It’s no secret that while many Canadians want fresh air to enter their homes, the harsh sunlight turns many away from simply opening their curtains. Not only do Plantation Shutters form a compromise between the two, but they also serve as an adjustable solution for unpredictable weather.

Plantation Shutters Are Stylish

While it is true that the sole purpose of a plantation shutter is to block out the excessive and harsh sunlight from entering our homes, one overlooked aspect of these shutters is their overall aesthetic. Plantation Shutters can serve as a very stylish addition to your home this season, as not only do they serve their function, but their simplistic design works in its favour, as it can blend in with any kind of exterior furniture.

Plantation Shutters Have Benefits

Plantation Shutters can also add many functional benefits to your home. With the warmer months of the season just around the corner, the excessive direct sunlight against our windows can result in too much heat entering our homes. This can lead to the cooling systems running much faster than they would in different circumstances. The plantation shutters being kept closed results in a shielding barrier that blocks the harsh sunlight. The UV protection of most shutters assures a complete absence of peeling, fading or cracking. As we are just about to begin our summer break, pollen and dust serve as major culprits of allergies. Shutters can reduce these substances from entering our homes

Plantation Shutters Are a Compromise Between Sunlight and Privacy

Lastly, while many people want to open their curtains to let in the fresh air during this time of year, curtains have the drawback of minimizing privacy for its user. Since plantation shutters are adjustable, it gives its user the ability to allow just the right amount of sunlight and air in, while not completely sacrificing privacy.

For more information on how Plantation Shutters are the right decision for you, be sure to contact the Shutter Boy’s team.