Even though it’s important to maximize the use of your shutters, eventually you’ll find out it’s time for a replacement. Here are 3 reasons why it’s time to replace your shutters.

Damage In Wooden Shutters

A clear sign that it’s time to replace your shutters is evident in the overall condition. Wooden shutters require much more maintenance and care as opposed to Vinyl shutters. While some people admire them for giving their homes more of a traditional look, the downsides heavily overshadow the pros. The wooden shutters you might have in your home may show signs of cracking and rotting due to the extensive exposure to sunlight. Paint may also start to peel off after an extended period of time. If these are all the case, it is important to consider replacing them with a more suitable option of shutters.

Damage in Vinyl Shutters

Even though Vinyl Shutters are more suitable and popular than Wooden Shutters, they too come with evident longevity issues after years of sunlight vulnerability. Fading is extremely common when it comes to Vinyl Shutters. If your vinyl shutters have any cracks, it’s a clear sign that it’s time for a replacement. The constant sunlight being exposed on your shutters will evidently cause major deteriorations. A replacement will come in handy in this instance.

Your Shutters Don’t Match Your Windows

It’s very common for people to continue to use their shutters after having their windows replaced. The difference between shutters vs curtains/blinds is that shutters are designed to fit windows that are a specific size. If the shutters and windows do not match, they end up looking out of place, and do not fulfill their job of keeping sunlight out. If you have recently replaced any of your windows, be sure to confirm that the size of the shutters matches.

For more information on whether or not it’s time to replace your shutters, be sure to contact the Shutter Boy’s team!