Your windows serve as the main entrance for harsh weather entering your home. Most of the time, simply closing your windows isn’t enough. Here are 4 ways that installing shutters can help protect you from harsh weather.

Shutters Can Protect Your Windows From Outside

Most people only think about installing their shutters from the inside of their homes. What doesn’t get brought up enough is the fact that shutters can be installed from the outside as well. Harsh precipitation such as hail can be both loud and damaging if it is to make contact with your windows. A great solution to this issue would be to install your shutters from the outside of your home. Doing so would protect your home even better when dealing with rain, snow, hail, etc. It’s a perfect solution to this issue

Shutters Cancel Sound

Harsh weather also amounts to aggravating noise. Most of the time, curtains and blinds simply won’t do the trick. Hail in particular can cause a heavy racket when it makes contact with your house. Shutters have been confirmed to reduce exterior noise. Since shutters are designed to fit the exact frame of your window, there isn’t any room for exterior noise to leak into your home. Shutters can serve as a barrier, and are enough to keep the inside of your home quiet.

Shutters Can Save You Money

If you were to install shutters for protection, many homeowner insurance companies will ease your insurance, since the risk of damage would be a lot lower. This would result in heavy savings on your part. Clarify with your insurance company on how much you would save if you are to install exterior shutters to your windows.

Shutters Reduce Heat Loss

The winter months in Canada are known to be some of the harshest months of the year when it comes to weather. Loss of interior heat from your home is possible, especially if you have curtains installed. Shutters have been proven to reduce heat loss through your windows by more than 50%. It can certainly come in handy in case of any potential unforeseen circumstances, such as a power outage.

These four pros are more than enough of a reason to invest in shutters before the winter. For more information on whether or not it’s time to buy some shutters, be sure to contact the Shutter Boy’s team!