A major way to increase and improve the décor and hydro-bill of your home is by installing energy-efficient windows. As this article suggests, ‘if your home has single-pane windows, consider replacing them with more energy efficient windows, or adding solar shades or tinting film’ . Quality windows Toronto allow light to flood your home and let in air to keep the room fresh. They also provide some form of insulation. Some windows can be customized and decorated by the owner. However, it is possible you find it hard to understand why a particular window installation or replacement may cost so much. This happens when you are ignorant of the manufacturing costs and other unpredictable factors that can cause differences in prices. This article will break down the cost of windows and doors in Toronto. Additionally, it will help you get the best price at a great value. Before we discuss the price of what high-quality vinyl windows will cost you, let’s talk about the different kinds of windows available in the GTA.

Different Types of Windows Sold in Canada

  • Single hung windows:

    this is a simple kind of window. It has a bottom pane called the sash. Only the bottom pane slides. It is commonly used on ground floors for safety reasons when cleaning. It also offers a slight amount of insulation.

  • Double-Hung Windows:

    This type of window has two sashes that slide vertically up and down in the frame. It can be used on higher floors. The sashes are opened inwards and allow for easy cleaning.

  • Sliding windows:

    This is commonly used for larger windows. It has two sashes, a horizontal and stationary sash. The horizontal sash slides over the stationary sash. It is commonly used on the ground floor for safety reasons. Cleaning from a higher floor is dangerous as one has to lean out of an unsecured window. It has a top pane that can be easily removed when cleaning. It also has smaller sills and cases that allows for easy viewing.

  • Casement windows:

    this kind opens like a door. It is hinged to one side, either at the top or bottom. A casement window hinged to the top is called an awning. A casement window hinged to the bottom is called a hopper. It is often used near ceilings and also on basements.

  • Transom windows:

    this kind adds a lot of style to your home. They range in height from a few inches to a couple of feet. They are commonly installed in big ceilings. Homeowners can also customize and choose the kind of design they want.

  • Picture windows:

    this is a stationary window that allows for large amount of light and views of the outdoors. It has a single pane of glass. Its large size can make it difficult to decorate.


  • Price of Single-hung Windows Toronto:

    For a full home with an average 200 sq. ft. of window space, installing a single hung window costs about $175-$350 per window.

  • Price of Double-hung Windows Toronto:

    For a full home with an average 200 sq. ft. of window space, installing or replacing a double-hung window costs about $300-$800 per window

  • Price of Sliding Windows Toronto:

    For a full home with an average 200 sq. ft. of window space, it costs about $325-$1200 per window.

  • Price of Casement windows in Toronto:

    For a full home with an average 200 sq. ft. of window space, it costs about $275-$750 per window to install casement windows.

  • Price of Transom Windows Toronto:

    installation or replacement of transom windows can go for the price of 500$ rebate per window.


There are additional factors that can affect the prices of windows you will purchase in Toronto and surrounding areas. These factors cause variation in the price quoted. They include:

  • Window Size:

    the size of a home can greatly affect the price of replacement or installation of windows. In Toronto, this can go for about $3,000 to $7,000 for a three-bedroom, single-story home with ten windows. In a two-story home, this price can be increased to about two times the price for a three-bedroom, single story home.

  • Extra Window Exterior dressings (decorative awnings, etc.):

    for additional decorations and customizations, this certainly comes with additional prices.

  • Job site location:

    You are also charged based on how remote or close your home is to the contractor. In upscale areas, look to pay around 10-20% more for windows. Additionally, the contractor considers the cost of transport and how easy or difficult it is to locate your area. If remote, additional prices are then charged.

  • Profit:

    every contractor wants to make a profit. In Toronto, the profit margin is usually set to about 25%. The conditions of the area of the job site can lead to an increase in this margin. Conditions like the weather, whether hot or cold, the location, size etc. can increase this margin. How difficult the job is, is also a contributing factor.

  • Time:

    a contractor that is asked to finish a job within a short time frame is more likely to charge more. This is because he is required to complete the job and therefore charges more.

  • Replacing or Re-constructing the frame:

    if a contractor has to replace the window frame, he usually charges more. Changing of frame is sometimes necessary, maybe due to the bad condition of the wood or the age of the home or windows. This is called a new construction window and can increase the cost of replacement or installation by 50%-100%. Contractors usually charge from $5,000 to $40,000.

  • Other unpredictable issues:

    some additional factors can also affect the price of window installation. This is often unseen by the contractors. They include: rotten wood, the presence of mold which destroys wood, the age of the home, the type of glass and the window location.

The price quoted by a window contractor in Toronto is for:

  • Removal of old windows:

    this is often included in the quoted price, including the location of the windows to be removed.

  • Rotten or damaged wood:

    you may find it difficult to understand why your contractor is charging more after work started. This is because the contractor won’t know how much wood needs to be replaced until work starts.

  • Cleaning:

    in the price quoted, the contractor also takes on cleaning of the work area.

  • Details about the window:

    a quote should include details about the windows such as brand, style, size, screens, color of the casing and other additional details.

  • Insulation:

    this also includes insulation and weatherproofing around your windows.

  • Protection:

    the contractor also provides sheets and drop cloths. This protects your home’s furniture and other interiors around the work area.

  • Guarantee:

    every contractor should provide a written copy of a full guarantee. This should be given and kept safely for your own protection and other issues that may arise after the work is long completed.


Windows can greatly increase the outlook of your home and add more beauty to it. In a bid to cut cost, it is important not to attempt to install windows on your own. This is because professionals are well adept at knowing what to measure and how to measure, the right materials to use and where to get them and other issues that may arise. They also perform the job in a shorter time frame. You most often do not cut cost when you install by yourself. It is advised to get a quote from at least 5 contractors before hiring one. You should also learn about your options, the different kind of windows and the ones most appropriate for your home before purchasing.

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