7 Best Custom Home Builders & Contractors in Toronto That Will Transform Your Home

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King City Custom Built Home GTA

Introduction Renovating your home will not only add value to your home, but also makes your home more attractive, appealing, and comfortable to live in. However, you have to choose a well-known and a professional for your home renovation to be successful. Although choosing a renovating company can be stressful, it is better to choose a trustworthy and reliable renovating … Read More

Breaking Down The Cost of Windows & Doors in Toronto (2018)

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Cost of Best Windows & Doors Toronto

A major way to increase and improve the décor and hydro-bill of your home is by installing energy-efficient windows. As this article suggests, ‘if your home has single-pane windows, consider replacing them with more energy efficient windows, or adding solar shades or tinting film’ . Quality windows Toronto allow light to flood your home and let in air to keep … Read More

5 New Mattamy Homes Oakville That Were Made for You

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Mattamy Homes Oakville The Preserve

Thinking about buying a new home from Mattamy Homes Oakville? Well, buckle your seat bellt for Mattamy’s latest release. Mattamy has just released its newest layouts and floor options for their next phase of luxury townhomes in Oakville’s preserve. Here we discuss what these new home layouts are and give a good commentary on the practicality and maneuverability in each … Read More

5 Best Mattamy Homes Upgrade(s) That Add Value

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5 Top Mattamy Homes Upgrades That Add Value

Are you buying a new home from an Ontario builder, perhaps from Mattamy or Remington homes? If so the thought a new Mattamy homes upgrade has probably crossed your mind. What should you upgrade? What should you leave to do after the home has closed? The team at shutter boys has pulled together the 5 most common builder upgrades you … Read More