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We are experienced California Shutters and interior window shutter professionals in Tucson with a mission to deliver happiness to you- our cherished client- one window at a time. Other California Shutters companies in Tucson, Arizona may cut corners on product quality, craftsmanship and service, but not us.

Our company was founded to bring you the highest quality interior California Shutters products and installation services available in Tucson and surrounding areas. Because of that, we NEVER cut corners in the process. Our California Shutters will give your windows a spa day that they’ll never forget.

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1. Call us at 1 (416) 230 1043 or book your free consultation online

2. One of our Shutter Boy Representatives will visit your home to show you our products and give you a written estimate that includes pricing, product details and time commitments.

3. Once you agree to the service we’ll take a deposit, and process your order.

4. We’ll book your installation day 2 weeks in advance and arrive with the necessary installers, equipment, and shutters to complete your job in the day. [Note: Numerous factors affect installation times, and they very depending on the complexity and the size of the job at hand, but all jobs will be completed in one day.]

5. We have implemented NO LIMIT REPAIR POLICY in our Lifetime Warranty for every product sold. That’s just one was how Shutter Boys promises to continue delivering you happiness even after we leave your house.

Tucson’s Best California Shutters

Don’t waste time going to overpriced retailers and purchase sub par California Shutters. Call one of our California Shutters experts at Shutter Boys Inc. today! One of our California Shutters connoisseurs will visit your home to show you our product lines and prices. Once you proceed with the order, our highly experienced and professional installers will fit your California Shutters to your windows with a spotless finish that will exceed all of your expectations. Best of all, we charge you no hidden fees. Any trip to your house including consultations, write-ups, installations and repairs is on us. That’s one of the many ways we deliver happiness to you for the lifetime of our relationship. Your California Shutters are protected from any kind of damage, breakage, wear-or-tear, discolouring, and peeling for a lifetime, no matter what the reason at no extra charge to you!!!.

Best California Shutters Contractors in Ontario

We are interior California shutter experts, delivering happiness one window at a time. From living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms, and everything in between, let your windows rise and shine to their potential. When you’re looking for interior window shutters for your home, look no further than Shutter Boys. We have etched a mark into the window covering industry with our etched line of california wood shutter products, revolutionizing shutter style in the process. And it is our job to leave your home etched with that same mark of distinction and quality that we live by.

Why Shutter Boys?

  • Licensed and insured window covering professionals. Don’t take a chance with uninsured window shutter contractors .They may cause property damage, provide poor workmanship or worse, disappear with your deposit never to be seen again. Shutter Boys Inc. is licensed and insured as we provide accurate and upfront interior window shutter quotes.
  • Detailed California Shutters estimates in writing: We do not provide verbal quotes or over the phone consultations. We create a personalized, detailed proposal that clearly outlines our services and the total cost. Our trained sales representatives have years of experience to give you an accurate price upfront, and our expert installers will work from the proposal to ensure your project is done right, delivering happiness one window at a time.
  • After installation follow-through: Once all your windows are shuttered up, our installing foreman will complete a walk-through with you, to check for any minor touch-ups that are required. The next day, you will receive a follow-up to ensure the work and California Shutters met all of your expectations. In addition, we will call you a week later to ensure you are happy and satisfied.
  • Shutter Boys Inc brings you a fast, affordable and high quality solution for all their interior residential and commercial California Shutters excursions. We live to deliver happiness in our customer’s lives at every opportunity we get. For more information on the SHUTTER BOYS difference, contact us online or give us a call at 4162301043 today!

100% Canadian Made 

HIGHEST QUALITY California Shutters IN Tucson, Arizona

California Shutters We care about you, and want to ensure that we deliver you quality California Shutters that will last as long as your windows will. That’s why we use the best in class, premium grade California Shutters components, which are made in Canada from the highest quality Canadian woods and fabrics available on the market today.

Adding our  products to your windows is like adding a custom made oak dining room set to your kitchen. Quality speaks. So next time you think about adding a vinyl or makeshift California Shutters to your home windows, think about whether or not you’d add a vinyl dining room set to your kitchen( and then re-decide after you give it some thought.)

Our Shutter Boy’s Creed

Our promise to you is simple: We will do everything in our power to make you happier than when we left you. We have implemented A NO LIMIT REPAIR POLICY in our Lifetime Warranty for every product sold. That’s just one of the many ways Shutter Boys promises to continue delivering you happiness even after we leave your house.

Wood California Shutters vs. Vinyl California Shutters?
California shutters provide some of Arizona’s warmest climates. If you live in hot Central or Western areas of AZ, then installing shutters could be beneficial to help keep heat out of your home during summer months. They will offer protection against extreme temperatures without being extremely bulky. Depending on which style you select, they could also reduce noise pollution while keeping outside light in! But, should you prefer vinyl California Shutts rather than wood ones? Here will discuss and compare these products. (Wood versus Vinyl). *shutters not made by Shutterboyz.*
How Do These Types of Shutters Work?
When talking about California Shutters, people often mention things like shade blocks, privacy shades, and window coverings. Unfortunately, the most popular terms used in conjunction with “window treatments” actually refer to other types of materials. Some examples include blinds, roller shades, Roman Shades, roman Blinds, Venetian Blinds. Although this article does talk specifically about wood California Shutts, you’ll still see the term “blinds”. So, why would anyone say something was a blind instead of a shutter? Because California Shutts are often confused with actual blinds, meaning anything covered by fabric. However, many different designs exist–and each type serves a specific purpose. Wood California Shutts typically come in either solid or faux grained finishes. Faux Grained Shutts are similar to painted shutters in appearance; however, they use real wood slats cut to size and laid flat on top of framing members. Solid Shutts feature no painting whatsoever.
In addition to color schemes, material choices play a role in helping homeowners decide whether wood or vinyl shutters are better suited for their climate and aesthetic preferences. For instance, Vinyl Shutts tend to cost less than wooden versions because they’re easier to install, but wood shutts are warmer and hold their shape well over time. And finally, both varieties can be installed indoors or outdoors in the same way. Once they’re in place, you can customize them further using curtains to control lighting and temperature inside your house.
Some companies sell the whole package to buyers including customizations.
Motorized California Shutters Tucson
For a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal while conserving energy, check out motorized shades like these. Whether they’re vertical blinds, roller shutters, plantation style curtains, roman shade panels — whatever your preference, our wide selection offers a diverse range of styles and colors to suit every taste. From custom options and designer fabrics to sleek modern designs, each piece will provide maximum privacy and protection against sun damage without sacrificing aesthetics. And because they operate via remote control systems, they offer added convenience as well as flexibility and convenience during seasonal changes. So whether you just need extra light blocking or additional insulation on those hot summer days or long winter nights, this convenient innovation could be the perfect solution for you and your family. But which model would work best? Take a peek below for some great choices to consider.
Motorization is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners around the country looking to take advantage of the benefits offered through motorized window coverings. Whether you want something quick and easy for temporary use during seasonal transitions or prefer a full-time system capable of handling larger projects, a quality motorized window covering can improve both indoor comfort levels and outdoor aesthetic beauty by providing greater protection than regular windows and adding functionality to traditional patio furniture.
While you’ll find many different models to browse, here are five of the most innovative types available today:
Vertical Blinds & Shades
These versatile slat-style blinds feature horizontal bars made up of individual wooden or vinyl slats that roll along rails mounted on either side of the window frame. A typical setup consists of four slats across the top rail, eight down the middle section and nine along the bottom rail. Vertical Blinds provide good coverage but lack the privacy afforded by other window treatments that block views entirely while allowing only part of the outside world to pass through. They are typically installed horizontally, though vertically-mounted versions are also available. Depending upon the design of the blind, you can adjust them manually, automatically or remotely from anywhere within 100 feet. Many options allow you to easily tilt the entire unit into place, making them ideal for smaller spaces in which manual operation isn’t practical. If you decide to go the automatic route, models include touch controls and timers.
Professional California Shutters Installation In Tucson
Tucson, Arizona — July 3rd, 2019 — Shutterboys has released another edition to help homeowners understand more about installing a custom home shuttering system in this beautiful city located near Phoenix.
Accordingly, this article will provide tips about the best way to install these products in this location and why they should be installed properly.
California Shutters
When choosing California Shutters you have several options like Wood, Iron & Aluminum. Wood shutters come in different materials including cedar shake, composite board, redwood shakes, fir lumber, western white pine, oak, cypress and maple. If you want to get them professionally designed for a more attractive look try our Custom Designer Series Products. We offer some great designs made specifically for your house which include “Hollywood Hills”, “Canyon Style”, “Beverly Hills House”, “Vista de San Diego”, “San Francisco Gateway”, “Pine Mountain Lodge” and many other popular styles. Our Design Service offers professional design consulting, and the final cost depends totally upon your preference for color selection, size and style.
Why Should These Be Installed Properly
The best reason to purchase a quality shutter system is because it helps protect the exterior walls of your home or condo from damage due to rain, snow, wind and UV rays from the sunlight. A well-designed shutter is essential for protecting homes against damaging winds, high heat or excessive moisture levels, and this type of protection is crucial during times of extreme weather conditions. Another benefit of selecting a good shutter solution for your home is that it improves air circulation inside the structure and reduces energy costs associated with heating/cooling equipment. Additionally, a good shutter protects windows and doors from fading paint and mold growth, thus extending the life cycle of your building’s siding. Moreover, the look of your property changes drastically depending on whether you use natural lighting indoors or artificial light. Therefore proper shade control provides privacy while still allowing plenty of visibility outside.
Tucson’S #1 California Shutters MANUFACTURER
We started writing this guide while living near San Diego, home of the finest shutters made by leading companies such as Hunter Douglas, Marvin and Kallista. We found many differences between those products and ours—we could use them all day long without running into trouble. But, once back in Arizona, we realized these things weren’t going to work outside of California (and probably wouldn’t be comfortable outside either). So, after much research and testing, we decided to narrow down which style was the most versatile. Here’s what we came up with.
Which Style Should I Use For My Windows?
In short: If you live somewhere hot enough but you aren’t used to cold winters, go with double panels. These types of windows are great because they offer both natural light control and privacy
If your climate requires some shade protection against sun rays during summer months but you’re willing to compromise on natural lighting, single panel windows will do just fine. They allow plenty of sunlight through (albeit less than double paned units), but keep the heat away nicely. And since they lack blinds or shades, your views remain uninterrupted no matter what hour of the day or night falls. Double pane options like KALLISTA®’s MIRRORCLEX™ series come with optional blackout glass, making them perfect candidates for use where indoor/outdoor temperatures differ greatly.
If you simply love waking up to the sunshine streaming through your walls each morning, then pick a double window configuration. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they block out a lot of noise too, especially in warmer climates. Plus, they’ll often save you energy costs on cooling bills in wintertime thanks to lower thermal transfer across internal surfaces. A popular choice among homeowners who prefer classic styling and aesthetics over modern tech, California Shutters feature elegant designs ideal for traditional homes and contemporary condos alike.
What Type Of Blind Work Well With California Shutters?
Depending upon the type of unit you select, you’ll definitely notice a difference in price when shopping around for blinds versus shutters. While shutters are typically easier to install, you should always remember to measure carefully when picking shade products.
Our Promise: Quality California Shutters, Affordable Pricing
In keeping with our promise to provide quality products and customer service at affordable prices, we offer these recommendations for installing the following brands, manufacturers, and styles:
Mekon® Aluminum Sliding Doors / Windows
Mekon® Alcoa Glass™/Wood Privacy Windows and Door Systems

We encourage prospective home owners to come visit us at our showroom located at 2300 E Washington St Suite A, Tucson AZ 85701 to see samples and test drive various models. As well, we will be providing FREE shutters estimates throughout this summer to assist homeowners during 2020 and beyond with the decision making process. We appreciate and invite feedback on any concerns or questions; we will respond promptly. Thank You.

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We understand that buying a home in Arizona is exciting, but sometimes you just want some peace and privacy while living inside the house. You’ve got a lot going on outside of your home that needs protecting. We’d love to show you some samples of the California Shutters products we offer.
If you live near Tucson, AZ and would like to visit us, check out our store located at 515 S 2nd St., Ste 110. If not, feel free to contact us via email [email protected] and we will be happy to schedule a meeting with you.
The best thing about this is that you get to see the quality of workmanship that goes into every single shutter installation. We use only high grade lumber and premium hardware to ensure long term durability. Our shutters come fully assembled and ready for immediate placement on your exterior window frames. Once installed, they provide years of protection against sun damage, rain and wind without compromising style, function or aesthetics. They are designed to enhance the beauty of your windows as well as protect them.
We hope you find this guide useful! And remember, if you ever need help installing your own California shutters, we’d love to assist you.
Cost of California Shutters in Tucson Arizona
Do you know who manufactures top quality shuttering products (California Shutter)? If yes, this article will help you get some valuable information regarding the advantages of buying manufactured shutters made exclusively by professional manufacturers that install them in every imaginable place. When you purchase these special type shutters, you will receive a high end material which guarantees long lasting functionality and durability while ensuring excellent resistance to external weather factors including extreme heat, cold temperature, moisture, and UV radiation. They are available in different styles, colors, fabrics, sizes, thicknesses and dimensions making them perfect choice for both residential and commercial property owners. These shutters come ready to hang inside after they have been installed by experts and professionals, you just need to take care of installing shutters properly.
How Much Should I Pay For A California Window Treatment Installation?
When most people search “window treatments” they usually have preconceived ideas about price ranges. So what should you expect in terms of cost when hiring a team of window treatment experts? Is it really necessary to pay extra dollars for high priced installations? We say no. Because if the contractor you hired to complete the job fails to follow through or installs bad materials then you could actually be paying higher than necessary, depending upon your insurance company’s deductible. Here is why: 1) Your home warranty carrier typically requires that contractors use their own crew members/employees. 2) Most carriers pay per person so you will only need enough workers to meet what each worker would normally charge. 3) Insurance companies often require a minimum amount of work completed prior to coverage commencing. 4) Contractors must obtain proper certification, liability insurance. 5) And finally, a reputable company like Shutters By Design ensures that every project goes smoothly.
Best California Shutters Tucson
This guide will cover everything you should consider about choosing the right type of shutters for your home and condo project.
California Shutters are known for being extremely durable and long lasting, but they come equipped with unique features that allow them to be customized to match your particular requirements. These shutters offer superior privacy while blocking damaging UV rays, reducing heat gain during hot weather conditions when installed correctly around windows & sliding glass doors. They provide energy efficiency due to high R-values and light filtering capabilities.
What Type Of Project Is Right For Me?
There are many different types of projects available including residential single-story homes, 2 story condos, and multi-family buildings. Each project needs a custom solution because each building requires various considerations like window size, door width/height, roof pitch/design, framing style, type of frame material, and other factors to ensure proper sizing and function. We highly recommend that homeowners use this information to inform their decision making process. Our team uses state-of-the art measuring tools like 3d laser measurement devices to help customers determine exactly which measurements matter most to get the perfect fit for their project.
How Should I Install Them?
California Shutters need professional installation by trained professionals who understand the nuances involved with installing these products and working with the client through every step of the way. When installed correctly, they can increase curb appeal, enhance thermal comfort during summer months, reduce sound transfer, improve natural lighting, protect against damage caused by insects and rodents, prevent fading, and are great energy savers. If left uninstalled properly, California Shutters could cause significant harm to property value and potentially become unsightly over time.
Our Solution…
When deciding upon California Shutters, homeowners should always look towards the end result. By utilizing our industry leading technology coupled with our vast experience, we produce beautiful quality installations that stand the test of time. All shutters produced by Shuterboy carry a 10 year warranty ensuring peace of mind in knowing our workmanship was performed according to specifications.
Buy California Shutters Online
We believe home improvement projects should be fun and this guide will ensure a smooth, trouble-free experience every time you order. Here’s exactly what you should expect to learn from reading our posts:
Which products will work best for my area and climate
How long does it take to ship items to me?
What happens after I place my order?
I hope you find some useful tips along the way; however please keep in mind these are general guidelines only. Our suggestions won’t guarantee a perfect result but they’ll certainly improve things.
To help navigate your project through the sometimes confusing world of exterior window treatments, you’ve got us covered. We’re committed to providing the most current information available to homeowners like you. As part of the ShutterBoys family of premium brands including Window Treatments Direct®, Lifestyle Blinds® and Solar Screen™, we work closely with industry experts who provide unbiased insight into each new product release. That’s why we encourage readers to subscribe to our news feed so that they can stay informed. Don’t forget to visit us across different channels like Pinterest as well: @shuttersbys_home.
For those interested in buying custom shutters to match a specific design, there’s nothing better than taking advantage of a unique offer. Checkout If you’d rather focus on installing them, feel free to reach out via e-mail For a comprehensive selection of quality California Shutters, consider ordering online. They’re shipped from Arizona warehouses quickly and affordably, giving customers peace of mind while saving time and energy.
If you prefer, feel free to call our customer service center at 888-984-0331. You can save even more on shipping fees if you buy multiple high-quality windows together—as opposed to individual units which can cost upwards of $400 per piece. Just ask us about getting a discount on multiple orders or bundling them with other popular products like blinds, shades, curtains and patio accessories.
WHAT ARE California Shutters?
California shuttering is popular because it offers homeowners so many benefits. For example, shutting windows during winter months helps reduce energy costs and keeps warm air inside, keeping homes warmer. Also, closed window coverings allow homeowners to control light levels indoors through day or night. In addition, this style of covering gives home interiors privacy while letting natural sunlight enter rooms. And finally, a well designed and installed California shutter system will enhance your view outside.
Nowadays, almost everyone knows the benefits of installing Cali shutters. However, most people who install them still aren’t getting exactly the type of shutter they wanted. In fact, some manufacturers offer custom designs without specifying whether the design should incorporate glass or not. Others limit themselves by only providing standard models with fixed panels, which limits how homeowners decorate the windows.
In order to get the ideal design, it’s key to find the exact model of California shutter you like. After selecting a shutter style, size, and color scheme, we recommend checking the options available with each specific model. Some manufacturers provide unique decorative pieces and hardware, including trim kits, valences, and other accessories to personalize their products further. Other manufactures include these items in every purchase, meaning that customers often end up buying extras they could otherwise easily live without. By choosing the perfect models upfront, you can avoid ordering extra parts that won’t work together.
By following proper instructions and measuring carefully, you’ll be able to correctly place your shutters and ensure that everything lines up nicely. As you’re hanging the shutters, take note of things like door hinges, latches, handles, and other moving parts. If something looks a little off, call customer service straight away to ask questions until you feel confident enough to hang the new shutters yourself without fear of damaging anything.
If you prefer doing the project yourself, read below to learn about how we’ve helped thousands of home owners enjoy beautiful and functional shutters.
First thing’s first — it would be wise to select the correct measurement for your windows. Measure from top to bottom, left to right, and across to determine your overall width and length requirements in inches or feet.
I am inspired by beauty every day because the way light hits the ocean at sunset makes me feel like I was just reborn. Whether my camera lens looks through glass or a window pane, capturing the beauty and mystery of a coastal landscape reminds me that life will always be beautiful no matter who I work with or how many projects I complete.
California has something magical happening in each season but summertime brings a special magic in this part of the country, especially near San Diego where I live. While I love winter, I can’t wait to get away again this August for some warmer weather adventure travel! We may get lucky and see another El Nino event soon which would warm things up nicely!

We’ve had a busy spring/summer already and things keep heating up as we enter the fall months. As we approach September, the days are getting shorter and everyone seems to be gearing up for those cooler nights ahead. At Shutter Boys, we’re working to continue offering great products while continuing our efforts to streamline the shopping experience. Our main focus this past year has been helping customers save money by doing business with us online without leaving the comfort of home. For example, instead of waiting until next Friday night to purchase a custom designed garage door kit at Costco or Sam’s Club for $200-$300 dollars or going to the store only to find they sell them for 2x$400, why not order the same exact item in 1 hour and pay only $50+tax?!
With today being Labor Day weekend, we wanted to take some time to highlight 5 great benefits of ordering online versus visiting a brick & mortar location. Online orders allow us to provide better customer service and faster delivery times than ever before…but we still encourage anyone interested in building a quality outdoor living space in Arizona visit one of our stores located in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert or anywhere else across AZ & beyond. Here’s a quick video showcasing these amazing perks of buying online. Happy Labor Day!!
1. Save Time
One of the most significant advantages of selling on our website is saving people time.

LOOKING FOR California Shutters? WE CAN HELP!
We get this question fairly frequently: “What types of products should I be installing?” And we try to answer this without getting too specific because it really depends on your personal style — but what follows below gives us some guidance about which products would probably work well in most cases, though it certainly isn’t exhaustive.
In addition, while there are lots of styles available, each type of window treatment will typically fall somewhere along these general lines:
1.) Traditional
2.) Transitional
3.) Modern/Contemporary
4.) Country/Rustic – These usually have some combination of both modern/contemporaneous design elements and rusticity, often incorporating hand tools and some traditional craftsmanship like mortise & tenon joinery and pocket door hardware. These are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners across America who love the charm of old world aesthetics mixed with contemporary technology.
5. Vintage / Retro – Many people still remember watching movies starring Humphrey Bogart and James Stewart during the classic era of Hollywood cinema (1930–1970). They grew up imagining life back then; they wanted those things. So why not bring them back and use vintage techniques and materials to recreate the experience in their own homes? A lot of folks are doing just that, especially in places with warm climates and plenty of sun.
6. Modern – If retro’s all about bringing back stuff lost in history, modern takes this concept farther than any other style. After all, technology keeps changing rapidly. Newer windows, doors, lighting fixtures, furnishings, accessories, finishes, appliances—the list goes on—all combine to form the perfect backdrop for living today. For instance, LED bulbs use less electricity and produce greater light output than incandescent bulbs, making these great replacements for older models. Also, advances in building automation mean that homeowners no longer need a full electrical system to operate lights, heating, cooling, security systems, elevators, air conditioning units, water heaters, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines and refrigeration equipment. With modern designs, everything simply runs itself thanks to sophisticated controls, sensors, cameras, wireless devices and computer programs.

Client Testimonials

“Hello Marco,

We are thrilled with the shutters! What a huge difference. The rooms feel bigger and brighter and now it feels like our place. 
Your team of Tony and Keanu were fantastic. Thank you for such a short turn around time. I will be happy to leave reviews. I am having issues with my server but will remedy that in the morning. We are very happy. This has been a very positive experience for Steve, a pleasant distraction, and one that will continue to give him pleasure.
Thanks for being a part of our life changes.”

Toronto, ON

We met Marco just over 2 weeks ago. He was meticulous in measuring the windows and doors on our main floor. It was a very pleasant experience. We decided to go with the high end option of California shutters as they complemented the crown molding in our home. Marco’s crew, Tony and Keanu installed the shutters yesterday quickly and efficiently. They are great guys. We are absolutely delighted with how clean, bright and beautiful our home looks. The shutters make a huge difference. We have dealt with a lot of contractors in our various homes, and this was probably the best experience we have had. I highly recommend Marco and his team.


Toronto, ON

I recently had the wood shutters installed by Marco in my 2800 sq ft new built house. Its a corner lot, and there were 33 windows and a patio door to be dressed up by the wood shutters. The price was very competitive and the quality was superb. Marco and his team did a great job and the whole installation was completed in one afternoon. The wood shutters are of good quality, the finishes are smooth, adding great value to the already beautiful house. I am very happy with both the product and the services provided by Marco. Highly recommended.

Dzung Minh

Toronto, ON

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