Curtains provide a sense of sophistication and vibrance to your space. They also coordinate well with window shutters, making a statement in any living space.

You may select one over the other, or use them together to complement your home design. Curtains could seem like a homey selection, but there are a couple things to consider before you make your decision.

Shutters Boys (in Toronto) provides a free, in-home consultation that helps you make that choice. It’s simple to find out what fits with your house when we transport the showroom to your living room. We’ll show you the collection of options in many different styles, all with no charge or obligation. Schedule your free consultation today for local, individualized service and an everything’s-included price quote.

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What Makes Shutter Boy’s Shutters Noteworthy

Here are some examples of why shutters are useful additions to your space.

  1. Reduced Heat Loss
    We custom craft our shutters to fit your windows, regardless of size or shape. This creates fewer breaks in your windows for chilly outdoor air to come through and heated indoor air to escape. This is specifically crucial since windows are the guiltiest culprit for energy loss..

    In the warmer seasons, you can open your windows while leaving your shutters open or shut. This lets you have more influence over ventilation without your window treatments clinking in the wind.
  1. Upgraded Light Control
    Considering curtains can only be opened or closed, they don’t have the adaptability that shutters offer. Our shutters allow you to adjust your shutters just how you prefer them. All while stopping the tilt bar from ruining your view.
  2. Custom Built for Your Windows
    At Shutter Boys, we build shutters to perfectly fit your windows. You can determine your material, louver size, colour/stain and more.
  3. Straightforward to Clean
    Shutters are not difficult to clean. All you have to have is a soft rag or a duster. Curtains may require complicated washing or high-priced dry cleaning more often.
  4. Feel Warmer on Chilly Days with Our Shutters
    While curtains make a room feel comfy, shutters provide an upscale look that can keep your heating and cooling charges down.

To learn more about our shutter options at Shutter boys, contact us today!