Shutters are a sophisticated alternative to blinds, giving your home a wee touch of the genteel. Check out our collection of products for the different kinds of shutters there are out there. If you think shutters are for you, here are some ways you can add to your décor in a way that really makes them stand out.

Matching wardrobe doors

In the bedroom, commit to the look and tie the whole room together with a matching slatted wardrobe door.

Hardwood floors

Rustic and natural, hardwood floors paired with shutters offers a very elegant and classic look. If real hardwood flooring is not an option, go for some wood look luxury vinyl planking. Your choice if you go dark or light; it will depend on the rest of your décor.

Hardwood floors add a natural, yet charming feel to your home. Shutters have structure and clean simple lines yet there’s something distinctly ‘old-worldy’ about them. Continuing this vibe across both walls and floors brings a wonderful balance to the home.


Plants really bring shutters to life. Large potted greenery such as a palm, philodendron, ficus or monstera makes the perfect companion for shutters’ simplicity. Decorative orchids or vases full of blooms also work well in a room with shutters. These days, artificial plants and flowers are so lifelike you don’t even have to be burdened by caring for them. Going faux also means you can adjust your plants and flowers with the seasons.

Brick walls

For a soft industrial ‘New York loft apartment’ look, team your shutters with brick walls or a brick-look wallpaper.

Go southern

Some classic Southern décor style elements include:

  • Walls – tend to be lighter in colour because of the hot climate but more vibrant hues can be used as accent accessories like cushions, throws, silk curtains and ceramic lamps.
  • Fabrics – also highly influenced by the region’s warm climate, which means cottons, silks and linens for an airy look and feel.
  • Patterns – tend to be nature inspired.
  • Furniture – Southern decorating incorporates a medley of the traditional, formal and casual comfort, so anything from wicker or rattan pieces (oh so Southern!) to casual overstuffed couches paired with elegant Queen Anne chairs. And make sure your dining table is large with lots of seating because getting together for family time is a big Southern thing.
  • Accessories – Southerners love vases filled with flowers (real or fake), lots of framed family photos, collections of things (eg. books, china, ceramic animals, etc. people from the southern states love collecting things), painted portraits on the wall and lots of antiques because Southerners are really big on honouring their historical links.

Our shutters are designed for your home and can be made in fixed, hinged, sliding or bi-fold configurations depending on your requirements. The end result will be both functional and visually appealing. Not only will our shutters create a conversation point in your home, they will add value and provide a level of added sophistication you will enjoy for many years to come. Contact us today for a free quote!