The window coverings experts at Shutter Boys have gathered up some of our favourite tips to help you pick the perfect blinds for your room.

Outline Your Goals

Window shutters vary in the light they filter out, the privacy they provide, and the outside elements they block.

Light level: Do you want shutters that can keep out the sun during peak hours, but allow it in later and earlier in the day? Are you a light sleeper or have a night job? You may want shutters that can completely block sunlight so you can get an adequate amount of sleep.

Heat control: Do you want shutters that filter out the heat, yet let in enough light to keep your indoor plants happy?

Size, shape and use: Are your room’s windows an irregular shape or size that will require custom window treatments? Will the shutters cover frequently used doors, such as sliding doors that lead to your home’s backyard or patio?

Moisture Levels: Are the window shutters to go in a room that has high moisture levels, such as a bathroom? Choose shutters with faux wood or synthetic components to avoid the warping, cracking, and swelling that real wood can experience.

All these factors make a difference in the types of shutters, as well as the materials you want to consider. Write down all your requirements for each room so you can take the list to your window covering supplier. It will help you narrow down your choices to make ordering that much easier.

Set Your Budget

If you only want shutters for one room, you can afford to splurge a bit on higher-end window treatments. If on the other hand, you plan to install shutters in most or all of your home’s windows, you may want to prioritise certain rooms—especially those with more sun exposure—by saving the largest part of your budget for shutters for those rooms. Outfit the rest of the rooms with less-expensive shutters to save money.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Safety: If you have young children, you may need to opt for cordless blinds for safety.

Convenience: If you’re too busy to clean often, you may want to choose easy-care shutters or blinds, rather than those that require frequent cleaning. If you haven’t the time to pull cords or twist wands every time you want to adjust your blinds or shutters, consider motorized blinds instead.

Decor: Your decorating style, too, comes into play. Choose the shutters that work well with your home’s décor.

Colour: Choose colours, too, that blend into each room’s colour scheme. If you plan to sell your home soon, you may want to opt for neutral colours that will attract more buyers.

Once you have narrowed down the possibilities, it’s time to head out to your window treatments supplier. You’ll want a professional that has years of experience installing a wide range of custom window treatments for all kinds of homes—and all kinds of situations. Shutter Boys is the number one choice of customers in Toronto and the GTA for affordable, high-quality blinds and shutters. Contact us today for a free quote!