The addition of window shutters is sure to improve your home. Despite this, there are many decisions that need to be made before your order is finalized. Here are 3 choices to make before ordering your shutters.


As you may already know, window shutters come in many different designs. Whether or not you decide to choose California Shutters, Interior Bay Window Shutters, Plantation Shutters or Patio Door Plantation Shutters, the product must be determined before any transactions are made. A great way to choose between these options is to look at what type of shutter you need at that moment. If you’re looking for a shutter to use for a larger window, plantation shutters are the choice to make. This is because the louvre width is on average an entire inch greater when compared to California shutters. On the contrary, California shutters are the ideal choice for smaller windows. This is because the thick louvre design found on plantation shutters on a smaller window would be somewhat crowded. As the name suggests, Patio door plantation shutters work best for large door-sized windows. If you’re looking for a cover on an arched window, interior bay shutters are your best option. Overall, it’s important that you figure out exactly which shutter suits your needs before you continue the ordering process.

Edge style

Another recommended aesthetic choice comes with choosing which edge style best fits your interests. You can choose between flat edged shutters (Gold), partially beveled edged shutters (Platinum), or fully beveled edge shutters with multi ridged crown moulding built in the front (Diamond). The edge style doesn’t directly affect the performance of the shutter, but it’s a solid design choice that should be made before any transactions are dealt with.

Prepare Windows for Mounting

Once the shutter’s type is decided, be sure to prepare the window that’s about to be covered. Move all furniture that may get in the way, and remove previous coverings such as curtains or blinds. Once the installers make their way to your home, they will have an easier and more efficient installation process if these steps are taken care of. Your shutters will be installed quickly and seamlessly.

For more information on what decisions need to be made before installing your window shutters, be sure to contact the Shutter Boy’s team today!