A common trend for homeowners in 2022 is the minimalist design. It seems as time goes on, people are looking for less and less clutter in their homes. For many homeowners, both curtains and blinds do not fit the criteria of a minimalistic design. Here are 3 reasons why installing shutters will work for a minimalist lifestyle.

Shutters Can Blend In With Your House.

It’s very common for customers to purchase shutters that are the same colour as their walls. If you choose to go with a different colour, your shutters can match your doors instead. Regardless of what you choose, having shutters that blend in with the rest of your house gives the illusion of less clutter and less furniture. Unlike both curtains and blinds, shutters don’t allude to being a new piece of furniture, but rather an addition to your walls that let in the right amount of sunlight. If done right, your shutters could be the first step in achieving a minimalist lifestyle. 

Shutters Can Be The Perfect Shape

It doesn’t matter what shape your windows appear to be. When you install shutters, they can be custom made into whatever shape we desire. This is a benefit only available for shutter customers. While both curtains and blinds are custom made to approximately fit your window, they don’t possess the precision that shutters do. Shutters are measured to fit the frame at precisely the right size. Doing this will guarantee that your home appears neat and clutterless. In other words, your house will fit the criteria for a minimalistic design.

Shutters Are Simple

Unlike both curtains and blinds, shutters are designed to be both functional and simple at the same time. Shutters do not dangle past the windows like curtains, nor do they have any pesky cords like blinds do. Shutters get the job done in one piece. The cords for most shutters are integrated with the product, so it doesn’t look like there are any extra parts to the design. They also do not go past the frame of the window. If you’re trying to achieve a minimalist lifestyle, then less is more. Installing shutters will keep the clutter around your windows to a minimum.

If you follow all of these steps, your home is sure to fit the mould of a minimalistic environment. For more information on whether or not it’s time to buy some shutters, be sure to contact the Shutter Boy’s team!