Many people feel the need to lump all shutters into one category. However, just like how there are many kinds of windows, there are also many kinds of shutters to complement them. Here are a few of the shutters that you can choose from, as well as the locations that they can thrive in.

Interior Bay Window Shutters

These shutters are primarily used to cover the arched windows in your home. What separates these shutters from the crowd, is the fact that they might be the only ideal cover for any arched window. (curtains and blinds included!). They are the only window covers that can follow the curve of an already established arched window. Curtains and blinds lack this advantage, leaving interior bay shutters as the perfect purchase for anyone with arched windows in their home. Choose this type if you have arched windows.

Patio Door Plantation Shutters

Unlike arched windows, patio door windows are very common in Canada. Patio Door Plantation Shutters are a perfect solution to covering up the bright exterior light from entering your house. These Shutters are primarily located in kitchens and dining rooms, where slide glass and patio doors can be found. What separates these shutters from the rest is their size. Patio door plantation shutters are by far the largest of their kind, as they are used to cover up any windows relative to their size. Choose this type if you need one for your patio door.

California Shutters and Plantation Shutters

Both California and Plantation shutters are viewed as the standard when it comes to shutters in general. They are the most vanilla when compared to the rest. Despite this, there is a key difference when going about purchasing these two. Plantation shutters have louvers that are usually around an inch wider than California Shutters. This means that the installation of plantation shutters in a smaller window would have much of the window covered. On the contrary, the same can be said to the installation of California shutters in larger windows. The borders would appear to be too thin. You can choose either one of these depending on the size of your window.

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