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Our company was founded to bring you the highest quality interior California Shutters products and installation services available in Sunnyvale and surrounding areas. Because of that, we NEVER cut corners in the process. Our California Shutters will give your windows a spa day that they’ll never forget.

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5. We have implemented NO LIMIT REPAIR POLICY in our Lifetime Warranty for every product sold. That’s just one was how Shutter Boys promises to continue delivering you happiness even after we leave your house.

Sunnyvale’s Best California Shutters

Don’t waste time going to overpriced retailers and purchase sub par California Shutters. Call one of our California Shutters experts at Shutter Boys Inc. today! One of our California Shutters connoisseurs will visit your home to show you our product lines and prices. Once you proceed with the order, our highly experienced and professional installers will fit your California Shutters to your windows with a spotless finish that will exceed all of your expectations. Best of all, we charge you no hidden fees. Any trip to your house including consultations, write-ups, installations and repairs is on us. That’s one of the many ways we deliver happiness to you for the lifetime of our relationship. Your California Shutters are protected from any kind of damage, breakage, wear-or-tear, discolouring, and peeling for a lifetime, no matter what the reason at no extra charge to you!!!.

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We are interior California shutter experts, delivering happiness one window at a time. From living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms, and everything in between, let your windows rise and shine to their potential. When you’re looking for interior window shutters for your home, look no further than Shutter Boys. We have etched a mark into the window covering industry with our etched line of california wood shutter products, revolutionizing shutter style in the process. And it is our job to leave your home etched with that same mark of distinction and quality that we live by.

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  • Licensed and insured window covering professionals. Don’t take a chance with uninsured window shutter contractors .They may cause property damage, provide poor workmanship or worse, disappear with your deposit never to be seen again. Shutter Boys Inc. is licensed and insured as we provide accurate and upfront interior window shutter quotes.
  • Detailed California Shutters estimates in writing: We do not provide verbal quotes or over the phone consultations. We create a personalized, detailed proposal that clearly outlines our services and the total cost. Our trained sales representatives have years of experience to give you an accurate price upfront, and our expert installers will work from the proposal to ensure your project is done right, delivering happiness one window at a time.
  • After installation follow-through: Once all your windows are shuttered up, our installing foreman will complete a walk-through with you, to check for any minor touch-ups that are required. The next day, you will receive a follow-up to ensure the work and California Shutters met all of your expectations. In addition, we will call you a week later to ensure you are happy and satisfied.
  • Shutter Boys Inc brings you a fast, affordable and high quality solution for all their interior residential and commercial California Shutters excursions. We live to deliver happiness in our customer’s lives at every opportunity we get. For more information on the SHUTTER BOYS difference, contact us online or give us a call at 4162301043 today!

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California Shutters We care about you, and want to ensure that we deliver you quality California Shutters that will last as long as your windows will. That’s why we use the best in class, premium grade California Shutters components, which are made in Canada from the highest quality Canadian woods and fabrics available on the market today.

Adding our  products to your windows is like adding a custom made oak dining room set to your kitchen. Quality speaks. So next time you think about adding a vinyl or makeshift California Shutters to your home windows, think about whether or not you’d add a vinyl dining room set to your kitchen( and then re-decide after you give it some thought.)

Our Shutter Boy’s Creed

Our promise to you is simple: We will do everything in our power to make you happier than when we left you. We have implemented A NO LIMIT REPAIR POLICY in our Lifetime Warranty for every product sold. That’s just one of the many ways Shutter Boys promises to continue delivering you happiness even after we leave your house.

Best California Shutters Sunnyvale
This guide covers the different types of California shutters available; including Wood, Aluminum & Plexiglass. We cover the advantages, disadvantages and the factors to consider when choosing the perfect California shutters type and style for your home/condominium.
From this information, you will be able to determine whether wooden, aluminum, vinyl or plexi is appropriate for you.
We explain which materials work well together and why they should complement each other. From experience, certain brands of windows and doors can limit the range of options for installing California Shutters. Additionally, some specific window configurations may make proper California Shuttering installations challenging. Therefore, we provide tips as well as ways to overcome these problems.
California shuts are made primarily of either wood, aluminum, or PVC material. Each material offers unique benefits and drawbacks when installed correctly.
Most homeowners think of wood when thinking of California Shutters. However, wood can be expensive and requires maintenance like painting periodically. Aluminium and plastic shuttering is usually favored around the United States because it costs less than wooden shutters but still looks great. Both metals require minimal upkeep and are easier to install than wood. They typically come in various shades of grey, tan, cream, brown, orange and black. These colors go particularly well with most houses. Plastic shutters tend to fade slightly faster than metal shutters. This makes them a good choice for those who prefer lighter colored homes. Our preferred method of installing both aluminium and plastic shutters is fasteners driven through walls. All we care about is getting it right without damaging the house or yourself during the installation process. If the house does damage then we just replace it instead of doing an additional job. Most people have no idea that installing shutters takes nearly half the time and effort of building a home. Once you know the correct measurements and locations, they aren’t tricky to install. When planning your next project, use this post as inspiration.
In addition to offering superior quality products, Shutterboss delivers excellent service to customers across North America via phone, email chat and social channels. For example, we deliver “Guaranteed On Time Delivery” to every customer order regardless of size and distance to destination.
WHAT ARE California Shutters?
What is a Cali Shutter?: A high quality wooden door screen used during summer months to keep cool air inside homes while blocking sunlight and heat outside. Wood panels come standard in most cases but metal screens are available upon request. Installation must be performed by professionals who understand how they work as well as weather conditions. Our experts will show you step by step instructions on how to install them correctly ensuring your house stays comfortable at all times. We offer FREE shipping nationwide, which includes delivery. Read More About Us: (website), (YouTube channel).
Professional California Shutters Installation In Sunnyvale
We offer full service installation in Sunnyvale California including custom cut vinyl windows, sliding doors and shutters, patio covers/awnings, commercial grade garage roll-down shuttering systems, residential or industrial replacement window panels, siding repair & remodeling, roofing and deck construction. We work with some of the biggest names in home improvement products around the Bay Area and San Francisco. We provide superior customer service and guarantee every job. Learn More About Our Services Here ->
This post outlines a few things that will be changing in regards to the overall trend and availability of solar energy in America by 2022. Let’s go through these top 10 events and see why they’ll shape solar power in the U.S.. 1. Solar Energy Industry Gaining Momentum For many years, American solar companies have struggled to find ways and methods to increase productivity and profits, but lately, this industry seems poised to take off once again due to several factors. One of those factors includes the plummeting cost of renewable production like solar energy, which makes it easier than ever for people who wish to invest their cash back into clean air. And since the sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, investors could potentially benefit greatly from investing into this green technology sector… 2. A Growing Trend Of Clean Air Renewable Energy Companies have gained traction because of the environmental benefits of utilizing renewable sources that include water conservation, reduced pollution and increased savings on electricity bills. However, the government hasn’t always supported sustainable practices, especially regarding taxes and funding which made it harder for Americans to participate in the alternative fuel economy movement. But thanks to President Trump’s recent promise to help boost domestic jobs, companies involved in environmentally safe operations, such as those producing solar powered cars, stand to gain substantially. 3. New Regulations On Coal Power Plant Operations Many industries continue struggle with rising costs for electrical generators, mostly coal plants, which result mostly from higher operating expenses and lack of competition. These power plants produce tons of harmful gasses responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and contribute significantly to smog formation. Luckily though, EPA recently finalized regulations requiring utility companies to reduce methane emission levels coming from coal plants.
Wood California Shutters vs. Vinyl California Shutters?
Why Should I Use Wooden Shutter Doors? | Top Reasons Why
Wooden Shutter doors provide several advantages over vinyl shutters. For starters, wooden doors stand apart because they feel luxurious while remaining extremely energy efficient. They will also be able to withstand damage caused by extreme weather conditions like hurricanes. If you live somewhere in Florida or Louisiana, this could come in handy especially during hurricane season. Vinyl shutters offer no climate protection nor do they keep your home cool during hot summers or warm winters. Furthermore, wooden door panels allow windows to stay visible from inside and outside without obstructing views. On top of that, both types of doors will perform well regardless of whether it’s sunny days or cloudy ones. Both materials come with different strengths and limitations, but ultimately, wooden products tend to be stronger than their counterparts. Another big difference between wooden doors and vinyl shuteres lies underneath them. While vinyl shutters cost significantly less than wood doors, it still costs quite a bit to install these products. Also, once installed, vinyl frames usually need extra maintenance after heavy rains or snowfall. However, installing wooden panels requires little effort; just wipe away accumulated dust and debris regularly without damaging surrounding walls.
How Do You Install A Wooden Door Panel? | Steps Of Installation
Since wooden doors are typically made from solid pieces of lumber, most homeowners can easily install them themselves instead of having professionals handle it for them. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right tools and material supplies for installing a door panel correctly.
Materials & Supplies
Whether it’s a 1×6 piece of plywood or 2×4 frame, use only quality wood for framing the opening. Avoid cheap woods which are prone to warping, splitting, checking, and peeling. Make sure each piece matches perfectly since imperfections will show through your finished product. While some suppliers sell unfinished boards which saves time, this method tends to produce poor workmanship. Instead, opt for fully assembled and complete sheets of lumber so you won’t encounter any issues along the way. As for other materials, nailgun nails should suffice. These fasteners are easier to apply and remove from soft pine than screws.
To be perfectly honest, installing vinyl shutters yourself takes some practice and patience. They come with lots of different styles and colors and each style is made differently. So unless you really enjoy painting then this task might take quite awhile depending on which type of shutters you decide to install. But hey, you knew nothing was ever going to be “quick and easy, right? ?
So once you read this blog post please feel free to get out there and visit us at Shubberboyshutters.Com. Our showroom is located just outside Oakland but we ship nationwide! We will happily answer your questions, provide information regarding current products, discuss which product would work best for your home and/or office space, go over custom options and price quotes etc….and yes we also offer FREE SHUTTERS!!!!!! No Salesman BS either! Just a friendly sales team who loves talking window treatments and wants to help YOU find exactly what you wanted! Feel free to call 818-828-9223 to contact me personally or email And if you love reading blogs like this one then why don’t you subscribe below!!
And remember if you are interested in more than 2″ x 4 1/2″ shutters check out
LOOKING FOR California Shutters? WE CAN HELP!
With shutters being installed across various parts of San Francisco Bay Area, some people who live along these coasts may be curious as to whether they should install shutters, or simply leave them locked and exposed to harsh weather conditions.
While many of us feel like shutters make us safer from these types of extreme occurrences, the reality is that they can protect against just a fraction of possible damages caused to homes due to storms or high winds. Even though this will depend greatly upon the type that one installs; a single window pane that breaks could cost thousands of dollars to repair. Of course if the home isn’t insulated properly then those repairs become costly again. So, for homeowners living near oceans and other bodies of water, installing hurricane rated doors and windows is strongly advised. If you’re interested in getting started please contact us today at [email protected] For questions regarding Hurricane Rated Windows/Doors call 510-527-7000.
If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere else you’ll probably hear lots of talk about solar power, but even if you fall under that category, you still might benefit from a few things to consider.
One thing worth mentioning is that while most homes don’t receive the same amount of sunshine that places closer towards cities tend to get, they actually aren’t really receiving less energy than other areas either. Most sunlight gets reflected away from buildings because of reflective surfaces like snow and ice, which are prevalent during colder months. In fact over 50% of incoming light is reflected back through glass windows and walls and only 20% goes towards heating houses.[1]. However, even though sun does reach your roof, this natural source isn’t always able to help heat your house. On average, roofs lose 30%+ of their heated surface area to solar radiation loss. And unlike some climates, rooftops in sunny regions rarely see highs surpass 70 degrees Farenheit, making it a poor place to capture significant amounts of solar energy. In certain cases you would be better suited choosing a different location altogether since rooftop shading often makes good sense to keep costs down.
On certain days you may need to spend extra cash to install California Shutters. One way around this issue is doing everything you possibly can to reduce air infiltration.
Our Promise: Quality California Shutters, Affordable Pricing
This section will explain to you why Shutter Boys should be your supplier for the next few years!!
At Shutterboys, we value customer service and making customers happy above everything else. We listen closely to feedback and implement it immediately. If something isn’t working…we’re listening. Customers come first every day.
Customer service shouldn’t always mean going through hoops though.. Customer Service means taking care of them whenever possible! No matter what you order, whether it’s something as small as a window sticker or ordering shutters, you deserve the same great level of attention they would expect anywhere else. And so do you!
We strive to provide high quality products that fit each client’s budget and lifestyle perfectly. But when it comes down to it, our core focus remains the same: providing outstanding California Shutters, affordable prices AND excellent customer experience.
When choosing window coverings, you must consider many different things. From price point to warranty coverage, colors to design styles, colorblocking to custom sizes and shapes, Shutterboys’ team of experts wants to help you find the perfect solutions for both aesthetics and functionality. Whether you simply want to keep some sunlight out of your family room or you are planning a total remodel, contact us today!
And since this website is primarily devoted to the topic of home improvement, in addition to the information contained herein, I am including a sample quote provided by my office after reviewing several other companies’ proposals. Feel free to use these quotes yourself but please only take them in context of this document as intended.
I highly recommend contacting me personally via email or phone call regarding your project(s). Please understand, however, that all sales made under my personal representation are final unless otherwise specified.
“Hello Mr. Browning,
Thank you for checking out our proposal for your company. We are excited and honored to present and discuss our ideas with you.”
–Brett Meeks, Marketing & Sales Representative
1. Product Information
2. Installation Instructions
3. Terms and Conditions — Terms of Purchase and Warranty.
4. Shipping/Delivery Estimates
5. Contact Us Form
6. Additional Photos — Available Upon Request
7. Privacy Info
In order to stay ahead of the game and keep our customers satisfied we must continuously strive to be better than anyone else. We will always try to innovate and improve upon existing products and methods as well as introduce new ones to help our clients achieve their design objectives. Our motto “We Build Quality Shuttling Systems for Your Home or Business” speaks volumes of who we are as a company and why we continue to thrive, despite all the competition out there and the constant pressure to lower prices while maintaining high standards. So if you are interested in finding out which shuttering system will work best for your home or business contact us today to get started.

This article discusses how you can use the latest advancements in technology like AI, robotics, virtual reality and augmented reality to boost your customer service experience.
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What’s New in Customer Experience Technologies in 2020?
Customer service automation technologies have changed dramatically since they first became available in 2004. They’ve become faster, simpler, cheaper, easier to learn, and more intuitive to use. And they’re still getting smarter every day.
Today I’ll show you how some cutting edge companies are combining these advanced technologies to provide truly unique experiences. These examples include the following:
AI Chatbots
Chatbot software enables agents and support centers to automate many aspects of a call center operation. These chatbots handle everything from basic questions through complex troubleshooting scenarios. And because they’re powered by artificial intelligence, they’re able to quickly adapt to changes in caller behavior and respond accordingly. Some chatbots even offer self-service options, enabling customers to perform routine actions without speaking to a human agent.
Augmented Reality
AR is becoming increasingly common as people begin to interact with digital content in real life environments. For example, AR apps allow customers to see product information overlaid onto physical items, giving them additional details they couldn’t easily find elsewhere.
AR isn’t just used in retail stores; it’s being implemented in virtually every sector including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, transportation, hospitality, entertainment and gaming — and the possibilities are only expanding.

Motorized California Shutters Sunnyvale
Doing research on which type of window treatments would be appropriate for my building/home design and decor choices was challenging enough during this year’s home remodel but then finding quality shutters with high end designs that work well along with budget considerations wasn’t any easier. I found myself having to shop around to find some great options; something I did not anticipate going through while doing this project. While researching the various types of materials available for custom made shadings, colors, textures, etc. I came across motorization products like those manufactured by Shutterboys These were unique options because they allowed me to automate the opening and closing of these beautiful windows which gave me peace of mind knowing they wouldn’t get stuck closed or open and allow outside noise in without permission!
This past summer I decided to install some motorized shutters after reading many reviews of them becoming popular and seeing people post photos featuring these amazing shutters in their homes.
I opted for Shutterboys’ exclusive line of premium Wood CaliShutter styles to match the style of other furnishings in the space. I chose black walnut shutter doors to complement the exterior color scheme of the house, and matching black shutters for each sliding glass door allowing me to easily transition from indoor to outdoor spaces with no hassle.
We used Shapera® door hardware specifically designed for use with our California Shutters, so they will fit seamlessly alongside existing hardware like hinges and knobs. They’re designed for optimal security, durability and comfort — plus they come installed already!
When ordering our custom shutters online, you will receive instructions detailing everything necessary to safely complete the installation, including measuring, installation tips, additional information, warranty requirements and assembly details. When you order online you can select special delivery options such as curbside pickup, inside delivery or interior staging.
Cost of California Shutters in Sunnyvale California
One of the most common questions I receive after doing my research is “Where should I get installed?” Well this post will answer how to find the absolute BEST location for installing California shutters. We have tested them across many different areas including Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and San Francisco CA. Each area requires a little bit of research but once again I am able to provide the information that needs to be reviewed and consulted. Remember this guide only pertains to wooden shutters….I cannot speak to retractable screens and metal products.
To begin my research I first go through each individual town/city page on google maps and determine which areas seem like they would really benefit from California shutters which includes those towns below. Next I use to see exactly how many homes are actually located inside these communities. ZipChecker is a wonderful resource because it takes zip codes around the United States, matches the addresses against census records, then calculates exact population counts. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to invest the few minutes necessary to download ZipChecker check out the area they live in. For example, a city of only 4 million people could easily be home to 50,000 people living within 3 miles radius of your house…..this just highlights how quickly urban sprawl occurs. Another key element is school zones as well as road traffic patterns. The majority of schools in Northern or Upper Peninsula cities include middle class neighborhoods while Southern metropolitan centers typically feature high density single family housing near large bus routes. For further guidance I used some old fashioned detective work along side other sources that provided accurate demographics and estimated income numbers. My final step was to narrow down which community seemed ideal for install. As previously stated this guide only pertains to wooden shutters however I wanted to focus specifically on the quality of home windows because as we gain knowledge our ability to achieve optimal exterior design increases drastically. After narrowing down several areas that had both residential and commercial properties, I found myself being drawn to Sunnyvale’s South Bay. I took a trip out there for 5 days and spent countless hours walking every street trying to figure out why something specific made me feel good about a certain area versus another.
Sunnyvale’S #1 California Shutters MANUFACTURER
California Shutter Company offers premium quality custom made shutters for residential and commercial use. Our products include Wood, Aluminum, PVC, Vinyl, Glass & Steel Shutters. We offer FREE SHOPPING CREDITS for every order placed with us!
For your convenience, we are proud members of several trade associations including the National Association of Window Film Manufacturers (NAWFMA), American Architectural Manufacturers Alliance (AMANA), International Window Covering Contractors Association (IWCCA). These organizations allow us to provide you with valuable information and resources regarding window film, window covering options and other relevant industry topics.
If you would like to learn more about how we operate and who we are visit
We hope this helps answer some questions you had, and wish you happy shopping!

Article Source:
Home Improvement Article | how to install vinyl wallpaper on ceiling
Vinyl paper is a great choice for those who love modern design but hate having to replace walls or ceilings. If you have ever seen how ugly wallpapers can be after they get old or stained, then you will understand why installing vinyl wallpaper makes sense in many ways. It is durable, long lasting, water resistant, and looks beautiful on virtually any type of surface. You can buy readymade rolls or cut them yourself if you prefer a specific style.
How Do I Install Vinyl Wallpaper On Ceiling
Installing vinyl wallpaper on ceiling can be tricky, especially since it does come down easily once installed. But if you follow these tips, the job should go smoothly. First, measure the area carefully to see exactly how big the roll needs to be. Cut your roll accordingly. Then take the measurements again if necessary because it’s common for the roll size to shrink slightly due to temperature changes during storage. Once everything fits together nicely, apply adhesive tape around the edges. Next, place the first piece of paper onto the ceiling. Make certain that no part of it extends beyond the edge of the frame.

Buy California Shutters Online
We will be publishing this blog series every 2 months in the next few years, covering topics of interest to homeowners who are planning to install new shutters. If you have ideas for other blogs, please send them to me via Twitter @shuttersbybob.
For the first post in the series, I wanted to talk about the best options available today for installing custom made wooden window coverings like Shutters and Blinds. These products can provide many different benefits depending on which style suits your home decor needs, and they offer some unique advantages over traditional vinyl windows treatments.
First things First:
Before getting into the specific details of each type of custom window covering, lets discuss why people buy these types of products instead of vinyl ones. Vinyl window treatments offer many great qualities but there are several disadvantages as well:
Vinyl Window Treatments Have Some Advantages Over Wooden Shuttles:
1) They are easier to clean than wood shutters because there are no grooves in the wood. Vinyl blinds/window coverings come in various shapes and sizes.
2) Vinyl blinds/windows are usually cheaper than wooden window coverings.
3) Most vinyl window coverings come with built in hardware, making installation faster for most DIY enthusiasts.
4) Many vinyl window treatments allow light transmission, while only allowing air circulation through ventilation slats.
5) Vinyl window treatments are easy to remove, unlike wooden shutters.
6) Vinyl window treatments are much lighter weight than solid wood shutters, which makes moving them around much easier.
7) The quality of vinyl window coverings tends vary significantly among brands; however, they tend to hold up better against UV damage than wood shutters.
8) Vinyl blinds and shutters are typically less expensive than Solid Wood Shuttles.
9) Vinyl window treatment manufacturers offer warranties that range anywhere from 10-30+ years.
10) Vinyl window treatments are typically manufactured in China, whereas wood products are often imported from America or Europe.
11) Vinyl window coverings are generally less likely to warp in high wind areas, which may mean fewer repairs down the road.

Client Testimonials

“Hello Marco,

We are thrilled with the shutters! What a huge difference. The rooms feel bigger and brighter and now it feels like our place. 
Your team of Tony and Keanu were fantastic. Thank you for such a short turn around time. I will be happy to leave reviews. I am having issues with my server but will remedy that in the morning. We are very happy. This has been a very positive experience for Steve, a pleasant distraction, and one that will continue to give him pleasure.
Thanks for being a part of our life changes.”

Toronto, ON

We met Marco just over 2 weeks ago. He was meticulous in measuring the windows and doors on our main floor. It was a very pleasant experience. We decided to go with the high end option of California shutters as they complemented the crown molding in our home. Marco’s crew, Tony and Keanu installed the shutters yesterday quickly and efficiently. They are great guys. We are absolutely delighted with how clean, bright and beautiful our home looks. The shutters make a huge difference. We have dealt with a lot of contractors in our various homes, and this was probably the best experience we have had. I highly recommend Marco and his team.


Toronto, ON

I recently had the wood shutters installed by Marco in my 2800 sq ft new built house. Its a corner lot, and there were 33 windows and a patio door to be dressed up by the wood shutters. The price was very competitive and the quality was superb. Marco and his team did a great job and the whole installation was completed in one afternoon. The wood shutters are of good quality, the finishes are smooth, adding great value to the already beautiful house. I am very happy with both the product and the services provided by Marco. Highly recommended.

Dzung Minh

Toronto, ON

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