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Our company was founded to bring you the highest quality interior California Shutters products and installation services available in Courtice and surrounding areas. Because of that, we NEVER cut corners in the process. Our California Shutters will give your windows a spa day that they’ll never forget.

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4. We’ll book your installation day 2 weeks in advance and arrive with the necessary installers, equipment, and shutters to complete your job in the day. [Note: Numerous factors affect installation times, and they very depending on the complexity and the size of the job at hand, but all jobs will be completed in one day.]

5. We have implemented NO LIMIT REPAIR POLICY in our Lifetime Warranty for every product sold. That’s just one was how Shutter Boys promises to continue delivering you happiness even after we leave your house.

Courtice’s Best California Shutters

Don’t waste time going to overpriced retailers and purchase sub par California Shutters. Call one of our California Shutters experts at Shutter Boys Inc. today! One of our California Shutters connoisseurs will visit your home to show you our product lines and prices. Once you proceed with the order, our highly experienced and professional installers will fit your California Shutters to your windows with a spotless finish that will exceed all of your expectations. Best of all, we charge you no hidden fees. Any trip to your house including consultations, write-ups, installations and repairs is on us. That’s one of the many ways we deliver happiness to you for the lifetime of our relationship. Your California Shutters are protected from any kind of damage, breakage, wear-or-tear, discolouring, and peeling for a lifetime, no matter what the reason at no extra charge to you!!!.

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We are interior California shutter experts, delivering happiness one window at a time. From living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms, and everything in between, let your windows rise and shine to their potential. When you’re looking for interior window shutters for your home, look no further than Shutter Boys. We have etched a mark into the window covering industry with our etched line of california wood shutter products, revolutionizing shutter style in the process. And it is our job to leave your home etched with that same mark of distinction and quality that we live by.

Why Shutter Boys?

  • Licensed and insured window covering professionals. Don’t take a chance with uninsured window shutter contractors .They may cause property damage, provide poor workmanship or worse, disappear with your deposit never to be seen again. Shutter Boys Inc. is licensed and insured as we provide accurate and upfront interior window shutter quotes.
  • Detailed California Shutters estimates in writing: We do not provide verbal quotes or over the phone consultations. We create a personalized, detailed proposal that clearly outlines our services and the total cost. Our trained sales representatives have years of experience to give you an accurate price upfront, and our expert installers will work from the proposal to ensure your project is done right, delivering happiness one window at a time.
  • After installation follow-through: Once all your windows are shuttered up, our installing foreman will complete a walk-through with you, to check for any minor touch-ups that are required. The next day, you will receive a follow-up to ensure the work and California Shutters met all of your expectations. In addition, we will call you a week later to ensure you are happy and satisfied.
  • Shutter Boys Inc brings you a fast, affordable and high quality solution for all their interior residential and commercial California Shutters excursions. We live to deliver happiness in our customer’s lives at every opportunity we get. For more information on the SHUTTER BOYS difference, contact us online or give us a call at 4162301043 today!

100% Canadian Made 

HIGHEST QUALITY California Shutters IN Courtice, Ontario

California Shutters We care about you, and want to ensure that we deliver you quality California Shutters that will last as long as your windows will. That’s why we use the best in class, premium grade California Shutters components, which are made in Canada from the highest quality Canadian woods and fabrics available on the market today.

Adding our  products to your windows is like adding a custom made oak dining room set to your kitchen. Quality speaks. So next time you think about adding a vinyl or makeshift California Shutters to your home windows, think about whether or not you’d add a vinyl dining room set to your kitchen( and then re-decide after you give it some thought.)

Our Shutter Boy’s Creed

Our promise to you is simple: We will do everything in our power to make you happier than when we left you. We have implemented A NO LIMIT REPAIR POLICY in our Lifetime Warranty for every product sold. That’s just one of the many ways Shutter Boys promises to continue delivering you happiness even after we leave your house.

Wood California Shutters vs. Vinyl California Shutters?
There are many factors to consider when choosing which type of shutters will work best for your home including cost, style, material quality, ease of use, maintenance & longevity. We recommend starting by taking note of these key questions:
Is this a DIY project or should I hire someone else? If hiring help isn’t feasible, then ask yourself whether you are willing to put in the effort required to complete your own installation or if you would like to pay someone else to do the job for you.
How big is my project? Do you live in an older house or apartment unit that requires larger windows with thicker walls? Is your project going to be large enough for multiple people to participate simultaneously during construction? If yes, then you’re probably better served with vinyl shutters than wood ones since they will take longer to install due to being heavier and requiring stronger materials like plywood. However, if you only need one window installed at once, then wooden shutters are ideal because it’s easier and quicker for just 1 person working together.
What size window(s)? Most homeowners prefer to install wood shutters for small openings such as those found over patio doors or french doors while vinyl shutters are typically used for bigger areas such as windows that cover entire exterior sides of buildings, garage entries, or living rooms in multi story homes. For most projects, it makes sense to go with wood shutters if you live in a cold climate or in a place with harsh weather conditions.
What color do you want? If your home already has some sort of trim or molding around the edges of the area where your shutter is placed then the best way to match them both aesthetically and functionally is to pick a shutter that blends well with it. A common mistake made is installing shutters without knowing the existing colors.
If no trim or molding exists around the area, then you’ll want to select a shutter color that matches the surrounding paint color or a neutral shade like white, tan or gray.
Do you care about energy efficiency? Some people believe that wood shutters offer greater insulation value than vinyl but that’s simply false. While vinyl shutters tend to hold heat inside, wood does exactly the opposite.
Buy California Shutters Online
What should I be aware of buying shutters online vs ordering them locally? This video explains the differences and why they matter.
Why does installing my own shutters cost less than going through a home improvement dealer? Watch this video.
Are DIY shuttering options better than hiring someone to install them onsite? Here’s the answer.
I show you step by step how to measure correctly so that your shutters fit perfectly every time and how long each job takes from measuring to being installed. All these questions will come up because some people get lazy after they’ve ordered their shutters online. But just remember, doing everything yourself makes life easier down the road. So if you’re worried about getting lazy, don’t worry. We’ll teach you how to take care of things properly.
How many times must I order shutters? If you keep reordering your shutters then they will break down quicker. Once again, no reason to panic unless you’re ordering 10 sets per week. If you are ordering 1 set monthly you’re good. If you’re ordering 2 sets weekly, then you may want to ask us first if we have enough stock to cover those orders. Just so you know, most people only order 4 pairs per season. So if you ordered 5 pairs per season, you’d end up having extra shutters around the house. Unless you wanted to use your shutters as curtains.
There are lots of people who sell cheap stuff online but that isn’t always the case. Some companies offer high quality products but charge insane prices like $300+ for four panels. They aren’t worth paying for since they could easily buy panels with the same style for under $100 and install them themselves. I’m talking about companies like this. If you see anything that looks suspiciously priced check out reviews before jumping ship and calling customer service. Don’t fall victim to scams like that. Instead, go straight to a reliable company that offers excellent warranties and great craftsmanship at competitive rates. That way you won’t become another statistic. And if something happens, the warranty covers almost every problem except warping which is rare.
If you’re wondering “what exactly is California Window Covering” read below.
LOOKING FOR California Shutters? WE CAN HELP!
California shutters were developed back in the 1930’s and they still remain popular today. They provide protection from harsh weather conditions like rain, hail, snow, ice, sun light, dust, wind, heat and cold for both homes and condos. With these benefits in mind, why would anyone ever prefer regular windows instead of Cali shutters?
There are several factors which contribute towards deciding whether to opt for traditional windows or Californian shutters including aesthetic appeal, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, durability, maintenance requirements, privacy issues and security.
If you decide to go for conventional glass windows then you have to worry about high utility costs as well as potential damage caused during replacement due to poor planning. On top of that, many people find them aesthetically unappealing. A lot of homeowners who are going for conventional windows often end up regretting this decision because they miss out on some amazing features while opting for less impressive versions. However, most companies only manufacture window products but not shuttering options so they cannot install them themselves; hence leaving customers to make costly mistakes. Luckily though, things have changed with advancements in technology. Today, installing shutters is easier than ever thanks to innovative tools and products which allow home owners to be more involved and enjoy the advantages associated with proper shutters without having to spend thousands upon thousand dollars everytime they replace their existing windows. Below is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making the best choice when it comes to choosing California shutters. If you own a condominium or single family home, here’s a quick guide to help you pick your perfect California shutters for the next few years.

We strive to deliver excellence in design, quality service and value to our clients through creativity, innovation, integrity, honesty, transparency and passion for the craft. Each project requires us to apply advanced knowledge and expertise. We pride ourselves in being transparent with our clientele and providing honest feedback and timely response to questions along the way. Our team consists entirely of highly skilled craftsmen with a great sense of humor and attention to detail. All materials used are environmentally friendly ensuring minimal impact of earth’s natural resources.

Motorized California Shutters Courtice
When installing motorized shutters on your home or condo in Courtice, it’s essential to understand when they should be installed. And while this could vary depending on exterior siding material, general guidelines will help make the decision easier:
If you’re building a concrete block wall foundation then expect shutters to be completely covered during construction but still visible after completion.
If you’re doing an aluminum panel house the panels will provide enough protection against rainwater and snowmelt until the patio area gets built around them. By then you’ll need a full screen door.
In either case these shutters shouldn’t be removed once installed. However, homeowners who live in coastal regions along lakes and oceanfront areas should strongly consider replacing the window coverings during renovations — especially because some materials like vinyl siding aren’t suitable for windy conditions.
Motorized shutters don’t always match perfectly with traditional window treatments due to manufacturing differences. Even though many manufacturers use similar parts, different methods for measuring windows lead to slightly varying dimensions. If you find yourself fitting two products together without having measured carefully beforehand the chances of getting a perfect fit increase significantly which means you’re risking having leaks develop or gaps become larger than required. But thankfully measuring tools and online guides exist to assist with these measurements. We highly recommend buying some sort of measurement tool before ordering shutters to ensure everything fits correctly.
We also advise checking weather patterns prior to making a purchase — California weather tends to shift fairly quickly and seasonal changes can drastically alter the amount of sunlight coming through your courtice home or condo doors/windows at certain times of day.
At Shutter Boys we offer custom designed shutters made exclusively using handcrafted European engineered solid lumber (HESL). These superior quality shutters are manufactured under strict standards following industry certifications including CSA (Canadian Standards Association), and UL certification. Our shutters utilize premium pine veneer grade HSL to achieve maximum strength, flexibility, longevity, security and durability compared to most other companies using extruded polystyrene foam.
Professional California Shutters Installation In Courtice
In this blog I will talk about some tips & tricks on getting the most value out of your shutters investment. These include things like:
How to get the most bang for your buck,
What types of installations work well for different projects and locations
and many other topics related to California Shutter sales, service and installtion.
So lets dive in…
1. Types Of Installations For Different Projects And Locations
There’s no doubt that a custom home project requires a lot more thought than a condo project does. But both have unique benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before making a decision on which type of installation is better suited for your needs. The main difference between a project for a private residence versus one for commercial use is whether you’re installing them yourself or hiring someone else for the job.
If you decide to hire professionals to install your shutters instead of doing it yourself, consider these factors first:
Your Budget
This may seem obvious, but it really isn’t until you see the price tag for professional installations. If DIYing seems easier and it’ll save you some cash, then go for it. On the flip side, you could find that DIY installations cost less overall because they aren’t always as thorough.
When choosing your location for your shutters, remember that the ideal placement depends on several factors including size, style and design. When planning, keep in mind if you’d prefer natural light, privacy, or views. Also keep in mind whether you’d rather have the shutters close to windows or doors that face away from those areas (to avoid glare).
Depending on your personal preference, you may want to choose a style that matches your décor or fits in perfectly (or just plain looks awesome!). Consider how you would feel having the same style in multiple rooms in your house versus only one place where it makes sense.
2. Tips For Getting Value Out Of Your Purchase
Whether you’ve decided to DIY it or pay a pro to handle it, here are a few key ways to maximize your purchase while minimizing costs:
Buy From A Reputable Source
When shopping around for shutters, it helps to shop in person or via phone.
This video will show you why people purchase shutters through us. We provide great customer service. Our team members will explain everything they do during each step required while installing your custom shutters. They will answer questions like “what size should my patio doors be?,” “why does my home face west?” And many other things that would help you decide which type of shutters fit you best.
In order to install this particular style of shutters, you must first acquire the necessary measurements from the design company that designed them. When you get those measurements back from the designer, then you go ahead and find someone who specializes in installing these types of shutters in your area.
We hope you enjoy watching our videos because it helps us deliver top notch installations and customer support! If you buy products from Shutterboys, you are our priority customers and we are dedicated to making your experience a positive one!

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This post isn’t intended to be a rant against anyone, but rather to point out some things I’ve seen happen lately to my fellow shutter lovers. If these things sound familiar, then they probably should because they’re quite similar to what’s happening to other people as well.
For better or worse, shutters haven’t gone away yet — instead, they’ve just evolved. And with that evolution came changes. Changes that have made me both sadder and happier than ever before.
Changes like:
-The return of cheap “no frills” DIY shutters
I’m starting this section by mentioning “cheap no-frill” DIY shutters again. For years most homeowners purchased custom built exterior doors to match their home’s architecture and style. But those days are officially over — unless you prefer the look of cheap shingles installed next to wooden windows.
When building materials become cheaper, manufacturers tend to cut costs wherever possible. They usually aren’t cutting back on quality though, which is why we still see lots of poor workmanship across the country. Unfortunately, this trend led many companies to drop the price tag down to $200 per door — sometimes less — while retaining little else except for basic function.
In recent times, the same thing started occurring with exterior window coverings: Low-cost alternatives began cropping up left and right. These products were manufactured cheaply overseas and shipped to America, often undercutting American competitors in price, size, and design.
But when I say ‘low cost’, I mean it. Cheap means exactly that…less expensive than traditional designs. While I love them myself, I find these types of installations almost impossible to maintain properly. Unless you pay someone every day to keep them clean, chances are high your gutters will eventually get blocked or clogged. Or the rain won’t go through like it did during construction; leaving spots inside your windows that leak.
So what does ‘high-end’ really mean anymore? I’m going to attempt to answer that question in this segment.
Cost of California Shutters in Courtice Ontario
In this video I will be walking through the cost of California shutters in Courtice. These prices include both labor and material costs.
I am going to touch on some other topics including options like custom made windows for homes without southern exposures and window replacement solutions. If you have questions please contact me on Facebook @
California Shutters Prices Include Installation Services
Most of my videos are designed around the idea of “how cheap can you get it” but the truth is sometimes getting less expensive isn’t always better. Sometimes you need to put a little effort and research in to get something really good for a fair amount of cash. And that’s why I decided to go ahead and show you the California shutters price lists for different areas across Canada and US states. So feel free to check them out below.
Cost of Custom Made Windows for Homes Without Southern Exposure
If you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions, like Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba then shuttering your home is probably your cheapest approach to improving energy efficiency by reducing heat gain during winter months.
But if you happen to lives near the ocean or anywhere else that experiences frequent coastal storms then buying a solid hurricane protection solution would save a lot of unnecessary damage should these events occur.
Shutting Your Windows Can Save Money Long Term Too
This approach can help prolong the life of your storm proofing products and keep your home warmer inside than if you installed a vinyl vinyl clad exterior. Vinyl usually needs replacing every 10 years whereas steel siding lasts 25+ years depending on exposure and maintenance regimes.
Nowadays most homeowners install aluminum cladding systems because they provide superior long term strength against wind pressure and hail damage. Aluminum typically requires no special sealing due to its corrosion resistant properties however many people prefer to apply some sort of paint to cover it to prevent UV degradation and increase durability.
Window Replacement Solutions
Another option worth considering is Window replacement which involves installing storm rated windows rather than reusing traditional home style windows with screens that collect dust and dirt over time.
Courtice’S #1 California Shutters MANUFACTURER
We manufacture the highest quality shuttered windows, doors and screens. Our products come with a lifetime warranty. We offer FREE estimates at no obligation. We install and service all types of residential and commercial projects. If you are interested please call us for an appointment. 1(800)-542-8999 or visit
We provide high grade custom made and prefinished window treatments including the following options: Wood blinds/shutters with hardware, vinyl shades with hardware, roller shades with hardware, cellular shades with hardware, woven fabric roller shades and custom draperies. All of these options will fit most homes. Please check out our website for additional details and photos.
Courtice Shutterboys offers free shipping on orders $100+. Orders under this amount qualify for ground delivery only. Free freight shipping includes all states in North America excluding Canada. For international customers please email for quote and rates. If you would like to purchase a large quantity please contact us via phone, chat or email. We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express. Payment must be received upon order placement. Shipping charges do apply.
For further information please see
If you wish to learn more about us please go to the link below. Thank you!
Best California Shutters Courtice
This blog was written with my own personal experience installing shutters, but I will go through my notes while providing details and information on other options available today.
I chose to use wooden shutters because they offer many benefits which include being able to provide protection against harsh weather conditions, privacy in addition to aesthetic value. Wooden California Shutters come ready made and installed in most cases. They provide added strength due to their thickness and weight along with durability. However, this requires them to be properly maintained after installation.
When considering shutters you should consider factors like climate, size and style among others. As a homeowner who wants some type of privacy, I would advise going towards vinyl shutters instead of metal or fiberglass. Vinyl shuts provide great insulation to protect home interiors from windy or hot days in the summer months.
In terms of sizing, I recommend choosing large window openings as opposed to small ones. Large windows take less effort to shut during bad weather. Additionally, larger windows tend to cost less than smaller ones since the price per square foot tends to drop as the opening sizes increase.
Style wise, I recommend classic styles as opposed to modern ones. Modern designs tend to be sleek, clean lines making them easier to install. But these types of shutters lack the traditional character that classic looks provide. Classic styles typically look good both inside and outside the house, especially when paired nicely together. For example, adding French doors and sliding glass doors helps bring the outdoors inside and vice versa. A well selected combination will help enhance each aspect without overpowering the design.
California Shutters Courtice Installation Tips & Tricks:
1. When ordering custom shutters, ask questions early. Some companies will only answer questions once ordering begins. Others will allow for additional changes until then. If possible, schedule a meeting to discuss ideas and preferences prior to placing orders.
2. Consider the overall feel to your home. Does it match with the neighborhood or does it seem outdated? Do you care enough to keep it as original as possible? You can always paint it or replace fixtures/fittings to reflect a newer feeling. Just try keeping things basic, neutral, and timeless.
Our Promise: Quality California Shutters, Affordable Pricing
When choosing shutters, here are some things to consider: quality, size, style/design, cost, durability, warranty, delivery options, ease of installation, maintenance & repairability, and energy efficiency;
Your home or condo should be protected from sun damage with a high quality screen system installed correctly and professionally maintained. A screened patio door will keep unwanted bugs and other pests outside while still allowing plenty of natural light inside. As a rule of thumb, 2 ft wide screens will provide adequate protection and help avoid most insect issues. When buying your custom shutters, check sizing charts carefully to ensure proper fitment. Some shutters come stock sized at different height levels while others do not. If you buy a window without the correct frame sizing you could end up having holes cut through them, reducing air circulation which reduces overall cooling efficiency and causes condensation buildup on windowsills and around frames during colder weather. Most companies offer free measuring service to ensure you get exactly what you wanted and prevent costly mistakes. Once measured they can go ahead and order the proper sizes for shipping, sometimes overnight and sometimes same day depending on location. Installation times vary greatly but typically range anywhere from 4 hours to several days per job. Depending upon type, they either screw onto existing trim boards or snap into place. On average, once your screen doors or blinds arrive, they take roughly 30 minutes of labor to install. They usually ship everything together including hardware kits and instruction manuals. Typically, this includes screws, hinges and locks. All products undergo rigorous testing along with third party inspections prior to being shipped. Additionally these companies sell and deliver their own products. Although many homeowners opt to hire professionals because hiring contractors adds additional costs to a project. We believe doing something yourself saves money in the long run, especially if you already have tools lying around and you just need someone to show you step by step the way.
WHAT ARE California Shutters?
California shutters provide great insulation against summer heat, spring/fall coolness, winter cold and snow, storm damage from hurricanes and tornadoes. Plus they help reduce energy costs while enhancing the value of your home or condo investment. They will increase curb appeal plus act as a deterrent to burglars who try to force entry through windows. And many homes use them as the only type of window covering because they are effective at keeping rain and water out without letting large amounts of air escape inside.
When designing your next project, consider including these top benefits to your design and construction team to maximize cost savings, curb appeal and property values.
Get ready for higher sales prices after completing your project.
Your exterior siding job should look better than ever. But it won’t stay this way unless you install durable quality products like CaliBrite® FiberCORE™ shingles, which are manufactured in America under FDA approved processes. Once installed properly, these fiber cored products last longer and resist wear, fading and rot.
Increase your home’s comfort level during warmer months and lower heating bills thanks to improved thermal efficiency.
Homes that include high performing glass, multiple layers of insulation, along with California shutters all benefit greatly from increased energy efficiency. By helping prevent excessive solar gain, improved shading reduces cooling costs in warm weather. As well, reduced airflow encourages condensation buildup and lowers humidity levels contributing to overall comfortable indoor conditions.
Keep the sun out of your house during summer heat waves and winter storms.
Reduce risk of hurricane and tornado damage and save yourself thousands per incident.
Installed correctly, California Shutters block sunlight from reaching hot surfaces like brick walls, concrete foundations and drywall causing moisture problems and mold growth. These same sunny exposures allow hot water pipes, wiring and ductwork to radiate away heat leaving you unprotected from overheating and potential loss of life.
By reducing drafts around doors and windows, these window treatment systems protect families living with respiratory diseases, asthma attacks & allergies caused by dust, pollen and other allergens.
Protect your family from flying debris and falling branches.
Keep your outdoor furniture safe from theft thieves who see no difference between broken garage windows and those left intact.

Client Testimonials

“Hello Marco,

We are thrilled with the shutters! What a huge difference. The rooms feel bigger and brighter and now it feels like our place. 
Your team of Tony and Keanu were fantastic. Thank you for such a short turn around time. I will be happy to leave reviews. I am having issues with my server but will remedy that in the morning. We are very happy. This has been a very positive experience for Steve, a pleasant distraction, and one that will continue to give him pleasure.
Thanks for being a part of our life changes.”

Toronto, ON

We met Marco just over 2 weeks ago. He was meticulous in measuring the windows and doors on our main floor. It was a very pleasant experience. We decided to go with the high end option of California shutters as they complemented the crown molding in our home. Marco’s crew, Tony and Keanu installed the shutters yesterday quickly and efficiently. They are great guys. We are absolutely delighted with how clean, bright and beautiful our home looks. The shutters make a huge difference. We have dealt with a lot of contractors in our various homes, and this was probably the best experience we have had. I highly recommend Marco and his team.


Toronto, ON

I recently had the wood shutters installed by Marco in my 2800 sq ft new built house. Its a corner lot, and there were 33 windows and a patio door to be dressed up by the wood shutters. The price was very competitive and the quality was superb. Marco and his team did a great job and the whole installation was completed in one afternoon. The wood shutters are of good quality, the finishes are smooth, adding great value to the already beautiful house. I am very happy with both the product and the services provided by Marco. Highly recommended.

Dzung Minh

Toronto, ON

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