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We are experienced California Shutters and interior window shutter professionals in Ashburn with a mission to deliver happiness to you- our cherished client- one window at a time. Other California Shutters companies in Ashburn, Virginia may cut corners on product quality, craftsmanship and service, but not us.

Our company was founded to bring you the highest quality interior California Shutters products and installation services available in Ashburn and surrounding areas. Because of that, we NEVER cut corners in the process. Our California Shutters will give your windows a spa day that they’ll never forget.

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Looking for California Shutters Near Ashburn? We can help!

1. Call us at 1 (416) 230 1043 or book your free consultation online

2. One of our Shutter Boy Representatives will visit your home to show you our products and give you a written estimate that includes pricing, product details and time commitments.

3. Once you agree to the service we’ll take a deposit, and process your order.

4. We’ll book your installation day 2 weeks in advance and arrive with the necessary installers, equipment, and shutters to complete your job in the day. [Note: Numerous factors affect installation times, and they very depending on the complexity and the size of the job at hand, but all jobs will be completed in one day.]

5. We have implemented NO LIMIT REPAIR POLICY in our Lifetime Warranty for every product sold. That’s just one was how Shutter Boys promises to continue delivering you happiness even after we leave your house.

Ashburn’s Best California Shutters

Don’t waste time going to overpriced retailers and purchase sub par California Shutters. Call one of our California Shutters experts at Shutter Boys Inc. today! One of our California Shutters connoisseurs will visit your home to show you our product lines and prices. Once you proceed with the order, our highly experienced and professional installers will fit your California Shutters to your windows with a spotless finish that will exceed all of your expectations. Best of all, we charge you no hidden fees. Any trip to your house including consultations, write-ups, installations and repairs is on us. That’s one of the many ways we deliver happiness to you for the lifetime of our relationship. Your California Shutters are protected from any kind of damage, breakage, wear-or-tear, discolouring, and peeling for a lifetime, no matter what the reason at no extra charge to you!!!.

Best California Shutters Contractors in Ontario

We are interior California shutter experts, delivering happiness one window at a time. From living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms, and everything in between, let your windows rise and shine to their potential. When you’re looking for interior window shutters for your home, look no further than Shutter Boys. We have etched a mark into the window covering industry with our etched line of california wood shutter products, revolutionizing shutter style in the process. And it is our job to leave your home etched with that same mark of distinction and quality that we live by.

Why Shutter Boys?

  • Licensed and insured window covering professionals. Don’t take a chance with uninsured window shutter contractors .They may cause property damage, provide poor workmanship or worse, disappear with your deposit never to be seen again. Shutter Boys Inc. is licensed and insured as we provide accurate and upfront interior window shutter quotes.
  • Detailed California Shutters estimates in writing: We do not provide verbal quotes or over the phone consultations. We create a personalized, detailed proposal that clearly outlines our services and the total cost. Our trained sales representatives have years of experience to give you an accurate price upfront, and our expert installers will work from the proposal to ensure your project is done right, delivering happiness one window at a time.
  • After installation follow-through: Once all your windows are shuttered up, our installing foreman will complete a walk-through with you, to check for any minor touch-ups that are required. The next day, you will receive a follow-up to ensure the work and California Shutters met all of your expectations. In addition, we will call you a week later to ensure you are happy and satisfied.
  • Shutter Boys Inc brings you a fast, affordable and high quality solution for all their interior residential and commercial California Shutters excursions. We live to deliver happiness in our customer’s lives at every opportunity we get. For more information on the SHUTTER BOYS difference, contact us online or give us a call at 4162301043 today!

100% Canadian Made 

HIGHEST QUALITY California Shutters IN Ashburn, Virginia

California Shutters We care about you, and want to ensure that we deliver you quality California Shutters that will last as long as your windows will. That’s why we use the best in class, premium grade California Shutters components, which are made in Canada from the highest quality Canadian woods and fabrics available on the market today.

Adding our  products to your windows is like adding a custom made oak dining room set to your kitchen. Quality speaks. So next time you think about adding a vinyl or makeshift California Shutters to your home windows, think about whether or not you’d add a vinyl dining room set to your kitchen( and then re-decide after you give it some thought.)

Our Shutter Boy’s Creed

Our promise to you is simple: We will do everything in our power to make you happier than when we left you. We have implemented A NO LIMIT REPAIR POLICY in our Lifetime Warranty for every product sold. That’s just one of the many ways Shutter Boys promises to continue delivering you happiness even after we leave your house.

Welcome to Shutterboyz Creed
We believe every home deserves better shutters than we found them living in today.
And We can help you find them.
So, Here’s Our Simple Promise: If you call us first and tell us which style of shutters you like most, then order your custom shutters, and ask us questions along the way; we will be happy to answer them promptly. And of course, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, we accept full refunds and exchanges. No hassle necessary.
Why Us? Because we care enough about this stuff that we built ourselves a website, wrote customer service policies, trained employees, researched products, hired experts who understand California shuttering, installed thousands of shutters, learned how to design beautiful homes, made business decisions and worked together to keep things moving forward.
Why Do Californians Love Us? Because they love the quality of workmanship that only someone building his own custom house would put forth — they see their neighbors taking advantage of us, and then they hear stories of other people buying shutters and feeling disappointed after months of waiting for delivery… but they still haven’t received their shutters — because they just couldn’t wait another week for them to show up.
How Long Have You Been Doing Business Like This? Since 2013, when we opened shop, all those same problems we heard about started happening to real customers. Some of these issues stemmed from bad designs, some from shoddy manufacturing, all of which resulted from companies selling inferior materials to homeowners who had no choice but to deal with contractors who weren’t willing to take responsibility for making good choices.
And since we knew better, and cared enough to say something about it publicly, we saw our reputation rise rapidly as word spread about the kinds of shutters we produce, install, and guarantee. After all, why buy anything else ever again?
How Can I Help Ensure Your Success? Well, first and foremost, please read everything you can about shuttering in general, about your particular preferences, and about our company specifically. Then feel free to contact me anytime about ordering or installing whatever kind of shutters suits you best.
California shutters come in many different styles and colors that will work well in almost every type of building. Whether you live near a beach like ours, a ski resort like Telluride, Colorado, or a city like San Francisco, California Shutters are perfect for bringing natural light and beauty into your home during those sunny summer months. When paired with other windows and doors, they really enhance outdoor living spaces where weather is typically hot, dry, breezy, and unpredictable. Our sales staff would be happy to discuss which style and color combination fits your needs.
If you already have windows with blinds but are ready to go bolder, consider installing some solid wood Shutters instead of drapes. They provide privacy, protection against UV rays, and energy efficiency. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing they’re made from real wood.
We’ve selected several options to get started including:
1. Classic Wood Blinds with Wooden Slats in White & Black ($399): These are great for homes where sunlight isn’t as prevalent. But once the days shorten, you won’t miss them.
2. Solid Oak Shutters in Natural Brown/Black ($799): We love these because they offer maximum privacy while still keeping your view visible. Also, this pair goes perfectly with the classic “cascading” window treatment trend which looks incredible above French Doors and Picture Windows.
3. Modern Vertical Shutters for Bay Views ($699): You’ll enjoy getting lots of natural light plus having your views visible from outside. With shutters like this, you’ll always notice someone coming through the door first.
4. Contemporary Rolled Top Shutters for Small Spaces $499: This sleek design looks amazing atop small rooms, especially bathrooms. And since you can roll them closed, they protect your walls and floors from dust mites and dirt without blocking airflow.
5. Custom Shutters Made From Real Wood: If you’d rather have custom shutter doors installed than buying premade sets, contact us today!
6. Double Hung Window Covering Options: For double hung window coverings, check out our wood slatted blinds ($599), horizontal roller shades in white ($199-$299), vertical roller shades ($149+).
LOOKING FOR California Shutters? WE CAN HELP!
What Is Up For Grabs Today…We Need Your Help!!
Shutters 101
1. We have some awesome giveaways for the readers. One reader will win $100 in FREE SHUTTERS!!! Just enter below during July/August to be entered to WIN this contest.
2. Check out my latest video “California Shutters Buying And Installation Tips”. Please watch this short tutorial before calling us, emailing, calling me, or visiting any other websites. I’m a huge fan of making things easier for people like yourself who are just starting to buy shutters and install them correctly..
3. My partner and I love talking about anything related to shuttering. Come check us out on facebook @shuttersboyscaliforniashutters & Instagram
4. If you’re interested in having custom shutters made or already bought them but they aren’t installed correctly…give us a call…or send us an email. Our goal is help anyone get started installing great shutters for a fraction of retail prices. We’ve seen hundreds of savings already. Most shutters come without hardware which makes the job twice as easy since no tools are required…just lots of hands.
Buy California Shutters Online
Why should I buy my own California shutters instead of finding them elsewhere? Here’s why:
1. Price Savings
2. Your Own Design/Style Options & Flexibility
3. Save Time And Money By Getting A Custom Made Window Treatment From Us Directly Via Our Website Or Through An Installer
4. Local Service Provided For Free Of Charge!
5. We Do Not Sell Furniture Overstock Products
6. Free Shipping On All Orders $1000+
7. No Hassles / Salesman Pressure… Just Professional Advice
8. Quality Materials Used During Construction
9. Guaranteed Installation Services Done Right The First Time…
10. Warranty Protection Available If Needed!
11. Free Sample Room Measurements When Purchasing New Shutters

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Cost of California Shutters in Ashburn Virginia
When it comes to installing shutters in your home, most homeowners consider price first. A high amount of people usually opt for cheaper options which is why many companies provide these products at a discounted rate. But this decision could be detrimental to your overall experience during a rainy day while trying to enjoy the great outdoors. Because rainwater damages everything, getting quality window treatments installed correctly is essential.
So, how will weather conditions affect the lifespan of your shutters in Ashburn VA? Is it worth spending $0-$800+ for good quality? Or should I just get them for less than $100? Well, read on below for some tips on choosing the perfect wood framed shutters install.1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood frame is recommended for exterior shuttering. Some manufacturers use 1×3 inch wood framing rather than 4×8 material because they feel it makes the panels easier to manipulate inside a shop setting. If possible try and purchase lumber that matches the style of windows being covered. Avoid laminate or particle board because these materials shrink and expand making adjustments harder after hanging. For example, vinyl siding tends to stretch out in humid areas. Don’t underestimate the value of having solid wooden components like glass blocks or trim pieces for trimming around the panel perimeter. Also avoid metal hardware or screws made specifically for aluminum frames. These items tend to rust away causing dents and scratches along with losing strength in the long run. Always research companies carefully prior to buying anything including shipping fees. 2/3″ thick wood slats are preferred, but sometimes thicker boards are used to ensure greater rigidity during heavy windy periods. However, too thick of a piece won’t allow enough light through. Use tape measures instead of guessing sizes. Try and work with someone knowledgeable about framing practices and techniques who knows exactly how to hang proper sized material without wasting material. Be aware of different types of nail holes available. One type of drill hole called “pocketed” causes the piece of wood to split if nails aren’t driven tight enough. When working with shutters for doors and other openings keep track of measurements accurately. Sometimes doorways vary greatly in size depending upon location. Plan ahead accordingly. Measure twice then cut once.
WHAT ARE California Shutters?
In today’s market, people are switching gears and going towards more modern materials like metal composite vinyl shutters. Some homeowners opt for custom window treatments made specifically to address specific style issues while others use a common solution which is either vinyl vinyl siding, aluminum clad windows or a combination of both options. One thing to note though, those who install aluminum cladding often find themselves installing it incorrectly due to lack of experience. When these problems occur they tend to cause other problems down the road like having water leak through the gutters which leads to mold growth and discoloration of the wood frame behind them. We’ve seen some customers go this route only to be caught unaware after noticing leaks during extreme weather conditions. So, I wanted to offer some insight into why choosing aluminum panels versus wood frames isn’t always a wise decision.
Also, if you live outside of the Southern United States chances are you’re still wondering “What exactly IS” vinyl/vinyl aluminum paneling anyway?” Well, since it’s fairly complicated in nature I’m gonna dive deeper and explain what you should expect from each option and how to get better value from your investment.
One way to understand this topic is by imagining someone saying “Hey, I wanna put two different kinds of paint on my house but I want two completely separate coats”. If your analogy holds true then you can probably see yourself doing something like this. Here’s your first coat:
Now your next door neighbor goes and applies his own coat thinking he did just fine. Then come home 3 days later and notice water running through under a storm door and along a seam of exterior wall paper. He calls his buddy next door asking him if he knows anything about rain gutters…
So imagine you and your friend sitting around talking about your projects and comparing notes. Your friend says “I went ahead and got PVC siding installed on my project.” You say “Cool” and proceed to tell him about your DIY approach to building a barn type structure instead of a traditional shed because you feel that sheds are kinda lame. After listening to your tale he goes back home and installs it himself thinking everything must be okay. Two months pass by and he comes over next door to talk with you again.
Motorized California Shutters Ashburn
If you live somewhere hot, like Las Vegas, Phoenix Arizona, or Houston Texas, then you probably already own some type of shading system inside your home. For those living in colder climates, however, motorization becomes essential because you will most definitely notice how warm your house feels without them. And if you happen to be lucky enough to find yourself in this situation, why should you stick with something old technology when you could upgrade and get modern day efficiency? If you ask us, the answer is obvious. So read through these tips below before deciding whether motorization makes sense in your particular climate zone.
Why Should I Upgrade My Old Shade System?
In case you aren’t familiar, shade systems work by having shutters that move horizontally across windows, allowing light to enter but blocking heat gain during summer months and protecting against cold drafts during winter seasons. When you purchase these kinds of systems they come ready to use straight from the box, so no additional components necessary. But once you’ve made this investment, chances are your current setup isn’t quite cutting it anymore. Here’s what happens if you leave things exactly as they are; Your existing shade system is just fine until spring rolls around and you realize it’s still way too early to install anything else on windows that face outside. Then you end up dealing with the problem again every few weeks or months. Why bother? Well, let’s say you live in a warmer location, meaning you spend many years heating and cooling your home each season, meaning that energy costs go up and down just like clockwork. If you had installed the ideal shade window solution back when you first purchased your place, then you would only use the amount of power required to keep your shades raised or lowered for optimal exposure during different weather conditions—this will save you money while keeping you comfortable and saving valuable natural resource reserves. However, since you waited till now to invest in a better system, you’ve gone through four entire summers without doing a thing. Not good! We recommend upgrading to a new high quality shade system because it’d pay dividends for years to come.
Our Promise: Quality California Shutters, Affordable Pricing
In this post I will be talking about the top 10 products that we recommend installing. These shutters come from some really great companies like Woodstock Shutters and American Custom Shutters. They offer amazing quality and value and they install easily with little hassle.
If you’re new to shuttering then these recommendations should help get you started with choosing which type of shutter would work best for your home and style preferences. We also have a guide on how to pick a contractor. If you have specific questions please ask us via email or leave them in the comments section below.
1. Woodstock shutters, $2,400-$3,000 per window.
Woodstock makes some fantastic and affordable custom shutters made of cedar and redwood. They come standard with 3/4 inch plywood backing and are available in both classic styles and modern designs. Woodstock offers a lifetime warranty against rot, warping, cracking, peeling paint, and fading. Their customer service team is extremely responsive with no hidden costs and they ship nationwide.
2. American Custom Shutters,$800+
American Custom shutters are manufactured in North Carolina and feature premium grade lumber and high end hardware. They provide a 1 year guarantee for rot, peeling paint, and fading. Their shutters come with a 5 year warranty for warping, shrinkage, and other issues caused during shipping. They are shipped flat and assembled. All of their shutters come with an optional privacy liner, custom trim kits, and custom painting options. American Custom shutters can be installed quickly with minimal mess thanks to their quick set system.
3. Woodstock shutters,$500-$600
These shutters come in many different colors. They are designed specifically to match existing siding, wood grain patterns found on most exterior walls, and architectural details. They are backed by a limited 2 year warranty.
4. Southern Custom Window Fashions, $200+
Southern Custom Window Fashions makes beautiful and customizable custom shutters. They use only 100% pine lumber for durability. Each shutter includes a privacy film and they come with a 2 year warranty. They are available in various sizes and shapes.
Wood California Shutters vs. Vinyl California Shutters?
Wood shutters offer many advantages over vinyl shutters including better privacy because they block outside noise while allowing maximum light transmission through the glass panels. Also, wood shutters tend to be less expensive than vinyl shutters but they cost slightly more per unit length due to material costs. And in certain applications vinyl can actually outperform real wood on insulation value (and vice versa). Because each type of window treatment offers different benefits depending upon which material(s)/brand(s) are chosen, we recommend researching the various brands available in both materials before making a final decision. We would always suggest going with something made with superior quality products since they will most definitely serve you well during your life span.
For the first part of this tutorial I am assuming that you already own/have installed either wood, fiberglass or steel shutters in your home/condominium windows (or some combination thereof). For those who don’t yet have existing shutters but would like information regarding installing them check out the other sections. Or, just scroll through my website and find everything else you’re interested in knowing/need help finding. If you think you’d like to install shutters yourself…that’s cool too. We’ll start talking shop once you’ve got your own shutters up and running;-)
Our Verdict: Our opinion on choosing wood versus vinyl is fairly straightforward. We prefer wood over vinyl for several reasons, primarily being price, ease of use, durability, aesthetics and longevity. But it really all depends on whether or not you care about these things. One of the greatest values of shutting is getting back energy savings, while another benefit of shuttering is improved thermal comfort. So, while you shouldn’t go cheap on shutters (wood or otherwise), neither should you get carried away spending lots of cash on them. Just try to stay within reason.
Here is one example video of someone explaining the whole process of installing wooden shutters using Shutter Brothers’ standard 3 panel design for his house. Please keep in mind, there’s no shame in doing installs yourself that way. Just remember that you could save a few hundred dollars by having professionals do yours instead. Some people do DIY installations and then hire professional contractors down the line later on.
Ashburn’S #1 California Shutters MANUFACTURER
In this article I show you how to install some beautiful California shutters.
I will tell you exactly which type of window treatments to use depending on the style of home you live in.
I hope my articles help people get started installing beautiful California shutters that last a long time.
If you follow me on Instagram (@shuttersbyjr), Twitter (@J_Ashbury), Facebook(@shutterboystogo). My YouTube channel would be awesome if anyone wanted to subscribe so they could see behind the scenes stuff and updates. If you go through the link below you can find all these links and more information on me, Shutterboys.
Instagram: @shuttersbyjr
Twitter: @J_Ashbury
Facebook: Shutterboys Go
YouTube: Shutterboys Go

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This is just what i am working on..

Professional California Shutters Installation In Ashburn
In this article I will explain the most recent trends in residential shutters installations for the coming years, including materials used, hardware options, types of window coverings installed, and other factors. Let’s begin with what type of weather conditions and climate regions should be considered during planning stages.
California Shutters come in a large array of styles, colors, textures, and designs, but some styles tend to fit specific climates better than others. For example, a traditional design would work well on the South Coast because they offer privacy and shade, while a modern style is better suited for homes located further north. When selecting which style works best for your home or building, consider these key factors.
First, take a moment to determine which parts of your exterior face sunlight and rain. If possible, use the sun to help guide you in choosing windows or doors. Next, pay attention to whether you live near mountains or oceans; if so, consider adding shutters above windows facing those directions. Finally, consider how many days per week you get sunny skies and how long each day lasts.
Now that you’ve determined whether you need shutters in place, you’ll want to decide if it makes sense to purchase them locally or order online. While ordering through retailers like Amazon can be convenient and inexpensive, sometimes the quality isn’t top notch, especially when it comes to custom made products. Instead, try ordering from manufacturers who produce high-quality products specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. These companies typically sell their own branded products, ensuring consistency and reliability. Another advantage to buying locally is that installers often provide local service discounts, making it easier and cheaper to complete the project.
Another factor to evaluate, depending on your personal preference, is whether you prefer the classic “wood” texture or a smoother appearance. This decision largely depends on individual taste and aesthetic preferences rather than functional needs. Some homeowners opt for the rustic feel of real wood panels, while others find a contemporary glass material looks nicer. Regardless, choosing the perfect combination takes creativity and experimentation to truly get it just right.
When considering the types of window treatments available, keep in mind that different styles perform differently in certain areas and environments.
Best California Shutters Ashburn
In this post I will cover some of my favorite things about California shutters.
Why use them?
I personally love California shutters because they provide privacy without blocking sunlight completely and they offer protection against wind driven rain. They also offer great energy savings, can be customized, and they add character to homes.
What makes them different than other types of windows?
California shutters come in many different shapes and styles. Some are like picture frames while others resemble barn doors. Each type of window offers unique benefits. For example some types of windows allow light through but keep heat inside. Other designs block out most of the sun yet still allow natural air circulation.
Some California shuttering options:
• Wood Paneling
• Vinyl Panels
• Custom Shapes/Sizes
How to buy and install?
There are several ways to purchase and install a home or condo’s California shutters.

Client Testimonials

“Hello Marco,

We are thrilled with the shutters! What a huge difference. The rooms feel bigger and brighter and now it feels like our place. 
Your team of Tony and Keanu were fantastic. Thank you for such a short turn around time. I will be happy to leave reviews. I am having issues with my server but will remedy that in the morning. We are very happy. This has been a very positive experience for Steve, a pleasant distraction, and one that will continue to give him pleasure.
Thanks for being a part of our life changes.”

Toronto, ON

We met Marco just over 2 weeks ago. He was meticulous in measuring the windows and doors on our main floor. It was a very pleasant experience. We decided to go with the high end option of California shutters as they complemented the crown molding in our home. Marco’s crew, Tony and Keanu installed the shutters yesterday quickly and efficiently. They are great guys. We are absolutely delighted with how clean, bright and beautiful our home looks. The shutters make a huge difference. We have dealt with a lot of contractors in our various homes, and this was probably the best experience we have had. I highly recommend Marco and his team.


Toronto, ON

I recently had the wood shutters installed by Marco in my 2800 sq ft new built house. Its a corner lot, and there were 33 windows and a patio door to be dressed up by the wood shutters. The price was very competitive and the quality was superb. Marco and his team did a great job and the whole installation was completed in one afternoon. The wood shutters are of good quality, the finishes are smooth, adding great value to the already beautiful house. I am very happy with both the product and the services provided by Marco. Highly recommended.

Dzung Minh

Toronto, ON

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