Breaking Down the Cost of Roller Blinds and Solar Shades in Canada

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Breaking down the cost of Roller Blinds & Shades in Canada

Window coverings add a classy feel to your home and office spaces and also have other top benefits such as energy efficiency, light control, and privacy. But there are more – and this is proven by the style possibilities and customizable options that roller and solar shades offer. At Shutter Boys, we’ve teamed up with the GTA’s Best custom roller shade manufacturer to bring you an elegant collection of roller and solar shades offer exceptional custom options, while adorning your space with a clean and modern appearance in a variety of materials and fabrics.

Cost of Roller Blinds & Shades in Toronto

Roller shades and solar shades are gradually becoming the trend. For an average home, the cost of custom roller blinds and shades can range anywhere between $2500 for the cheapest roller blinds all the way up to $8000 for roller blinds that come furnished with some fashionable upgrades like fabric valence headrails and automation. The price of custom roller blinds does vary depending on the property they’re being installed in. But because of their affordable nature, they are installed across homes, condos, commercial properties, and most other every living setting or business space you could think of. Yes, they are great window treatments – and they provide a sleek and classy feel to your home or office space.

Quality beats the cost of roller blinds – (mostly) every time!

The cost of Roller Blinds in Canada really depends on any combination of some of the 9 functianal roller shade characteristics listed below. Additionally, the cost of roller blinds is entirely dependent on the Quality of the products you are receiving. (What are the fabrics made of and how long do they last under high heat conditions?). Additionally, no job is complete if not installed correctly. Installing cutom roller blinds – especially motorized ones – is not a trivial task. The cost will also vary depending on the level of the Installation Service in the company. While keeping these two pricing factors at the back of your mind, To help you decide how well roller window coverings will work in your apartment, we will consider the unique 9 characteristics of roller blinds in Canada.

How to roller blinds function & move?

Roller shades function in a tube-like manner, rolling the material or fabric to the top so it is invisible when drawn. This mechanism creates a clean, functional, and contemporary appearance – whether the shades are open or closed – both for small and large windows. Custom solar shades from Roller Blinds Toronto offer protection against UVA and UVA rays, which can cause the fading of your furniture or other equipment. Our solar shades offer a wide range of protection properties, from partial darkness fabrics to those with total blackout features. This allows you control the amount of sunlight you want into your home or office space. Although blackout shades retain more heat in your home or office space, they offer you an excellent view of the outdoors. In any case, you can trust we will offer you the best of both worlds to give your space a perfect shine.

The future is here with us – yes, as you read these 9-roller window blind design factors, your windows can get ready to put on their future ‘sunglasses’…

Here Are 9 Factors that affect the cost of Roller Blinds & Shades in Canada:

Cost of Roller Blinds depends on Simplicity…

Many homeowners prefer window coverings that help them maintain a low-profile appearance in order to complement the home décor rather than being the focal point of the room. Roller shades meets this need perfectly, as they effectively block out light (blackout shades) or allow only minimal amount of natural light (partial blackout) while protecting the privacy of your home.

Amazing Versatility – How can this affect roller blind price?

Do you prefer a total blackout window covering that blocks out 99 percent of light or one that preserves some amount of light while offering you top level protection? Whatever the case, we offer a wide range of premium light colors and filtering shades with both corded and cordless options designed to preserve your outdoor view, while protecting your privacy. This makes our roller shade options an ideal choice for your offices, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, sunrooms, and any rooms that require utmost light control and privacy.

Cost-effective Options – Open Roll Roller Blinds

Due to the simple yet functional design of our roller shades, they are less costly than other shade types, while retaining the privacy and light-blocking features you expect from your window treatment options. We have different roller shade options that fit a wide range of budgets, so you can easily find the ideal window treatment to match the décor of your home.

Easy Maintenance and Upkeep 

Window treatment options such as blinds come in small distinct pieces, with each blade or slate having the tendency to collect dust, dirt, and other debris. Some other options are also mechanically complex, meaning that they will require repairs and maintenance on a frequent basis – especially if they are regularly opened and closed or exposed to natural elements over time. However, the simple and minimalist design of roller shades makes them very easy to clean and maintain. They do not attract much dust or dirt and they are less likely to demand any repairs since the moving parts are protected inside the head-rail.

Keeps Heat Out at summertime

Solar shades prevent sunlight from entering your home or office space; and they also effectively minimize the entry of heat indoors. You can enjoy your indoor space a lot more now as heat is blocked and sunlight glares are minimized.

Reduces the Need for an Air Conditioning System

Since solar shades effectively reduce indoor temperature in the summer, the temperature is much more bearable, reducing the requirement for air conditioning.

Protects Furniture

Since solar shades minimize the direct glare of sunlight and filter out ultraviolet rays, they are exceptional options to help you preserve your furniture and hardwood. Many homeowners have had to go through the unpleasant experience of replacing such items due to fading and other damages caused by the harsh rays of the sun. By installing solar shades in your home or office, you can enhance the lifespan of your valuable items.

Retains a Clear Outdoor View

Installing solar shades eliminates the need for conventional blinds or drapes to provide window covering. Using blinds or fabrics can prevent you from having a perfect outside view and can even cause the fading of such materials since they are constantly exposed to sunlight. Solar shades not only give you a great outside view, you also do not have to worry about damages excessive heat or ultraviolet rays.

Boosts Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of your home is enhanced since solar shades are able to regulate indoor temperature, keeping your home cool on the summer and warm in the winter. This provides top level protection for your windows, allowing you enjoy a more comfortable home, no matter the season.

Window coverings from Roller Blinds Toronto allow you have absolute control over the light and privacy in your home or office. Our roller shades and solar shades provide a perfect blend of aesthetics, function, safety, and class in one covering. You can rest assured our prices are great and our customer service is top notch – feel free to contact us for any custom shades of your choice

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Whether you are in need of a light filtering window covering that minimizes natural light or your prefer a breezy-styled shade with room lightening features, roller shades from Roller Blinds Toronto are a perfect pick. Roller shades have evolved over time since their popularity many years ago with the entry of stiff vinyl options into the market. They now come in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and textures designed to fit any home décor preferences or aesthetics you have in mind. The compact nature of these shades ensures they perfectly match any room and can effectively minimize window space.

Roller shades from Roller Blinds Toronto are not just a replacement of an old window treatment or fittings designs to add finishing touches to a new home. Our wide range of roller shade options have even more benefits for a savvy homeowner. Some of these include:

When it comes to selecting the ideal window treatment option for your home, there are different factors you should consider. Solar Roller shades from Roller Blinds Toronto have special fabrics that prevent light and ultraviolet rays. They also have a variety of amazing benefits as compared to regular blinds and other types of window coverings.

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