Losing sleep over the decision of how to best cover your bedroom windows? Window Shutters offer many benefits in any room of the house. When it comes to bedrooms specifically, plantation shutters are an especially ideal window covering.

Let’s look at the features and benefits, along with some style options to consider when choosing shutters for your bedroom.

Light blockage

The first benefit that comes to mind is probably the most important for a bedroom – light blockage. Prevent the harsh morning sun from glaring into the room by keeping your shutter slats closed. Our shutters are designed for the slats to close flat in the upwards direction for maximum light blockage and privacy.

While they are not complete blackout shutters, they will keep the room dark, and are designed to prevent light seeping through. There is a light block piece on the shutter frames that minimizes light entering between the shutter panels and frames. If you have more than one panel in your window opening, the panels are designed to overlap one another, again to minimize how much light enters the room from in between the panels


Interior shutters for bedrooms offer superior privacy compared to other window treatments such as blinds or curtains.

Once you are ready to rise and shine, most window treatments must be fully open to allow any light to come in. With shutters, you can partially open the slats to allow light entry, while still maintaining privacy.

Quiet Sleep

Aside from keeping out the sun in the mornings, shutters offer other benefits that promote a good night’s sleep. The insulating properties of shutters reduce outside noises that can keep you up at night. They also create a barrier to prevent outside temperatures from affecting the bedroom temperature. This is not just eco-friendly, but also means not getting too hot or too cold. Minimizing how often your heating or cooling system kicks on during the night can help you rest more soundly, too.

Easy to Clean

Plantation and California shutters are super easy to clean. Just wipe down with a duster or microfiber cloth and that’s it! Shutters also prevent dust from entering the room, which is a big relief for anyone with allergies. You will notice that you don’t need to dust as frequently after you have your shutters installed, if you are keeping your shutter panels closed most of the time.

If you need help finding the perfect set of shutter for your bedroom, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts here at Shutter Boys. We’re looking forward to your call!