remodeling projects.
How Do I Install My New Window Treatments On my Own?
If you live in Southern Florida, then installing shutters is easier than ever. Since the weather is usually mild year round, most window frames, casements, double hung and sliding doors will support standard wooden or metal exterior hardware. Wood shakes are another great choice for exterior applications. If you decide to install your own shingles, be careful not to cut them too short; this would expose the sheathing and allow moisture to penetrate the roof structure. Also keep extra strips handy due to potential changes along with an occasional nail popping out.
My Goal Was To Reduce Solar Heat Gain During Summer Months And Increase Energy Efficiency…
With today’s modern homes built with glass block construction and high R factor wall cavity systems, there is little hope of blocking heat gain and/or reducing outside noise unless a highly reflective coating is applied to each pane of glass which requires custom made glazing units and special tooling, cutting, finishing, shipping and labor expenses.. Additionally, many existing structures lack sufficient space between walls and windows to accommodate the required lengths. So, while it is true that modern day glass houses tend to trap in sunlight, the majority of homes still rely heavily upon passive methods (such as shades), rather than active ones, like shutting the house down completely and opening all the curtains to prevent heat buildup. Fortunately, the cost of operating active shading systems are relatively affordable these days thanks to lower prices on power storage technology. Moreover, new models provide increased convenience options like wireless remote control, motorized tilt mechanisms, auto shuttering and motion sensors.
LOOKING FOR California Shutters? WE CAN HELP!
Today’s homeowners tend to be quite savvy with home upgrades. Most people today prefer to purchase products made locally whenever possible. After all, they save on shipping costs and help put dollars back into their own community while saving on energy consumption. A good example would be solar panels installed on a house. If buying these things locally makes sense then why not go further and install shutters also located close to their homes
California shutters are no different. They both provide excellent protection against sunlight damage and other weather conditions without sacrificing aesthetics. Even though most people would agree California Shutters are an awesome addition, unfortunately many homeowners miss out because of the lack of knowledge with this type of window treatment in Florida. When choosing shutters for Florida, the first thing homeowners should consider is cost. At Shutter Boys we pride ourselves in providing quality windows which are priced competitively, but we believe everyone deserves affordable high end shuttering options.
Shutters are available in hundreds of styles so finding something unique enough for yourself isn’t always an issue. Just like blinds some shutters come only in solid colors; however, many manufacturers offer them in multiple finishes including grayscale black, gray, tan, white, light oak & natural pine. Other popular choices include honey maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut and dark stained woods. Some custom options will vary depending upon style. Some of the latest trends in terms of color combinations are neutral/neutral, traditional/modern, classic/contemporary, modern/traditional and transitional/classic. Many companies are adding fun and quirky designs to appeal more to millennial buyers who often favor patterns, bright hues and unconventional accents. Modern/contemporary styles incorporate sleek, clean lines with minimal detailing making them perfect for younger families. These shutters feature strong geometric shapes and sometimes bold graphics, or textured details and textures for extra dimension. Traditional styles bring a feeling of warmth and comfort with rich brown tones giving a warm feel to rooms. Classic design incorporates simple architectural styling featuring refined proportions and timeless details. Another trend among contemporary styles involve incorporating colorful accent pieces such as floral embellishments, birdcages and artwork to enhance space.
Motorized California Shutters Manatee County
California shutters are manufactured to be weatherproof, energy efficient and beautiful. They come in multiple styles including sliding patio doors, bay windows, french doors, windows and custom shutters. These shutters provide security, add privacy and improve home or condo value. Many homeowners who install these shutters have noticed improved curb appeal, lower heating costs and improved resale value. Some homeowners find themselves replacing an old style vinyl roller shades because they no longer match current window treatments. Others like the fact that the added protection helps keep them warm during chilly Florida winters while still allowing sunlight through.
Motorization adds another level of functionality to these amazing products. Whether motorized shutters are powered manually or automatically via remote control or even solar power options, they can offer some exciting possibilities for improving efficiency and convenience inside or outside homes.
There are many types of automatic shutters available and each type offers something unique to help owners enjoy better living conditions. If you would like to learn more about different manual and automatic models check out this article. For more information visit us here

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Manatee County’S #1 California Shutters MANUFACTURER
In this article I will highlight the top 10 best sellers in California shutters manufactured by Shutterboyssmall business. If you click through link below you can save $100 to $200 dollars by buying your own custom made shutters instead of ordering them from another company. We offer everything including windows, sliding doors, french door designs, bay window shutters, bi folding glass and much more. So call us today for your FREE ESTIMATE! (Manage Your Own Shutter Installation service )
LOWQUALITY PRODUCT – Most people believe that they cannot see the difference because all other products seem similar but in reality when comparing the quality of the same type of blinds the better products cost almost double than those who use inferior materials.
Our Promise: Quality California Shutters, Affordable Pricing
In this post, I will go through some of the latest trends in the industry including, but certainly not limited to, the following;
1. Wood veneer shutters – These are becoming increasingly popular because they offer many benefits like better insulation than vinyl, superior weather resistance, longer lasting quality, lower maintenance costs, easier cleaning, and no painting required. They come standard with a lifetime warranty against rot and termite damage and are available in multiple different colors, styles, designs, shapes, sizes, and materials. We will discuss these in detail further down in my article. If you have already installed them in 2018, then you should be aware of a few things regarding this type of shutter. First of all, they are made of thin wood veneers that are glued together and painted to achieve a smooth appearance. Second, you must take care of the paint job to avoid cracking and peeling which could lead to moisture infiltration and eventual rot. Lastly, you should always inspect your windows every 3 months for signs of wear and tear.
2. Vinyl window shutters are another good choice to consider. While they do cost less than wooden ones, they still require regular upkeep including washing and waxing. However, the most expensive part of installing vinyl shutters is actually finding someone who does the work well and professionally. If you choose to install vinyl shutters yourself, then you will need to purchase the material (vinyl), cut/miter it properly, apply primer, and paint it to match your existing trim. Once that’s complete, you would also need to hang the hardware.
3. Composite Shutters (aka composite blinds). These types of products offer a lot of similar advantages and drawbacks to both vinyl and wood shutters. One advantage of composite shutters is that unlike other types of shutters, they are usually lighter weight than either wooden or vinyl, making them ideal for smaller homes and condo units. Another benefit is that they are very resistant to mold and mildew growth due to UV protection. On the flip side, however, they tend to be thicker than vinyl, so you will probably notice a higher price tag and less flexibility compared to other options.
Buy California Shutters Online
Buy California Shutters Online & Installer Directed Installation Services. (This includes high quality custom made shutters and blinds manufactured locally in San Francisco Bay Area with a full line of colors styles sizes and finishes. We provide a wide selection of premium products including fiberglass shades bamboo or real wood panels )
Buy California Shutts Online: If you just cannot get enough of beautiful outdoor living spaces in your home or condo why not try getting some great shutters online? At Shutter Boys we strive for providing only top of the line materials quality. Our shades come with a lifetime warranty. Every purchase supports thousands of jobs in America while offering you excellent value and convenience. We ship quickly from our state of manufacture warehouse direct to your door. No middlemen no extra charges nothing but pure joy because customer satisfaction is extremely important to us
Instaler Directly With Us is Simple and Easy: For our customers who live outside the bay area, installers should visit our website, download the guide, pick up phone numbers then call them to schedule a appointment. When they arrive they will be greeted by installers who will take an interest in making sure everything goes smoothly. These workers will assist homeowners through the entire project. They will answer questions about style, color choices, options available, prices and availability. As always, every homeowner receives exceptional service, guaranteed! What really matters once installed. Is this beautiful exterior space going to keep heat away during those cold months? Will it increase curb appeal or privacy? Can it withstand harsh weather conditions without leaks and damage? Does it protect occupants from sun heat and UV rays? A well balanced combination of good design and proper window shade placement is the key ingredient in ensuring comfort indoors. And ultimately a happy homeowner.
California Shutters Product Line Options Include; Bamboo Fiberglass Wood Vinyl Real Timber Wood Shades Blinds Sunscreens Privacy Curtains Curtain Panels Roll Down Window Coverings Etc.. We stock most popular designs and patterns for both Commercial Use and Residential homes throughout the United States. Contact us today for details on shipping rates and lead times.
Cost of California Shutters in Manatee County Florida
What makes these products different than other options?
California shutters provide great protection against sun exposure while still allowing natural light inside the home/condominium.
Because they block virtually 100% of sunlight penetration, they will reduce overheating during summer months in hot climates like Florida, Arizona, Texas and Southern Califonia. They are ideal during high humidity and winter seasons.
They are extremely customizable allowing homeowners to customize colors and patterns.
Since most shades come standard white, adding a custom color pattern requires special ordering. We use semi gloss which usually takes 2 weeks to arrive once ordered. These types of doors often times sell out fast due to popularity of designs. If you prefer solid, matte or textured options; this type of door typically does take longer to ship, sometimes 4+weeks. However, these choices tend to be less available and costlier.
Installation requirements vary depending on design, but should include 3 people required for install, 1 person per each side of door. Door needs to hang properly on the wall first then install hardware through holes in the top track which allow them to slide behind the frame. Hardware provided with the door must be attached correctly without any misalignment issues otherwise it will cause damage upon sliding back into place after being opened and closed.
Cost varies greatly according to size, shape, material, custom modifications. Average price for installing most models range around $750-$1000.
( Shutterbosses only uses premium materials used in many expensive window treatments available today )
Read More >> https://www.shutterboysshowrooms.
Wood California Shutters vs. Vinyl California Shutters?
There are many advantages to vinyl shutters including lower cost than wooden ones, but they come with disadvantages, like lack of durability and ease of cleaning, which is why most people prefer wooden shutters today. However, wood shutters offer better insulation against hot and cold weather conditions while being able to reduce heat gain during summer season (when windows are closed), making them great choices when considering insulation properties.
Wooden Cali Shutters can be used indoors and outdoors while protecting homes from rain and windstorms. They provide good ventilation, reducing humidity inside homes due to less air infiltration through the gaps between slats.
Vinyl Califorina Shutters are often used for exteriors because of its long service life (it lasts longer than other materials). Most homeowners use these shutters to block sun glare, keeping energy bills down for years. These types of shutters can withstand high temperatures, extreme winds, hail storms, snowfall, and ice accumulation without losing coloration or deteriorating significantly. If properly installed, this type of outdoor shutter will keep wind and water away from home’s exterior walls, and protect it from windborne debris.
As far as price goes, Vinyl Caisula Shutters tend to cost a bit more since the material costs more. On average however, vinyl cali shutts should only run around $200-$300 each, whereas wooden shutters typically cost anywhere from $100-$600.
However, it is also worth noting that some brands sell cheaper versions that are made almost entirely of plastic. But vinyl California shutts still remain an excellent choice when buying shutters because the material is extremely durable and offers superior insulating qualities, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Vinyl shutters are generally available in standard sizes while wood can be custom sized depending upon window size requirements. Wooden shutters can also easily fit larger openings such as double wide windows.
Another benefit of wooden shutters is that they’re available in various styles, designs and colors. Some popular options include plantation shutters and decorative shutters. Plantation shutters feature wooden slats arranged horizontally or vertically, giving a traditional appearance to the space they cover.

Client Testimonials

“Hello Marco,

We are thrilled with the shutters! What a huge difference. The rooms feel bigger and brighter and now it feels like our place. 
Your team of Tony and Keanu were fantastic. Thank you for such a short turn around time. I will be happy to leave reviews. I am having issues with my server but will remedy that in the morning. We are very happy. This has been a very positive experience for Steve, a pleasant distraction, and one that will continue to give him pleasure.
Thanks for being a part of our life changes.”

Toronto, ON

We met Marco just over 2 weeks ago. He was meticulous in measuring the windows and doors on our main floor. It was a very pleasant experience. We decided to go with the high end option of California shutters as they complemented the crown molding in our home. Marco’s crew, Tony and Keanu installed the shutters yesterday quickly and efficiently. They are great guys. We are absolutely delighted with how clean, bright and beautiful our home looks. The shutters make a huge difference. We have dealt with a lot of contractors in our various homes, and this was probably the best experience we have had. I highly recommend Marco and his team.


Toronto, ON

I recently had the wood shutters installed by Marco in my 2800 sq ft new built house. Its a corner lot, and there were 33 windows and a patio door to be dressed up by the wood shutters. The price was very competitive and the quality was superb. Marco and his team did a great job and the whole installation was completed in one afternoon. The wood shutters are of good quality, the finishes are smooth, adding great value to the already beautiful house. I am very happy with both the product and the services provided by Marco. Highly recommended.

Dzung Minh

Toronto, ON

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