The Ultimate Guide to Modern Interior Design and Custom Home Architecture (In Canada)

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Are you looking to bring your ideas to life within your interior space? Not sure where to start? Interior design is one of the most important investments you can make. Whether you are embarking on a total design overhaul of your space, or putting finishing touches to a design, honing in on your tastes and ideas can help you achieve your dream interior décor style.

Imagine your home as a blank canvas where you can pour all of your personality into. Your individual expression and uniqueness can be accomplished in a variety of ways, while maintaining the touch of modern interior styling. From eclectic styling to cool and modish furniture, this guide is designed to help you discover modern interior designs and home architecture, so you can let your creative juice flow.

8 Modern Interior Design Styles for Inspiration

Modern Indoor/Outdoor Scandinavian Design Canada
  1. Scandinavian

Scandinavian interiors are an enduring and increasingly popular design style around the globe. Inspired by the snow, fjords, and mountains of Nordic countries, it is an enduring interior style that perfectly fits living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. A combination of fabrics, fur, and layer wools onto a wooden or glass framework effortlessly projects the Nordic-styled interior. The feel of texture, the seamless grace of clean silhouettes, and the clean silhouettes all around the space is only unique to Scandinavian interior design styles.

Modern Electric Outdoor Design in Toronto
  1. Eclectic

Eclectic designs are inspired by a wide variety of styles, trends, and design movements. It is a unique interior style that allows you inject your ideas and personality into your decorating space. While it allows you break the rules, the very best eclectic interior design styles are a consistent blend of everything: old, new, patterns, colors, and texture.

Contemporary Remodeling of a Vintage Victorian House
  1. Vintage

Vintage interior designs are an incredibly versatile option. Far from being archaic or old-fashioned, vintage styles offers everything that can help spring the room to life while maintaining a good balance. Whether you are looking for a charming design or more of a retro-styled space, vintage interiors are a great option as they offer style in a fabulous way, but still minimize clutter within your space. Look to add a vintage storage unit set up an open shelf that showcases any trinkets, books, or vintage fixtures around your space.

Modern Interior Design for Mainstream Industrial Kitchen in Bachelorpad
  1. Industrial

Industrial interior styling is all about the introduction of raw and exposed materials, as in bricks, steel, and stone. For a subtle yet effective industrial feel, consider adding stripped back floorboards or metal fittings. Statement lights often make an appearance in industrial-themed designs, and they are essential for softening the rather blunt space. For an authentic industrial appearance, keep your color selections raw and natural.

Ultimate Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior Design Idea
Photo by John Maniscalco Architecture
  1. Minimalist Design

Modern interior designs typically originated from the minimalist design trends of the twentieth century – and they are still an important fixture today. Minimalist design trends are generally inspired by the idea that less is more. The design typically feature stripped down elements and an empty statement design space. Look to add color sparingly, while sticking to the theme of minimalist trends: simplicity. Colors such as white, black, and other primary colors are often considered as best fit for a minimalist space.

Photo by Blake Civiello Architecture
  1. Mid-Century Modern

Following the war which ended in 1945, America looked to break the conventional design trends and break into the modern era along with the design companies at the time. This interest birthed the mid-century modern design. Inspired by a combination of clean, simple silhouettes, wooden feel, and pieces of blue and green colors, the mid-century modern styling is one you would love. It is a statement style and interestingly, it fits perfectly well with eclectic designs. So if you are looking to add instant and stunning impact from the ‘50s and ‘60s, the mid-century modern design is a no-brainer.

Photo by Utz-Sanby Architects

  1. Coastal

Coastal interior styles traditionally revolve around the workings of nautical motifs, seaside fixtures, and distressed wooden framework. Today, however, coastal interiors adopt a more modern approach. While there is a feel of seaside living to this design, it makes a subtle appearance that effortlessly blends with the overall styling. A combination of natural draperies, breezy white materials, and a grassy feel are the common theme of coastal designs, making for a spacious littoral heaven. Coastal interiors wear an unassuming and relaxed look, however, they work just fine in any apartment as they would in a beach-front space, when done right. Think about a light and breezy space that maintains a balanced mood with a characteristically alluring natural light feel – think coastal interiors.

The Ultimate Design To Modern Interior Design & Custom Home Architecture in Canada
Photo by LaCantina Doors 
  1. Contemporary Interior Design

This is the current and constantly evolving design style that offers an exciting fluidity to an indoor space. As a constantly advancing design type, what is considered the trend today will likely go out of date in the near future. Clean and unadorned spaces are a fixture in contemporary interiors today, while furniture fittings often feature exposed legs, creating a feel of extra space. Metals and glass are common materials used in contemporary designs, and elaborate details are minimal.

3 Key Features of Modern Interior Designs in Canada

Custom & Contemporary Home Architecture
Photo by Wolveridge Architects
  • Clean Silhouettes

Modern interior designs feature clean lines and streamlined-square-armed sofas, sleek-edged closets, and attenuated legs for a crisp and appealing look. A mixture of the basic shapes, from square settees to spherical accents, ensures a diverse, far-from-boring décor.

Inspire a feel of fun and visual appeal with geometric-styled pieces, by adding a touch of organic-shaped fitments and sophisticated metal legs. Riveting light fixtures add a frisky vibe to the contemporary décor, whether it is a sleek table lamp, a geometric pendant, or a space chandelier. The idea here is to avoid any overly decorative appearance that may feel traditional or country-like.

  • Streamlined Palette

Modern interior designs are often labelled blunt and cold. However, while neutrals are often the base in modern spaces, they typically integrate color in a curated and well-defined fashion. When adding a colorful touch, consider using soft pastels such as light lime, sky blue, and pale mustard as they offer a restrained approach, or you could pick bolder color shades for a Scandinavian-styled appearance. If a bold design is appealing to you, consider adding abstract artwork, or stick with pieces of cool and bright hues for a small yet impactful design.

  • Geometric Patterns

With streamlined details grounding your indoor space, you can customize the appearance to fit your unique ideas with geometric patterns and textiles. If you prefer a more minimalist design, consider using textiles that add warmth and character to your space. Textiles such as embroidered pillows and woven rugs are great contemporary options. With the furniture pieces set in a backdrop of a worn-in leather or thick cheviot-styled weave offers a calm yet eye-catching design. To add a more vibrant feel and break up those streamlined furniture pieces, patterned accents are your best bet. Geometric styles like polka dot, grid, hexagon, and honeycomb maintain a crispy feel around your room’s space while upping its allure and charm.


Which modern interior design style appeals to you? Which contemporary fixture are you looking to incorporate for a personalized feel within your indoor space? Of course, when it comes to interior design styling, no rules are set in stone. The above tips are only a guide that still allows you get introduce your custom home architecture and ideas into your space.

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