Breaking Down The Cost of Hunter Douglas Blinds in 2019 (Ultimate Guide)

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Are you shopping for new shades, blinds, or shutters but unsure where to begin? Selecting window treatments for your home can be confusing and even frustrating for many. With so many features, materials, styles, and designs to compare and contrast, homeowners typically find it difficult to settle for this valuable design element that truly pulls an interior space together. This guide is designed to help you find the best Hunter Douglas blinds for your home.

Hunter Douglas blinds come in a wide variety of types and brands. This means you are never stuck with only a handful of window treatment options to pick from. Some of the best Hunter Douglas blinds include silhouette shades, Roman shades, honeycomb shades, wood shades, and window panels. In addition to the variety of products in the Hunter Douglas store, the company offers a lifetime guarantee on their products. The company’s commitment to innovation and quality means you’d enjoy the unique feel of premium window treatments that you won’t find anywhere else.

In total there are 23 Hunter Douglas custom window treatment options available for you to choose from. These can be broken down into 8 sub-categories:

  • Hunter Douglas Sheers and Shadings
  • Hunter Douglas Cellular Honeycomb Shades
  • Hunter Douglas Roman Shades
  • Hunter Douglas Roller and Solar Shades
  • Hunter Douglas Shutters
  • Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds
  • Hunter Douglas Wooden Woods
  • Hunter Douglas Wood and Metal Blinds

3 Premium Hunter Douglas Sheers and Shadings

Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings are innovative light-diffusing window treatments designed to provide lighting and adequate protection for your interior design elements from the UV rays. The Cost of Premium Hunter Douglas Shades ranges from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the quantity and type. There are three Hunter Douglas sheer and shading window treatment types that are available for purchase in Canada.

  • Hunter Douglas Silhouette

Silhouette shades have been a top light diffusion window treatment option for over 25 years, designed with specially crafted fabrics that transform harsh external light into a naturally beautiful interior ambience. With the absence of tapes or cords, the sheer facings of silhouettes allow you good outdoor view, while maintaining optimum privacy. The latest Hunter Douglas innovation, the Silhouette Clearview Shadings, offers a perfect blend of protection as well as a superior view through the front and back sheers. Silhouettes are the second most expensive Hunter Douglas Sheer Shade manufactured in Canada with an average ‘full home’ cost of around $11,000 plus applicable taxes.

  • Hunter Douglas Pirouette

Pirouette window treatments are a modern alternative to the feel and appeal of traditional fabric window shadings. They typically feature fabric vanes that have been softly designed to open and close, giving you absolute control over your privacy and light filtration. Pirouette window treatments are available in room darkening and semi-opaque options, two vane size types and a wide range of colors to perfectly blend with the color palette of your indoor space. So, no matter what your choice of home décor may be, theirs is a Pirouette design that will fit your space. Hunter Douglas Pirouettes are the most expensive Hunter Douglas Sheer Shade manufactured in Canada with an average ‘full home’ cost of around $14,000 plus applicable taxes.

  • Hunter Douglas Luminette

Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers are a combination of sheer fabric shades with soft vertical vanes attached to the back of the sheer. The beauty and elegance of the drapery provides incredible privacy and variable light control, and are an ideal choice for sliding doors and wide expanses of glass. When combined with a headrail with sleek design, Luminette sheers offer an ethereal and refined feel at the window. Hunter Douglas Luminettes are the least expensive Hunter Douglas Sheer Shade manufactured in Canada with an average ‘full home’ cost of around $9,000 plus applicable taxes.

Best Hunter Douglas Blinds Canada Sale

Hunter Douglas Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Duette Honeycomb Shades are specifically designed to offer a blend of energy efficiency and elegance. The honeycomb design is engineered to trap air in distinct pockets, creating insulation which helps to lower your energy consumption and your overall energy costs. Duette shades are available in a variety of colors, fabrics, textures, pleat sizes, and opacities and their innovative operating system makes them a top window treatment option for any window or even specialty shapes like sidelights, arches, and circles.

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades combine the feel of fabric folds with the convenience and ease of a regular shade. They are available in three custom-made types:

  • Hunter Douglas Vignette Shades

Vignette Roman Shades feature consistent soft folds and luxurious fabrics, offering a clean, crisp feel with the added value of no exposed rear cords for enhanced safety of your child or pet and improved window aesthetics. Available in room-darkening, light-filtering, and sheer fabric opacities Vignette shades are the ideal alternative to the traditional Roman shade. To achieve a blend of two opacities in a single vignette shade, you may consider the revolutionary Duolite option. This option combines the light-filtering features with a built-in room-darkening panel in a single roller, providing the perfect blend of lighting and privacy.

  • Hunter Douglas Solera Shades

The unique, fluid appeal of Solera shades is achieved by combining the construction of a cellular shade with the soft fabric folds of a classic Roman shade. The window treatment is made of woven and non-woven fabrics, patterns, textures, and colors. To ensure it fits your interior space needs, every fabric is available in room-darkening and light-filtering varieties. The cellular construction of this shades increases its insulating capacity and helps to reduce your energy consumption and the resultant bills. It can also lower the intensity of the outdoor noise while giving your room’s acoustics better finesse and appeal.

  • Design Studio Roman Shades

Design Studio Roman shades are available in four unique styles – Batten Front, Flat Hobble, and Back – and 250 fabric swatches. They feature sophisticated stripes, textures, and solids in blends of synthetics, linens, cottons, and silks designed to color and texture to your interior space. Design studio shades also have superior linings in two opacities which has energy-saving insulation and light control properties. Hunter Douglas Design Studio Roman Shades, like all of their window treatment options, are designed in the U.S. with top quality materials.

Best Hunter Douglas Blinds Canada Sale

Hunter Douglas Roller and Solar Shades

Hunter Douglas roller and solar shades feature excellent light control properties and provide a clean, modern look in a variety of materials and fabrics. They are available in four different types:

  • Hunter Douglas Sonnette

Sonnette roller shades are a blend of the dynamic, energy-efficient construction of a cellular shade with the simplicity and effortless design of a roller shade. Its innovative shape helps to diffuse light, providing character and ambience to all angles of your interior space. Its cordless design means Sonnette shades are a safe window treatment option in homes with kids and pets. Hunter Douglas Sonnette shades are available in 48 amazing colors ranging from vibrant red to neutral grays – and all of its fabrics are available in room-darkening and semi-opaque options.

  • Designer Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades offer a combination of versatility, premium appearance, and clean feel. They look amazing under drapery panels in a traditional interior setting and in a minimalist space. Designer Roller Shades are available in over 330 fabrics and they can be customized with a range of top and bottom window treatments.

  • Designer Screen Shades

Designer Screen Shades offer excellent UV protection while maintaining your outdoor view. The window treatment is available in a wide range of opacities, featuring a moderate yet sophisticated light control, style, and color. Designer Screen Shades is the perfect treatment for your sunroom or patio.

  • Designer Banded Shades

Designer Banded Shades are a combination of the solid fabric bands and alternating sheer in a single shade. This design means the shade can transform from opened to closed effortlessly, providing a modern view-through solution, amazing privacy protection, and light control. It is a sheer shade and roller shading in one treatment.

Best Hunter Douglas Blinds Canada Sale

Hunter Douglas Wooden Woods

Wooden wood window treatments offer a blend of natural and textural look in your interior space. The Hunter Douglas Wooden Woods collection are available in two types:

  • Provenance Wood Shades

Provenance Wooden Wood Shades are made from natural woods, bamboo, reeds, and grasses, offering beauty and light that transform your home décor. The window treatment is available in three unique styles – Vertical, Waterfall, and Roman Drapery – and they can be installed with or without an attached liner. The innovative design of the Provenance Wooden Wood Shade operating system is unparalleled as you can schedule the shades to open and close automatically with the PowerView Motorization option, or choose from any of the other options including EasyRise, LiteRise, or UltraGlide. All of these operating systems are housed inside the Modern Headrail – the first metal headrail in the wooden wood category.

  • Alustra Woven Textures

The Alustra Woven Textures window treatment is inspired by design – and they are available in Roman Shades, Roman Shades and Skyline Gliding Window Panels. The Roller Shades come along with a dual roller option that works with any Alustra Woven Textures fabric with a rear roller shade, which can function as an independent liner. Alustra Woven Roman Shades come in a two-shades-in-one treatment, offering privacy and total light control. The Skyline Gliding Window Panels option are designed to cover large windows or act as a unique sliding room divider.

Hunter Douglas Shutters

Shutters are crafted with long-lasting materials and finishes, offering excellent privacy and durability over time. They are available in two types:

  • Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Shutters

The Palm Beach shutters is a finely-painted treatment crafted with a UV-resistant Polystain compound. Ideal for humid and hot environments, Palm Beach Polystain Shutters are guaranteed never to crack, discolor, fade, or warp, regardless of the level of heat or moisture.

  • Hunter Douglas NewStyle Shutters

NewStyle window treatments combine versatility, strength, and the straightness of modern shade materials, and are able to complement any interior with beauty, class, and elegance.

Best Hunter Douglas Blinds Canada Sale

Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are available in a range of fabrics, including aluminum, vinyl, wood, and wood alternatives. They are available in four types:

  • Skyline Vertical Blinds

 The Hunter Douglas Skyline treatment is a sleek, modern, and crisp blind, perfect for large and small window expanses. When open, they offer maximum outdoor view as they stack tightly; closed, they display the luxurious texture and fabrics of the blind. Skyline blinds are available in over 600 screen and roller-style fabrics.

  • Cadence Vertical Blinds

Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds are soft, drapery-like treatments featuring curved vanes, mimicking the elegant styling, sound absorption, and translucency of soft drapery folds. Hunter Douglas Cadence window treatments not only offers easy and smooth operation, but excellent light control.

  • Somner Vertical Blinds

Somner Vertical Blind is a customizable window treatment featuring easy operation and precise light control. It is available in a variety of fabric, aluminum, and vinyl styles and come in an amazing range of patterns, textures, and colors.

  • Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions

Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions are an economical window treatment option available in 3 ½” patterns, colors, and styles. There are fabric and vinyl varieties for this blind.

Hunter Douglas Wood and Metal Blinds

Made from the finest wood, faux, and aluminum materials, this treatment is available in a wide range of colors, textures, and slat sizes. There are four types of Wood and Metal Blinds:

  • Parkland Blinds

Parkland Wood Blinds feature rich hardwood slats and traditional styling, fashioned to complement the lines of any interior space. Designed to create a warm and visually appealing home, Parkland blinds are available in three slat sizes and a wide array of colors.

  • Everwood Binds

Everwood blinds are a great alternative to wood treatments and they are available in TruGrain finishes and a wide range of solid colors, with decorative and operating upgrades available. With their design, they are guaranteed against yellowing, bowing, or fading, making them a perfect option for your bathroom’s humidity or rooms exposed to external light.

  • Modern Precious Metals

Hunter Douglas Modern Metals offer superior light control and a crisp, uncluttered appearance, due to its thin, sleek design. In addition to its wide array of unique textures and finishes, they are available in a range of amazing hues. You can match real wood accents with metal slats to achieve a striking appearance or pair different colors to create a distinct appeal.

Hunter Douglas Pleated Shades

Learn more about Hunter Douglas Pleated Shades

The modern patterns and colors of Pleated Shades is especially designed to liven up your interior space with a bold and inviting appeal. Hunter Douglas Pleated Shades are a cost-effective option featuring Top-Down/Bottom-Up privacy with amazing outdoor view. They are available with LiteRise or PowerView Motorization operating systems.


Choosing the right Hunter Douglas Blinds & Shades for your home & condo may be a daunting task. Especially if you’re looking to fully automate your premium window coverings. To make your life easier, the team at Shutter Boys has partnered with Motorized blind experts Roller Blinds Toronto and premium Hunter Douglas Dealer, A Divine Design to provide you with the best possible window covering experience.

Are there any Hunter Douglas Blinds that we missed? Comment below and tell us! We’d love to know which product you’ve chosen for your home. (Post a picture or comment to help others choose also!)

Best Hunter Douglas Blinds Canada Sale

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